Taming the Wilderness: Lion Safari, South Africa

Taming the Wilderness: Lion Safari, South Africa

South Africa, or officially the Republic of South Africa is a country known for its diversity both in terms of the landscapes as well as the mixture of prevailing cultures. South Africa is a must visit place for all adventure lovers, and people who want to spend time in nature’s lap. Spectacular opportunities to observe the stately lion within the wild environs and the indigenous flora is one experience that is unique to Africa. Any trip to South Africa would be incomplete without adding a wildlife Safari to one’s itinerary.

Lions, Kruger National Park


There are many game reserves within SA which includes Kruger National Park, Singita Game Reserve among others. Okavango Delta, Masai Mara Reserve, Serengeti areas in neighboring countries of  South Africa are also popular among those out for lion viewing, and experiencing the wilderness.

Of the many unforgettable traveling experiences, the South African Safari definitely figures among the best. The diverse landscapes of South Africa and the exceptionally rich wildlife, flora and fauna make it a perfect destination for observing wildlife. To see the animals in their natural habitat, to see lions hunting or stalking their prey leaves one with impressions that remain etched in their minds.

Lions in natural habitat

Kruger National Park in South Africa is located in eastern parts of Limpopo and Mpumalanga. One of the largest National Parks, it is designated by UNESCO as an International Man and Biosphere Reserve. Dating back to 1926, this game reserve is very popular with tourists as the people on safaris here are bound to encounter the Big Five. Rhinoceros, Elephant, Buffalo, Leopard and Lion were named as the Big Five by hunters due to the difficulty in hunting them. Today they are a major feature of South African Safaris. Observing these animals and more specifically Lions (found in Africa and India) among the vast and varied terrain of Kruger National Park is a worthwhile experience.

Lions on Move

For nature lovers and enthusiasts of wildlife photography, the game reserves of South Africa, especially the Kruger National Park offers a delightful journey. To see the lions resting and sleeping during the day time, to observe them on a hunt at night, to experience watching these magnificent beasts tending their cubs, and the fights among male lions- these are some visual experiences that are difficult to come by and even more difficult to forget.

Safari, South Africa

Kruger National Park boasts of an extremely rich list of species that include the Big Five as well as Hippopotamus, Spotted Hyenas, Zebra, Cheetah among other animals. It is most popular for its Lion Safaris. Depending on one’s inclination, adventurers and tourists can opt from different kinds of safaris that are easily made available by various lodges and agencies. From the typical 4×4 safari, to walking safaris and night safaris, there are many opportunities one can avail of, depending on the kind of experience one wants.

Lions climbing Trees

Walking safaris offer the chance to see the animals up close. Approaching the untamed lions up to as close as 20 yards and to monitor their actions while on foot among the African wilderness is a remarkable part of touring the African Wilderness. Appropriate measures must be taken for these walking safaris, and all the safety procedures should be heeded for one’s own protection. Trained wildlife guides conduct these tours without any unnecessary risks and they are quite safe. An exhilarating but safe experience awaits anyone who goes on a walking Lion safari.

Night Safari

Night safaris are equally terrific. To hear the sounds of the jungle, and animals prowling in night, and on some lucky occasions to actually see a lion on a hunt are added benefits of undertaking a safari at night. To view the African Savannah, the long coastlines, indigenous forests, mountains and various rivers, and the wild lions roaming in their natural habitat from air is also an experience worth having. A good wildlife safari also depends on the experience and expertise of the guide and ranger. Guides and trackers adept with the terrain and animal movement within the area can make spotting the lions very easy.

Lion Cubs

According to one’s safari type, the chosen landscape and the season, different behavioral patterns of the lions can be observed. For instance the normally ground dwelling lions are known to climb trees and rest on them to escape from flies in many game reserves in and around South Africa. If one selects the season properly there is an increased chance of watching lions mating, or hunting the buffalo herds or other animals. During July to October it is more probable to observe lions hunting the wildebeest. To observe lions stalking and ambushing their prey is a sight that brings to mind nature’s marvel and the harmonious way in which the ecosystem is balanced, not just by the flora or the herbivorous population but also by the carnivores.

Lions hunting Buffalo

The stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife, experiencing lions and their behavior at close range are some of the things that South Africa has to offer to all tourists. Appropriate accommodations, food and other facilities, excellent personal guides, desired group sizes and different types of safaris offered to all visitors make Kruger National Park in particular and South Africa in general the best location for anyone looking for a memorable sojourn into the wilderness.

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