Safari Adventures in East Africa

Safari Adventures in East Africa

Whenever it comes to Africa, tourists have never been  deceived because the beauty of this place wins everyone’s heart. Be it any part of Africa, the place tries it’s best to connect the living entity, which is us to the nature and it also has been successful in doing it to a very great extent. Today I am going to talk about the East African side tourism. What is the Eastern Africa known for? For those who do not have a fair idea, let me tell you that it is most famous for the animals which it serves as home to and the safari adventures.

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Since ages the legacy of safari  has been carried out by the natives of the place. The east African region altogether is so huge that one will not be able to cover it up within a span of 4- 5 days. It needs real time. For the convenience of the travelers, the safari has been divided into mainly some broad categories. The major ones are the Tanzania Safari, the Kenya Safari, the Day Trip, the Gorilla Tracking Safari and the Tailor- made Safari. Among these sub categories also are various divisions available. It fairly depends upon the budget of the travellers as to how long they want to stay. Options like a stay for 2 days 1 night, 3 days 2 nights, 4 days 3 nights or 5 days are very easily availed by the travellers.

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Beginning with the Kenya Safari, which is the most frequently opted for by the tourists, Kenya is the treasureland of Safari. Kenya not only provides provisions for road safaris but also for the air safaris. Moreover, Kenya has many beaches located as well, so they have provisions for beach holidays and trips as well. Places like Masai Mara, Mombasa, Lake Nakuru and Amboseli are very prominent when it comes to Kenya Safari. There is  a National Park called the Meru National Park which has the rarest of the rare species of animals in it.


Tortilis Camp is another prominent feature which they provide. Then besides these things, they let the tourists enjoy the trekking, they even make them play various adventurous games. The Tanzania Safari, most of the packages come in collaboration with the Kenya Safari. The best possible reason could be these places falling so close to each other. So, the Tanzania Safari incudes all those places which the Kenya Safari  did and in addition, it has places like Isebenia, Serengeti, Arusha, Namanga, Amboseli, Taita and many more. This safari includes hilly trekkings which at times to turn out to be difficult for people who are not very used to it.

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The next segment that I am going to talk about is cute and adventurous both. It is the Gorilla Tracking Safari. It mainly includes places like Lake Kivu and Kigali. This safari also takes the visitors to the Volcanoes National Park. The Volcanoes Mountain is known as a heaven for the mountain gorillas which are found here. There is some amount of money which is charged by the Volcano National park authority to view the mountain gorillas. There is a division made on the basis of citizenship and designation, both. At the same time, spending some amount of money to see the amazing mountain gorilla in return is not actually a very big deal.

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If thought carefully, one day trips will not be enough to explore threal beauty of Africa and it’s wildlife. Despite this fact, the tourism companies over here have introduced an option of one day tourism, keeping in mind all the necessary places which would just leave the tourists enchanted. The one day trips mainly include those in Lake Nakuru, Shimba Hills and Tsavo East. Tsavo East is one of the oldest national parks in Kenya. The national park has been named after the Tsavo river which just flows next to it, in the same region. Africa, as we know is well connected to the different continents of the world through airways. So reaching Africa is no big deal. Once a tourist reaches Africa, the tourism package which they select, the officers from those companies  make provisions for the picking up of tourists.  A trip to East Africa is important because it firstly allows the tourists to know the beauty of wildlife which exists in our world and which we barely get to see due to the growing population and pollution with it.

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Apart from this, for years there has been a cliché regarding the African Culture. There has been a discrimination against them for ages regarding their physical features and also their cultural traditions and beliefs. It is different undoubtedly but in a good sense. Tourists get to meet these people, have meals with them and during long safaris they sometimes even get to stay with them. When these people are so welcoming and generous, how can someone actually mistook them for being harsh and cruel. To completely reject this ideology, it is very important for people to visit this place. In this day to day tiring life a person does need break. No other place can serve to be a better refuge in the laps of nature, than Africa.

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