Visit the City of Many Colors: Oslo, Norway

Visit the City of Many Colors: Oslo, Norway

This place is hugely populated but manages to attract more and more tourists because of its uncompromised beauty and dynamic culture. There are a lot of names given by people to this city like the Viking City, the culture city, the winter capital and the city of rolling green hills. You guessed it right; it is Oslo, the capital of Norway. Oslo is located in the southeastern part of Norway. It is also the largest city in the country with highest population. There is a lot to discover in this city for a tourist, like museums, restaurants, great nightlife, shopping and a lot of outdoor activities.


Oslo city is surrounded by forests so the climate here is fairly mild and it shares the same latitude as Alaska, Greenland and Siberia. From June to early August the weather is warmest and the days are quite long and bright. The temperature during this period can easily reach 25 c to 3 0c. In winters, the city turns into a snow clad paradise and the temperature can reach below bone chilling -40 C. The best time to visit Oslo is from March to August when the weather remains calm.

How to get here?


Oslo’s International Airport is located 47 km northeast of the city and the Flybussen Bus departs every 20 minutes all days from the airport to the downtown. If you are arriving at  TORP Airport then you can take the train from Torp Sanderfjord Lufthavn to Oslo. The journey takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes. The Torp Express bus service also corresponds with most international flights from the airport.

Accommodation and Food


Oslo offers accommodation in almost every price range including hotels, youth and family hostels, guest houses, camp sites and private accommodation. There are more than 50 hotels for every taste and budget and the serving quality is excellent. There is Hotel Continental which is only Norwegian member of the Leading Hotels of the World and well known Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel with 37 floors. If you have a bit tight budget then there are a lot of guest houses and hostels located near the city centre like Perminalen Hotel, Anker Hotel and Oslo Youth Hostel. You can pre book these hotels online also.


Oslo can be described as a hub of eating and drinking within budget. You can enjoy salad, hummus, bean casseroles, potato gratin and fresh baked bread at famous 100 Kroner vegetarian buffet at Vega. There are many good options in Oslo of Reindeer, moose and lutefisk. If you wish for a restaurant with a delicious food and some views of hills surrounding the city then you can choose between Holmenkollen Restaurant, Finstua at Frognerseteren and Ekebergrestauranten. You can also find some high quality seafood at Lofoten, Louse and Tjuvholmen Sjomagasin.

The Attractions

Frogner Park


Frogner Park is the first choice of people visiting Oslo as it is a popular recreational area and the biggest park in central parts of Oslo. It is home to 227 granite and bronze sculptures by Norway’s famous sculptor Gustav Vigeland. The park covers an area of 75 acre and consists of sculptures related to many religions.


The Frogner Park was completed between 1939 & 1949 and Gustav Vigeland was in charge of the design and architecture of the park also. There are five units along 850 meter axis where most of the sculptures are placed. These units are The Main Gate, The Bridge with the Children’s Playground, The Fountain, The Monolith Plateau and The Wheel of Life. There is no entrance fee and it remains open 24 hours.

Viking Ship Museum


Some great Viking ship discoveries from Gokstad are preserved at Viking Ship Museum of Oslo. The museum is located at Huk Aveny in Bygdoy. The main attraction in Viking Ship Museum is 70 feet long and 16 feet wide, Oseberg Ship. The ship was very well preserved and it could be entirely reconstructed. Right now, it is placed at the center of the museum and remains the center of attraction for the visitors. It had a single square sail and fifteen pairs of oars. It is believed that this ship could reach a speed of upto 10 knots and it is the world’s most complete ship ever found.

Oslo Opera House


Oslo Opera House is Norway’s largest arts institution which holds Norwegian National Opera and Ballet. It has over 650 employees working in about 50 professions and trades. It is located in the old harbour area of Bjorvika and was designed by the Norwegian architects Snohetta. It was opened in 2008 and since then it has been the landmark of Oslo. It has mainly three stages which include the Main house with 1369 seats, Second House with 400 seats and the Studio with 200 seats. There is also Opera Roof and Foyer which is used for concerts.

Oslo Cathedral


Oslo Cathedral is a beautiful church at Karl Johans gate in Oslo and remains open every day all week. It is a piece for mass, music, silence, conversation and lighting candles. Oslo Cathedral was first consecrated in 1697 and restored back to its original interior in 1950. There are large ceiling murals painted by Hugo Lous Mohr between 1936 and 1950, which are quite famous among visitors. Cathedral is used for the public events by the Norwegian Royal Family and the Norwegian Government. However, the church remains open for pre booked guided tours on weekdays.

There are many other places to visit in Oslo like Nobel Peace Center, Fram, Oslo Spektrum, Tryvann and more. So, just plan a visit and experience Oslo city.

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