The Victoria Falls – Nature’s Beauty Untouched

The Victoria Falls – Nature’s Beauty Untouched

Victoria Falls is a waterfall that is located in Southern Africa. It is situated on the Zambezi River at the border covering Zambia and Zimbabwe. A visit to Africa is incomplete without a trip to its sun-kissed waterfall. Victoria Falls is very famous in terms of its beauty. This waterfall offers something or the other for everyone who just wishes to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature and explore their horizons philosophically and ecstatically. It is one of the hottest waterfalls which is ideally recognised as a must go tourist spot serving the very purpose of giving a soothing and calming viewpoint to travellers about the nature and its surroundings.

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Sun rays glinted off the lush blue water that seemed like emeralds embedded in the deep blue sea. The beautiful water livelihood and the jubilant atmosphere and people including tourists roam around the length and breadth of the waterfall. The underwater world which has an incredible collection of animals, plants and marine life completely amazes the people. It is a natural waterfall which is about 355 feet high and totally elegant. It has only a single drop and the watercourse is Zambezi River. Here, average flow rate of water 1088 metre cube per sec. Frolicking in the sun and sand, and letting the gorgeous sights ebb away the  city-bred stress, most of the travellers come here to enjoy the picturesque sight-seeing and the lovely waterfall beauty which is just amazing to watch. The gorges below the fall depict the recent geological history of the Victoria Falls. The upper Zambezi River flows over the basalt plateau and it has many large cracks filled with sandstones that are weaker. The largest cracks run in the area of the current falls and it roughly runs between east to west with smaller north-south cracks connecting them.


Over at least 100,000 years, the falls have been receding upstream through a gorge named Batoka which is eroding the sandstone filled cracks on a continuous basis to form the gorge. Across a period of time this and various other activities rooted deep inside the earth led to the formation of this waterfall which is not artificially created by men, it is natural. The river’s course in the current vicinity of the falls is north to south, so it opens up the large east-west cracks across its full width. While it is neither the highest nor the widest waterfall in the world yet it is classified as the largest based on its width of 1708 meters and a height of 108 metres which has resulted into forming the world’s largest sheet of falling water. It is roughly twice when it comes to height as compared to the Niagara Falls. The Victoria fall is bounded by low and distant sandstone hills, there are basically no mountains and no deep valleys situated in this waterfall but there is only a plateau that extends over kilometres when it comes to distance which it covers. Carved by its water flowing across the Basalt Plateau this waterfall is considered to be the best if one wishes to enjoy the peaceful nature and its calmness.


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It releases the travellers from the mad race of city life and gives the ease to distinguish and identify its beauty. It is also easily discoverable when it comes to the matter of finding the location. The places around the waterfall are also well connected with all the possible means of transport so for tourists it is not an uphill task to locate this waterfall and enjoy its beauty. Large chunks of tourists come to see it from across the world and admire this very gift of nature as pious and soul abiding. . Catch up on your reading or simply enjoying the sun and the sound of the flow of water deep down the valley. It is comparatively less crowded than the other waterfalls situated across the world so you have a lot of opportunity to enjoy solitude. The waterfall is very beautiful and ecstatic as it is secluded from various other areas which are densely populated as well as crowded. Also the area around the waterfall is very neat and peaceful and not always full of so many people. The time one spent here is full of peace, soothing and calm. You could have a variety of experience by having a long and isolated stretch of the waterfall. One could easily absorb and connect with the atmosphere which is a combination of some lively activities plus the calmness and silence. Just go there and enjoy the stillness of nature and figure out the beauty of life in different forms.victoria





It is full of long term travellers and is occupied with foreigners hanging around and resting on the endless rows side by side of the waterfall. One could easily enjoy a wide variety of water sports so if you are really interesting in some fun coupled with adventure it’s the right place for you. So, go and pull up your socks and enjoy the highest level of these activities. Years of heavy tourism has also improved and developed the areas around this waterfall. So, just pack up your bag now and go on a trip with your family and friends to enjoy it.

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