The Wonder of Triglav, Slovenia

The Wonder of Triglav, Slovenia

An Insight to Mount Triglav


The highest mountain in Slovenia, Triglav, stands proudly tall at an elevation of 2,864 metres. The mountain is located in the Julian Alps (mountain range stretching from northeastern Italy to Slovenia). The Triglav is the biggest highlight of Triglav National Park, Slovenia, the national park which gets its name from the mountain.

The Legend of Triglav

The mountain of Triglav is also popular for a legend which runs through this region. Mount Triglav or Triglav, in this legend is depicted as a three-headed man.

A Take on the History of Triglav

Mount Tiglav

Talking about the history of Triglav, Triglav has had a variety of names. Names like Ocra Mons and Krma were all associated with Triglav. But at last the name with which we call this mountain today (triglav), is the name that was finally settled upon, which means a three-headed man. During times when Slovenia was not an independent nation and was a part of Yugoslavia, Triglav was seen a symbol of “brotherhood and unity” in Yugoslavia.


Aljaž Tower

Talking about mount Triglav, one cannot afford to miss mentioning Aljaž Tower. The tower stands tall at the top of the mountain and acts as a storm shelter, to prevent its inhabitants from the raging storms that engulf mount Triglav every now and then. The tower is an important part of the Slovene culture and is considered a landmark of Slovenia. A shelter named as ‘Stanič Shelter’ has also been constructed on this mountain. The shelter can accommodate 8 sitting or 16 standing people at a point time. The Triglav glacier is another very popular and major landmark of this mountain. The glacier covers an area of around about 1 to 3 hectares. The size or area of the glacier depends on the season. The enchanting Triglav is visible from several parts of the country during clear weather.

Triglav and the Slovenian Culture

Saying that Triglav is the cultural pride of Slovenia might not be an overstatement. Triglav holds a lot of importance in the folk literature and art of Slovenia. A few songs or poems have been written on this mountain, Oh, Triglav, My Home (Oj, Triglav, moj dom) by Matija Zemljič is one of them. This beautiful mountain has also been a host to several film shooting sights. Also, a few artistic performances by artists like Janez Janša have been held at the summit of Triglav. Looking at the flag of the Socialist Republic of Slovenia one can easily see the presence of this mountain. The mountain is depicted on the coat of arms and thus it gets to feature on the flag of Slovenia. The mountain also gets to appear on the national emblem of Slovenia. On 26 June 1991, the day when Slovenia got separated from Yugoslavia, the Slovenian flag was unfurled with pride at the summit of Mount Triglav. The mountain is considered so important in the culture of Slovenia that a former president of Slovenia named Milan Kučan once said that every true Slovenian should climb mount Triglav at least once in their lifetime.

Triglav National Park

Triglav National Park

The mountain is located in the sole national park in the Slovenian territory, Triglav National Park. The national park was named after the picturesque mount Triglav. The national park covers an area of 838 metres and is located adjacent to the nations of Italy and Austria. The national park holds great importance for Slovenia and hence has been given the status of a special protected area by the government. Even though, this is beneficial for protecting the national park, but this leaves very little room to construct tourist attractions. The park is also under the international network of UNESCO. The park is amongst the oldest national parks in Europe. Slovenia has several mountains which surpass the height of two thousand metres above sea level and most of these mountains are located in this very national park. Triglav, Mangart, Jalovec, Prisojnik and Špik to name a few are located in this national park. Almost two-thirds of the national park is covered by forests.

Attractions of the Park

Triglav National Park Slovenia

The park has several peaks which offer a treat to all hiking lovers. During summer months the park is filled with hikers who come from different places to hike. Triglav park is well equipped with several huts and lodges for people to rest and relax. Apart from the mountains, the park possesses the biggest lake in Slovenia, Lake Bohinj. During summer months the lake is a popular destination to enjoy water sports and during the winter months it becomes a popular destination for skiing. The park also has a few more lakes. The park also has a few waterfalls. Savica and Peričnik are amongst the most popular of those waterfalls. Two of the most popular and worthwhile tourist attractions are Radovna River gorge of Blejski Vintgar and Tolmin Gorges, which is the lowest and southernmost access point to this wonderful national park. The Soča River is a host to some wonderful water sports like rafting and hydro speeding.

So, the next time you are in Europe and want to see some wonderful eye-popping wonders of nature, the wonder of Triglav should be on your mind.

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