Sand, Sea and Sun: The Caribbean Beaches in Aruba

Sand, Sea and Sun: The Caribbean Beaches in Aruba

In the Southern Caribbean Sea, located 27 km north of the Venezuelan coast, is the island of Aruba. The dry, sunny weather of the area, along with the clear green and blue waters and white sandy beaches makes it a favored tourist destination. Taken together, Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao are popularly known as the ABC islands. Aruba’s stunning beauty is evident in all its beaches.


Whether one wants to go swimming, snorkeling or surfing, Aruba provides it all. For the less adventurous travelers, the beaches in Aruba provide the perfect ground to sunbathe, or simply laze around, or play volley ball or beach tennis. There are many options in Aruba for the beach lovers, who can decide depending on their mood and disposition.

Water Sports

Aruba beach

The beaches in Aruba cater to all kinds of water sports enthusiasts, be it beginners or a pro. The various activities which one can engage in involve kayaking, parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and surfing to name a few. Participating in these activities is not just thrilling but also rejuvenating. Exploring the diverse marine life up close, or parasailing, flying through the sky with wide expanse of blue both around you and beneath you, surfing, or the combination of speed and the waves, all provide unique and unforgettable memories. Different beaches in Aruba are appropriate for different activities.


Boca Catalina, for instance, has shallow and calm waters. The reefs here are thus perfect for snorkeling. The abundant underwater life makes it an easy snorkeling destination even for those people who don’t have much experience. The strong currents in Boca Grandi make it more suitable for the experienced travelers. It is a favored spot for such sports as kite surfing and board surfing; both enthusiasm and experience are required for these sports. The beaches of Andicuri and Hadicurari also have excellent conditions for surfing. Baby Beach, a popular and beautiful Aruban beach, also offers suitable conditions for snorkeling owing to its calm and shallow lagoons. Palm Beach and Arashi Beach among other things are also very popular for adventure enthusiasts.

Other Beach Activities


Aruban Beaches are not known just for the water sports activities. From sunbathing and building sandcastles, the clear and gorgeous beaches makes ones Caribbean journey worthwhile.

sunset sail

After sunning during the day time one can take a cruise after sunset. This will be one sailing experience replete with romance and beauty. Sunset sails are available for tourists around Palm Beach. The fiery skies around sunset, the darkening Caribbean waters, and the white sands at a distance all make it into an almost magical night. A walk around the beaches especially during sunset and sunrise provide you with a plethora of vivid colors, and the natural beauty adds tranquility to your mind.

There are numerous beaches in Aruba where you can indulge in any of the above mentioned activities. Some of the most popular beaches include:

Eagle Beach

Eagle beach

It is among one of the most stunning Caribbean beaches, and was even named as the number one Caribbean beach in a USA Today survey. Its shallow coastal water makes it favorable for water sports. Numerous motorized water sports are made available for the more adventurous of the visitors. There is also a tradition of camping outside, during the Easter week on the Eagle Beach. The sandy beach here is also suitable for playing beach tennis. Participating, or even watching others play, adds a fun element to any beach side sojourn.

Aruba Eagle Beach is also important ecologically, as it plays a role in protection of turtle nests. The species that can be found nesting in Aruba are Green, Hawksbill, Leatherback and Loggerhead. Every nest has some 80 eggs and the hatching usually takes place during the night time. These hatchlings then cross the sand and the waves to find their way to the ocean. Besides the usual beach side activities, this makes for a different and memorable experience.

The white sands and the backdrop of the pristine Caribbean waters make it a photogenic location of this island.

Palm Beach

Palm beach, Aruba

This beach is located in Aruba’s capital, Oranjestad. The calm waters here create excellent swimming conditions. All the major and leading resorts in Aruba are also located around the Palm Beach. Bars, restaurants and shops line the beach. It is also a shopper’s delight, with two popular shopping malls nearby. The night life around the Palm Beach area is also exciting, with casinos and clubs galore.

Various water sport activities are also available on Palm Beach. The views during sunset and sunrise are magnificent from this beach.

Druif Beach

This oval shaped beach has a long stretch of white sand. The Caribbean waters are relatively calm here. The busy town of Oranjestad is located nearby. But the beach itself is a quiet and relaxing place, perfect for sunbathing and to relax back, read or just laze around.

Arashi Beach

This beach is located on the northwestern side of Aruba. The calm currents, along with the rich and dazzling underwater life make it a perfect destination for snorkelers. California Lighthouse named after the steamship California (which wrecked nearby in 1891) is also located near Arashi Beach. The island also participates in the Aruba Reef Care Project; it aims at cleaning up reefs and shallow waters.

Aruba sunset

The sea, sand and sun all provide stunning vistas and relaxed days; the waves, winds and water sports all add an element of thrill to the trips to beaches. Aruba, in a nutshell, is the perfect place to indulge in the Caribbean splendor and magic.

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