Shimla – The Queen Of Hills

Shimla – The Queen Of Hills


Shimla also known as Simla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh. Shimla is also known as the summer capital of British in India. It is one of the eminent hill station of North India. Shimla is enclosed by pine, deodar, oak and rhododendron forests at the height of 7,238 ft. Shimla is a charmed hill station of fascinating beauty with idealistic climate round the year. It is an optical pleasure for all seasons. During spring season varieties of colorful flowers bloom around and drench the air with sweet aroma, while in monsoon tourists can relax and enjoy the beautiful sun set, and during winters the whole Shimla is covered with snow and looks like white fairy land. Shimla is well connected by air, rail and road. It is the famous spot for honeymoon couples also. It is well developed hill station which is provided with each and every facility such as easy availability, best accommodation, good food and several attractions.

  • Tourists Attractions


As an enthralling hill station, Shimla attracts a large number of tourists by a number of stunning places to visit. These tourist places have been centre of tourists charm in Shimla for eras. Some of the most prevalent places to visit in Shimla are:-

1.       The Ridge


The Ridge is a large open spacious platform from where you can have a panoramic view snow-capped mountain peaks of Shimla. The beautiful view of sunset from the Ridge frame the beauty of nature. The Ridge is heart of Shimla which is also connected to all commercial spots such as Lakkar Bazar, The Mall, Scandal point, Jakhoo Hill etc. The prominent Christ Church is the land mark of the main Ridge. The place is the host of all cultural activities, specially the illustrious Summer Festival which is preformed or celebrated for 5 days in the Shimla.

2.       The Mall


One place that cannot be overlooked is the Mall of Shimla. It is the main shopping street of Shimla, which consists of a number of restaurants, clubs, banks, bars, post offices and tourist offices. Next to to the Mall of Shimla are the Tibetan and the Lakkad bazaar. The place also resides the famous ancient theatre in Shimla. The mall is the best place to gather some outstanding remembrances such as embroidered shawls, caps, Pahari paintings and so on. The place looks delightful during the dusk as the entire place sparkles with lights and crowds of people.

3.       Jakhoo Temple


Jakhoo temple is an ancient and most famous temple of Shimla. It is situated on the Jakhoo hill at the height of 2,455 above sea level. It is dedicated to Hindu deity, lord Hanuman. The view of whole Shimla from the temple is beautiful. Every Year on Dushera a big festival is celebrated in this temple. In this temple tourists should take care of their belongings as there are a lot of moneys everywhere. A 108 feet tall statue of lord Hanuman has been constructed in this temple which is very attractive. It is considered as tallest statue in the world.

4.       Summer Hill


Summer Hill is a small town on the outer edge of Shimla at a height of 2,123 meters. It is situated on a way, 5 km from the Shimla Ridge. The place is perfect for taking an enjoyable walk among the softness of the Mother Nature. The Summer Hill is situated in between groups of green trees like pine and deodar. The impressive view of the snow covered mountain terrains are simply unforgettable.

5.       Kufri


Kufri is a small hill station in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh state in India. It is located 13 km from Shimla on the National Highway. It is one of the highest point in the region. It is famed for trekking, hiking and skiing. Skiing is done between the month of November to February when the whole Kufri is covered with snow. Some of the famous places worth seeing in Kufri are:- Mahasu Peak, Indira Tourists Park, Kufri fun world, Himalayan Nature Park etc.

  • Shimla Climate



The climate of Shimla attracts tourists from all over the world. All the seasons of nature halt in Shimla during the year. The summers of Shimla bounces from April to June. Summers are very hilarious as the weather remains mild and one needs to wear light cotton and wollen garments. The rainy season in Shimla is between July to September. Most of the tourists enjoy rainy seasons, as in this seasons the whole shimala give a splashing view with little fog everywhere. During winters the whole Shimla is covered with snow and looks like white fairy land. Winter season extends from December to February. In this season one has to wear heavy woollen garments as the cold becomes unbearable.

  • General Information



 Your trip would be in complete if you did not shop anything from Shimla. In Shimla shopping is an enjoyable experience. One of the best places for shopping is The Mall, where you can get Woollens, pashmina shawls, woollen caps and gloves etc. The Lakkar Bazaar is a very distinguished shopping market in Shimla where you can get nice wood carved items made out of the hilly softwood.


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