Stylish, Beautiful and Romantic: Trieste, Italy

Stylish, Beautiful and Romantic: Trieste, Italy

There is a saying by Giuseppe Verdi, ‘You may have the universe if i may have Italy’. The Majesty and romantic environment of this country is only of its class. Gorgeous countryside, vineyards, crenelated buildings, snow capped Mountains, amazing architectural wonders, the massive Colosseum, ancient seaports, Greek Temple of Concord, fabulous food, wines and pastries, the national football team and countless beautiful towns like Rome, Florence, Venice, Paris, Genoa, Pisa, Naples, Siena, Clinque Terre, Amalfi Coast, Milan and more. But there is a city in Italy which has abundance of natural beauty and architectural buildings but is quite underrated. That city is Trieste, a seaport located in northeastern Italy, between the Adriatic Sea and Slovenia territory. This fascinating city of Italy has a rich history to its discovery by Japhet, son of the Noah. It was a Roman Colony of Tergeste during 1202 when Venetians took over it. Trieste battled and won its independence. However, it accepted the overlordship of Austria in 1382 and Trieste was assigned to Italy after World War I. The economic boom knocked the doors of Trieste during 18th and 19th century. Today, Trieste is among the most unique cities of Italy and often overlooked by tourists but it is the perfect base for exploring the coast and its other gems. Trieste has the biggest Roman Theatre of the country and most number of zoological and botanical gardens in the state. It is also home of one of the greatest native writers in the country, Italo Svevo, who has written some comic masterpieces like The Confesstions of Zeno and Zeno’s Conscience. It also has one of the longest pedestrianized streets of the country named the Borgo Teresiano. So, next time when you are in Italy, don’t forget to keep space for Trieste on your ‘places to visit’ list.

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Trieste has a warm humid temperate climate with very hot summers. The temperature varies from 39 F to 85 F throughout the year and there are no dry seasons. July is the hottest month and February is the coldest. The weather remains clear most of the time with more than 250 days of sunshine. Precipitation reaches its highest during November and brings heavy rain with it. Moderate rainfall can be seen over the entire year. The best time to visit Trieste is between March and May.

How to get here?


Trieste is well served by Trieste – Friuli Venezia Giulia Airport which is just 50 km from the downtown and receives numerous international and domestic flights from major airline carriers like Delta, Frontier, British Airlines and more. There are some domestic airports also near Trieste like Pula Airport, Venice Marco Polo Airport, Treviso Sant Angelo Airport, Klagenfurt Airport but Trieste Airport is preferred the most by the visitors because of its location. You can easily get cabs, taxis, rental cars or airport shuttles to reach the city center.

Accommodation and Food


There are more than 125 lodging options around the city, from luxurious hotels and apartments to budget inns and B&Bs. If you wish to have a luxurious stay then Hotel Miramare is the best option, located at Viale Miramare, featuring design interiors and stylish rooms with modern furniture and Tre Merli Beach Hotel featuring free internet, free parking and direct access to seaside. Other luxury options include Villa Bottacin, Starhotels Savoia Excelsior Palace, Residence Liberty and Sotto il Faro. Affordable and nice lodging places in downtown include House 5, B&B Gens Julia, Villa Fausta B&B, B&B Advantage Accommodation, Palace Sutie, II Borgo Residence, Le Vele, Casa Codorna, Casa Dolcecasa and Residence Contovel.


Trieste is famous for its delicious food and offers more than 150 eateries around the city. You will surely love the Tea & Cakes at Ginger, Bar Buffet D.O.C. featuring great Italian food and Pasta, Street Food Trieste with its hamburgers and sandwiches, Pasticceria Penso featuring Dessert and central European food, Al Toscano featuring nice ethnic food, Gelato Marco featuring different unique ice cream flavors, Trattoria Nerodiseppia featuring great chowder, Tavernetta al Molo featuring seafood, Antica, Trattoria Suban featuring Austrian cuisine, Geleteria Bar Arnoldo featuring good traditional Italian Icecream, Chimera di Bacco with its contemporary and sea food, Caffe San Marco with its Italian, Continental and Contemporary food and finally Spaghettoteca Alla Penna Bianca featuring Pasta and Chicken Wings.

The Attractions

Stadio Nereo Rocco

Stadio Nereo Rocco

The Stadio Nereo Rocco is a football stadium located at Via dei Macelli in Trieste, holding seating capacity of more than 32000 people. The stadium was named after former football player Nereo Rocco. It was opened in 1992 and has been the scene of some important football matches, music concerts including Vasco Rossi and Zucchero. The stadium remains open for guided tours and you can explore the stadium, its dugouts, players’ dressing rooms, trophies and memories of golden era of the stadium.

Museo Revoltella

Museuo Revoltella

The Revoltella Museum is an art museum located at Via Armando Diaz in Trieste. It was founded in 1872 by Baron Paquale Revoltella and since than has been an important and historic landmark of the city. It houses the books, arts and paintings by Baron and main attractions include Ritratto di Pasquale Roveltella, Autoritratto, Donna che Trattiene il tempo, Barcarola, Principe Felice Baciocchi, La Vergognosa, Ricercarii and Paesaggio. There is a gallery on the 5th floor housing the work of arts by the artists of the early 20th century. You will be amazed to see the views of the city from the huge terrace of the museum and there is a cafe which runs till midnight.

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