Saba: The Unspoiled Queen of Netherlands

Saba: The Unspoiled Queen of Netherlands

Saba is an island in the Caribbean sea of the Netherlands. The island of Saba has a land of 13 km2 with a population of around 2000 inhabitants. The people of this island speak Dutch and English and the official currency used here is USD. ‘Saba’ is a term derived from the Greek and Arabic language term Sheba which means morning. The island of Saba is popularly known as the “Unspoiled Queen”. This is because the place is very clean and has a very unique ecosystem. The island is neither a reef island and nor an island with sandy beaches. Instead, the island is a volcanic island and has rocks on the shores as well as cliff faces. A lot of tourists visit this island because to have unique diving experiences and to stay in a vibrant and diverse ecosystem for a while. There are four major villages on this island and has a “special” kind of municipality in the Netherlands. The capital village is the largest one and is named The Bottom. The 2nd largest is the Windwardside that will provide you the best accommodations and maximum variety in shopping. The smallest one is St. John having schools and a church. The fourth village is called Hell’s Gate which you will cross after leaving the airport. There are a lot of places to visit on the land as well as the sea.


The Mount Scenery standing on the land of Saba is the highest elevation in the entire Netherlands. It is 862 meter tall. People come here for hiking and there is a trial going up the place starting from Windwardside. People prefer to start hiking in the morning because the fog covers up the space during afternoon. There are hiking trails which offers a very great scenic view of the green and attractive flora of the island. On your trail, you may come across some old ruins, delving into caves, some sides with no inhabitants, some paths to the rain forests, etc. Trail map is available and do not be tensed as the trails are well marked in perfect condition. Also, there is a road from Windwardside that will take you to the Booby Hill. The special thing about Mount Scenery is that this mountain has a continuous stair with 1064 steps. These steps lead to the highest point on this island. On your way, you will find many beautiful flora and fauna and you get to see the elfin forest.

jobean glass studio

You can also see the JoBean’s Glass Art Studio on your way to the hill. JoBean is a local artist who has created a colorful studio which offers a lot of art pieces and also teaches to work with glass, melt it, pour it into cylinders and magically turn it into a piece of art using torch and glass shafts. There is a museum on this island by the name Harry L Johnson Museum. It is located below the hill with wildflowers all around. The island’s official flower is the black-eyed Susan and is also found near the museum. For traditional handicrafts, Lace Ladies is the place to be. A lot of old women spend their time to create Saban lace which is made from generations by a special technique of stitching. You can visit the Catholic Church known as Saba’s Sistine Chapel. The Fort Bay on the island was enlarged to turn into Ladder Bay which is the port of the island. It is called the Ladder Bay because of the Ladder of 800 steps which ends at the Bottom.


In the sea, there is much more to offer. This is one of the best places in the world for Scuba Diving. There are underwater cliffs, pinnacles and many diving locations to offer you an out-of-this-world experience. The locals can teach you how to dive and are very friendly people. You can easily get certified for open water in Saba, if you don’t have one. Once you go down the sea, you can see variety of fishes in large numbers, coral reef and sponges, turtles and many other sea creatures.


The diving culture of Saba is older than 3 decades. The Marine National Park of Saba is the representation of the diving culture there. It was opened in 1987 and is established around the whole island of Saba. Just a half mile from the shoreline, you will find 1000 feet deep waters. The experience of the off-shore dive will be stupendous and will leave you speechless. You can experience a lot of adventure while trying various diving techniques like wall diving and pinnacle diving, etc. Wall dives are rather humorous than dangerous. The sea life near the wall think of wall as the floor bottom and the downward direction is, therefore, oriented towards the wall. You get to see a variety that is rarely found. The seabeds are even more diverse even more beautiful. You may be in Open Sea or Advanced Open Sea, you will love the view of the sea life and the local divers will certainly try their best to show you every important detail of the place.

Saba is a wonderful island and will give you the experience which will leave you speechless. The trip to this island is worth it all and one must visit this place once in life.

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