Where Tigers find their homes – Kanha, Madhya Pradesh

Where Tigers find their homes – Kanha, Madhya Pradesh

Kanha forest    Kanha

The meadows cropping in between the bamboo and sal forests, the meandering streams crossing by and with the wild animals freely roaming around, there is only one child who survives all this; Mowgli, the man cub. Rarely have people not heard the name Mowgli from the Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. The true inspiration of this author came from the Indian forests situated in Madhya Pradesh. To be precise, it was the present Kanha Kisli National Reserve that provoked the author and helped him in his imaginative expedition to write the book. Supported by morals and verses, it depicts the Indian culture of telling moral stories. Not only this, it also has all its characters named after the Hindi names of the animals. Located in the district of Mandla, this area is a definition of an awe inspiring landscape with beautiful valleys and breathtaking forests. The abode of the fierce Bengal tigers and the elegant barasingha (swamp deer), Kanha is a mesmerizing and enchanting view for all. Inaugurated in 1955, as the Kanha National Park, it was the extension of the Project Tiger started in 1974. It is due to this park that the almost extinct species of swamp dear now thrives healthily in the forests. One of the flawlessly maintained parks, Kanha is the paradise for all wildlife lovers and obviously the flora and fauna that exist there.

Tiger Tiger

tiger 1   tiger

The main attraction being the Bengal tiger, it is enthralling to see the untamed wild beast roaming freely around you. The magnificence of the animal has always left everyone spell bound at its site. May it be the fear or the amazement it makes your mouth drop open when you see a tiger so closely. With no bounds or limitations, the tigers here are untethered souls and prowl through the jungle in pride. As of now the tiger named Munna has allured hoards of tourist eyes towards itself because of its large size and a big head which has a symbol of ‘cat’ on it.

Oh Deer!

barasingha    black buck

Numerous species of deer are seen in the reserve. The barasingha (swamp deer) is the crowd puller as well. Survival through a phase where these beautiful creatures where about to be extinct from India, has made them more special through their journey. Also, it finds more attention due to the uniqueness of the deer which lives on the hard grounds instead of the marshy swamps like in the North. The most commonly spotted types of deer here are black buck, black deer, sambhar, chital, and the list goes on. To have a look at their lifestyle and the grace with which they tramp through the forests is a site never to miss.

orioles    parakeet

The other animals found here are the bison, sloth bear, gaur, monkey, porcupine, mongoose, hyena, jungle fox, pea fowl, leopard, hare and python. The wide range of the avian group is also mind boggling to evidence. With the beautiful colors and different combinations, the birds here opulently circle the entire expanse of these reserves. These include the parakeets, ring doves, pintails, quails, storks, jungle fowl, patridges, drongos, orioles, woodpeckers, kingfishers, peacocks, egrets and warblers.

Bamni Dadar

Bamni Dadar

A sunset point, not to lose out on, is a spectacular dose of pleasure to your eyes. The deer and bison feeding on the meadows in the reddish yellow light of the setting ball of fire is an extravagant moment. Situated on a high plateau and encircled by the admirable plains, the view of the forest from here is unique. Especially a flamboyant and romantic place to be, the view of the setting sun amidst the greens and the mountains is the epitome of romancing.

Wild stay

Baghira Log Huts

For those who want to experience the adventurous proximity with the wild, the Baghira Log Huts are situated amidst the forests. With the encompassing forest and suave river flowing, you meet the unhampered nature face to face. Perfectly located in the core area of the forest, you find the langoors and deer in your vicinity throughout your stay. With spaciously comfortable rooms and no distractions of the television set, you get to taste pure charm of the nature surrounding you. The plush greens and the soft meadows are perfect location to sit and watch the colorful birds fly and chirp while the monkeys keep entertaining you with their astounding behavior. You can also go out on the tiger trails, swimming, boating, fishing, and of course, the strolls through the luxuriance of the dense foliage.

Besides all these fascinating things to explore, there is a museum which exhibits the tribal life and the culture of the natives. Also, the park offers elephant safaris on hourly basis and can be enjoyed with the entire family swaying on this giant’s back through the jungle. Prior bookings being an essential recommendation one can make sure the trip is smoothly chalked out and is flawless at all times. The nirvana for all the photographers where they get an unrivaled shot of the grandeur the place has to offer, Kanha is always jam packed with tourists flocking in. Tailor made for the people who love adventurous encounters with nature and the experience of a thrill in the jungles, Kanha can never let you down in these aspects. A true exposure to the nature and wildlife is what awaits you in Kanha.

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