Visit the Fascinating Palermo, Italy

Visit the Fascinating Palermo, Italy

Whether its the exotic food or the largest beer produce, elegant music or notable operas, the Colloseum or the Leaning Tower of Pisa, amazing pastries or great pasta & pizza, beautiful beaches or luxury cars, Italy has everything to offer that a tourist desires. Italy has a beautiful culture with rich history and some greatest artists and writers have been coming from this amazingly fabulous country. What makes Italy such a great tourist destination is the architecture of its buildings, abundance of tourist spots and some great cities like Venice, Verona, Bologna, Rome, Paris, Naples, Florence, Lecce, Lucca, Pisa, Perugia, Palermo and more. Let’s find out what the city of Palermo has special for the visitors. Palermo is located in Insular Italy and is the capital of two regions, Sicily and the Province of Palermo. It is located on the north western coast of the island and is one of the biggest cities in Italy with a population of more than 6 million. Palermo can be called economic, cultural and touristic capital of Sicily because of its nice culture, art, music, industry and many beautiful locations like Romanesque and Gothic churches. The history takes us to 8th century when it was founded by Phoenicians and named by the ancient Greeks as Panormus. There was a time when Palermo was known as the Garden Cities because of a number of parks and public gardens but today these places are part of private villas and not open for public easily.


Palermo has a hot Mediterranean climate with quite hot summers. The temperature varies from 15 degrees to 40 degrees throughout the year and there are two dry seasons. The coldest month of the year is January and hottest one is July. You can expect rainfall at anytime of the year and there are almost 200 days of sunshine per year. Summer season lasts from June to September and the weather remains mild and enjoyable. Autumn season lasts from October to November with a lot of rainfall. The best time to visit is the spring season which is from March to May. It is the time when the climate remains temperate and fairly warm to enjoy peaceful days.

How to get here?


Palermo city is served by the Palermo International Airport, located in west of the city and connects it to the city via bus, train and taxi. Other airport is located in Boccadiflaco which is a regional airport catering to independent pilots. However the international airport is preferred by the visitors because of its central location. The national rail service of Italy, Trenitalia, also connects the city to the rest of the country. You can easily get around the city by rental cars and taxis and most drivers speak some English here which will help you find your way.

Accommodation and Food


Palermo may not have an abundance of hotels and villas around the city but it offers enough and affordable accommodation options for you. You will be amazingly shocked after seeing the exterior and architecture of the places you will be lodging in . One of the best hotel is Hotel Porta Felice which offers great services like private spa, health club, free internet, LED TVs in every room and 24 staff assistance. Other great options include Villa Bonocore Maletto, Hotel Tonic, Grand Hotel Piazza Borsa, Ambasciatori Hotel, Excelsior Hilton, Palazzo Sitano, Hotel Vecchio Borgo, Massimo Plaza Hotel. You can find cheap but nice rooms at Politeam Affitti, Albergo Cavour, Hotel Italia, Baia del Sole, Hotel Regina, Hotel Cortese, Albergo Vittoria, Casa Marconi, Orientale, Hotel Europe Palermo, Rainbow Hotel, hotel Gardenia, Albergo Mediterraneo, Hotel Columbia Palermo and Hotel Alessandra.


The Italian food is world famous and the cuisine is really to die for. Its not just Italian, you will find almost all international cuisines like Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Sushi or Thai. One of the best place to have great food is Lo Scrigno dei Sapori featuring delicious Mediterranean and international cuisine. Other restaurants with exotic food include A, Cuncuma Restaurant with Italian food, Mounir with pizzas & kebab, Trattoria ai Cascinari with local food, Badalamenti Cucina e Bottega with wine bar & chowder, Sesto Canto with nice fusion, L’Ottava Nota with great Spanish food and Sicillia e Dintorni with amazing traditional food.

The Attractions

Palazzo dei Normanni


The Palazzo dei Normanni, also known as Royal Palace of Palermo, is a huge palace located at Piazza Indipendenza in Palermo. During Norman domination, it was the seat of the Kings of Sicily. It is one of the greatest attractions of Palermo and defines the cultural importance of Sicily. The palace was built in 9th century and the main attractions in the palace include the roof with unique structure with upside down wooden, great fusion of Catholic, Byzantine and Islamic culture fusion, the mosaics of Christ, chapel dedicated to St. Peter, Royal Hall for hearing and banquets and the four towers. The palace remains open daily and the ticket costs just €6.

Palermo Cathedral


The Palermo Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church located at Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Palermo. The architecture of the church is the main attraction which is a blend of Baroque, Norman, Neoclassical and Gothic architecture. The cathedral was built in 12th century and the things to check out are the facade between two towers with double lancet windows, the Duomo which is a royal pantheon, four bell towers, the dome, the treasury and a 12th century Crown of Constance of Aragon. The cathedral remains open daily and the admission is free.

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