Have an Unforgettable Trip to Utrecht, Netherlands

Have an Unforgettable Trip to Utrecht, Netherlands

Netherlands is a hub of style, fashion and beauty but this is not the only reason why it attracts millions of tourists every year. It is also famous for its tulips, wooden shoes, dikes, windmills, drug liberty, canals, churches, high quality lifestyle, museums, stadiums, outdoor sports, parks and much more. It is a great blend of art, culture and fun. Netherlands has the highest population density in Europe and was ranked as the best country for children to live in 2007 by UNICEF. The national anthem of Netherlands is the oldest in the world and it is one of the few countries of Europe having two capitals. Soft drugs, prostitution, abortion on demand, same sex marriage and euthanasia are legal here for decades. There are the most number of windmills, world class painters and inventions of the microscope, pendulum clock, mercury and the telescope in this country. It has achieved its current status because of some fantastic cities like Amsterdam, Delft, The Hague, Lisse, Haarlem. Rotterdam, Utrecht, Masstricht, Hoorn, Enkhuizen and more. Lets dig down deep about Utrecht and find out why this is one of the most preferred destination for the tourists from around the world. Utrecht is capital of Dutch Province of Utrecht and fourth largest  city of Netherlands. This city has its unique charm and exotic locations like Railway Museum, Central Museum, Kasteel de Haar, Dom Tower and Museum Speelklok. Featuring some world class festivals, modern architecture, stylish shops and interesting hotels, Utrecht is surely a city to die for. The Maliebaan is the first bicycle path of the city which appeared in 1885. The history of the city gives a glimpse of 50 B.C. when Roman army built a fort in this area and slowly, houses were built around the fort over the years. Finally, it became a city with all ingredients like hotels, colleges, universities, colonies, industries, historical buildings and a famous tourist location off course.


Utrecht has a mild warm temperate climate with not so hot summers. The temperature varies from -1 degrees to 22 degrees around the year. January is the coolest month with a lot of snowfall and June is the hottest month with mild weather. You can expect almost 200 days of sunshine per year and the rainfall is so common here that you can expect it anytime. The precipitation reaches its maximum in November and December bringing thunderstorms sometimes. The best time to visit Utrecht is between April to August.

How to get here?


Utrecht may not have its own international airport but it is well served by some nearby major airports. The first one is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, located just 53 km from city center and receives lots of flights daily from all major carriers like Delta, Frontier, Kingfisher and more. Other nearby airports include Rotterdam The Hague Airport, located just 63 km from Utrecht and Eindhoven Airport, located 89 km from the city. All the airports receive international and domestic flights from most of the countries and nearby cities. You can easily reach the city from airport by taxi, cab, rental car, limo, bus service or airport shuttle.

Accommodation and Food


Utrecht, one of the oldest gems of Netherlands, offers more than 50 lodging options around the city in almost every price range. If you wish to make your stay luxurious then Grand Hotel Karel V is the best option because it is located just 10 minutes from the central station and very near to some important landmarks of the city. This 5 star hotel features spacious rooms with great architecture, free internet, free parking, gym, outdoor pool and 24 hour staff service. Other luxurious options include Nh Centre Utrecht Hotel, Malie Hotel at Hampshire Classic, Park Plaza, Hotel Mitland, NH Utrecht, Hotel De Adimraal, Mary K Hotel, Beurs Hotel, Hotel Dom, Hotel Oorsprongpark, HOtel Nieuwegracht and Apollo Hotel Utrecht City Centre. If you want a cheap accommodation then there are choices like Stayokay Utrecht Bunnik, The Hostel B&B, Hostel Strowis, Stone Hotel & Hostel, Badhu Hostel and Het Gooi Hotel.


There are more than 300 eating spots available in Utrecht featuring all international and regional cuisines in all price ranges. Some of the best restaurants are De Keuken can thijs offering very nice cafe & contemporary, Meneer Smakers with delicious burgers, Restaurant Podium featuring great contemporary and international cuisine, American Steakhouse Broadway with nice steaks, barbecue and grill, India Port Tandoori Restaurant with exotic Indian food, Blauw featuring Indonesian food, Hooi with Belgian food, Cest Ca with French & Italian cuisine and Bond en Smolders with nice bakery.

The Attractions

Railway Museum

Railway Museum

The Railway Museum is the Dutch National Railway Museum located at Malieban Station. It was built in 1927 and features some historical equipment from the Dutch national railway. It is also known as Het Spoorwegmuseum and can be accessed easily by car, bus or even on foot because it is located at just a 20 minute walking distance from Utrecht CS. You will see an extensive collection of trains, carriages, scale models, railway materials and paintings inside the museum.

Dom Tower of Utrecht

Dom Tower of Utrecht

The Dom Tower is a 112.5 meter high church tower located at Domplein 21 in Utrecht. It is the tallest church tower in Netherlands and its Gothic Style architecture always get visitors’ attention towards the tower. It was built in 1382 and features 465 steps to reach the top of the tower. You can see the skyline view of the city Utrecht from the top. The tower remains open for public to explore and take some photographs.

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