Visit the Denver City of Colorado

Visit the Denver City of Colorado

The state of Colorado is also known as Centennial State which means colored red and famous for rocky mountains, the Air Force Academy, Coors Brewing Company, snowy regions, forests, mesas, canyons, desert lands, great meat processing facilities, exhilarating skiing and its fabulous cities like Alma, Arriba, Arvada, Aspen, Branson, Blanca, Centennial, Coal Creek, Durango, Englewood, Garden City, Granada, Grand Junction, Denver, Hooper and more. Lets explore Denver and know why it is one of the most visited cities in Colorado. Denver is a city and county seat, located in the Colorado Front Range region. It is also the largest city and capital of Colorado and borders the Southern Rocky Mountains and High Plains city. The history of Denver takes us to 1858, when a group of people from Georgia reached great plains of Colorado Territory in gold rush. They did not find the precious metal but the area was taken over by them. The area was named Denver after Kansas Territorial governor James Denver. The City was almost shattered to scratch because of a flash flood causing a great loss to the city. However, the city dealt with the situation amazingly well and Denver became a boomtown once again. Today, Denver is the second most populous city of Colorado, the second most educated city in the United States, third fastest growing state in last decade, has the 6th busiest airport in country, brews more beer than any other city, home to the second largest performing arts complex featuring 10 theatres with seating capacity of more than 10000 people.


Denver has a mild climate with fairly warm summers. The temperature varies from 16 F to 88 F throughout the year and there are no dry seasons. July is the warmest month and January and December are the coldest. There are more than 300 days of sunshine per year and winters go quite mild. There is low humidity because of the city’s altitude of 5280 feet above sea level. The best time to visit Denver is from November to March.

How to get here?


The city of Denver is served by Denver International Airport which is one of the busiest airports in the United States. It was opened in 1995 and today it has become a major airline hub and receives more than 1700 flights daily from more than 19 international cities and 160 US cities. It is served by major airlines like AeroMexico, Air Canada, AirTrain, American Airlines, British Airways, Delta, Frontier and JetBlue. You can reach downtown from airport and get around the city by Regional Transportation District Bus Service, shuttles, taxis or cabs.

Accommodation and Food


Whether you are looking for a luxury honeymoon suite or an affordable B&B, the Mile High City of Denver has more than enough options. You will find the accommodation unique, affordable and historic here with different characters and flavors. One of the best choices is Grand Hyatt Denver located just one block away from 16th Street Mall, featuring king size rooms with private spa, pool, health club and free internet. Other luxury options include Westin Westminster, Sheraton Downtown Hotel and 11th Avenue Hotel & Hostel. Some Budget options include Alexandra’s Updown Bed & Breakfast, Brown Palace Hotel & Spa, Campus Village Apartments at Auraria, Capital Hill Mansion Bed & Breakfast Inn, The Ritz Carlton, Springhill Suites at MSU Denver, Stay Alfred Vacation Rentals, Twoneplace Suites By Marriott, Warwick Denver Hotel and Holiday Express Inn.


There are hundreds of dining options in Denver featuring all international tastes like Mexican, Indian, Italian, Chinese, Mediterranean, Thai and Sushi with affordable prices. The must try restaurants include The Kitchen Denver at 16th Street featuring great seafood, wild char grilled salmon, oven roasted sirloin and tagliatelle, Table 6 at Corona Street featuring delicious joe sliders, tater tots and maple smokes loin with oat risotto, Rioja at Larimer Street featuring great Mediterranean food, Tag at Larmer Street featuring amazing continental social food, Euclid Hall at 14th Street featuring some hand cranked sausages, sherry gastrique and Thai pig ears and Cholon Bistro at Blake Street featuring beef tartare with tapioca puffs and duck fried rice with farro.

The Attractions

Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum

The Denver Art Museum is an art museum featuring a variety of international art, travelling exhibits and some of the museum’s permanent collection. It is one of the longest art museums of the world and located at W 14th Avenue Parkway in Denver. The museum houses more than 70000 works of art from Africa, India, America, Asia and other places. The museum was founded in 1893 and was called The Denver Artists Club at that time. There is also a museum shop featuring diverse collections like books, apparels, calender, children’s things, crafts, media, jewelry, prints and other things. You can have a good dine at Pallettes Restaurant at the museum which features delicious contemporary Americna Cuisine. The museum remains open daily except Mondays.

Denver Zoo


The Denver Zoo is located at Steele Street in Denver and is home of American Black Bear, Chines Pheasants, Prairie dogs, antelopes, red squirrels, primates, pachyderms, birds, reptiles and fishes. The zoo covers a total area of 80 acres and was started in 1896 with just a donated American Black Bear. The zoo is a member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums. The famous exhibits of the zoo include Bear Mountain, Primate Panorama, Monkey island, Monkey House, Predator Ridge, Feline House, Mountain Sheep Habitat and Bird World. The zoo remains open daily and the ticket costs just $10 per person.

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