Strawberry Paradise – Mahableshwar

Strawberry Paradise – Mahableshwar


The marvel of the encompassing mountains and the chilly yet soothing breeze outside makes this a perfect hill station for a short trip. Mahableshwar is situated in Satara district of Maharashtra and is one of the favorite hill stations of the people of this state. Quiet easily accessible by road, the place can be comfortably reached with no difficulties in finding it. The soaring peaks and the spell binding valleys prove to be an amusing destination for the people who love relaxing in the beauty of the nature. With the temperatures well below the average temperatures all year round, and heavy down pours during the monsoon months, people come here basically to chill, both physically and mentally. The monsoon months are not considered suitable because of the torrential rains that the place receives. It practically shuts down the entire hill station’s tourism due to the intensity of the showers. On the contrary, the rest of the year is considered as the peak period and sees crowds of youngsters and couples flocking in to spend some quality time.  Covered in beautiful canopies of greens and humungous ranges of Western Ghats on one side, it has a picturesque scenario which welcomes the tourists from all the places. The atmosphere being apt for the growth of the red glistening beauties, the strawberry cultivations here are immensely popular. People especially visit this place to taste the heavenly combination of the succulent strawberries with fresh whipped cream and ice cream. Also, you cannot resist taking home the freshly made strawberry jam and crush for relishing the taste and memories of this place. You will get to view a number of horses in the locality as well, offering you a ride wherever you go to wherever you have to go. They also have a lot of colorful carriages that take you on evening rides through the winding roads.

Mapro Gardens

Mapro    strawberries

If you have been to Mahableshwar and returned without visiting the Mapro gardens then your trip is officially considered incomplete. A park renowned for its stunning strawberry produce, it is an absolute must to taste the lip smacking combination of strawberry and whipped cream. There is also a snack center that serves you with the yummy toast sandwiches and other spicy varieties. The sweet dishes, almost all of them, will be found with small pieces of strawberries sprinkled all over or a generous stack of the whole fruit kept besides it. The place serves as an important halt if you are planning to take some original fruit jams and mind blowing crushes.

Points to be noted

Sunset point   Elephant point

An enchanting experience of the yellowish orange skies and the setting sun in front of you and the wide spread greenery lying beneath in the valleys surrounding cannot be missed. The sunset point allures the tourists due to its striking valley features and the pleasant breeze that accompanies the sunset view. Also known as the Bombay point, this place has a lot more than just the sunset. The Wilson point and Kate points are famous for these mesmerizing events along with the Sunset point. For the early bloomers, you can catch a similar scenario with fewer crowds to disturb your peaceful moment in the form of sunrise. The Elephant point is another place where you get to see the deep valleys and a face of the plateau that resembles the head of an elephant.

Pratapgad Fort


The symbolic icon of the Maratha Empire, this fort has been mentioned in the history for numerous times. It is the same place where the legendry Shivaji Maharaj had cunningly managed to put an end to the mighty Afzal Khan during their meet. Just 24km away from the main Mahableshwar, this point can be covered in a days’ time. The fort comprises of an array of ponds and chambers. Along with this, it also has dark alleys that lead to a dead end where all you see is a 100m deep fall. Built in the year 1656, the place offers you quiet an explicit view of the greens and the plateau with valleys in the middle. Apart from this, there are a lot of water falls as well in the vicinity of this area where you can get soaked in the cold waters.

Venna lake

The place incorporates the interest of all types of people. The people who love to find a retreat in the heart of the nature are always welcomed with greens everywhere. There are a few hotels that offer such kind of rooms or huts that are located amidst the foliage to give you a true experience of residing in the natural beauty. The place guarantees you complete relaxation and peace. For the people who love trekking, it also offers easy to moderate climbs through the forests. To make the deal better, at the end of the hike it treats your eyes with a colorful combination of the blue waterfalls, the green bushes, colorful flowers and the brown mountain ranges. The Venna Lake is another spot which offers you the joy of boating. It also has other small games like go karting points and gaming zones which are offered at various locations. For the shopaholics, the bazaar has a variety of shoes especially, apart from the normal shopping stuff. A near perfect endeavor of peace and excitement entangled into one another, it hits the right spot when you decide onto a short refreshing trip.  It offers to pamper your mind and tongue together with the serene panorama of the trees and the taste of sweet and satiating strawberries on your tongue.



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