Rann Utsav : Glory of Kutch

Rann Utsav : Glory of Kutch

white sand desert

‘Kutch nahi dekha , toh kuch nahi dekha,’ aptly said by the people and the Gujarat tourism.

Rann utsav is the festive glory of kutch. Rann utsav is a three month festival on the white desert starting from December and continues till march. Prolonging for three months, this annual winter festival shows its visitors the myriad color and true exploration of the culture and tradition of rann of kutch.

Apart from the hills, mountains, seas, lakes etc. in India, nature has also got its different phase altogether to treat the eyes of any nature lover. Rann of kutch is famous for its natural beauty white sand desert, located in the north part of kutch, having its various diversities of its appearance from dawn to dusk. Salt on the sand hues  of white desert,  glitters and dazzles like diamonds under the sun. The view of the white desert is just marvelous in the night on the full moon day. Since summers in kutch are very hot with the scorching sun, the best time to enjoy the beauty of place and to celebrate the festivals is winter. Thus, the ran utsav is taken place in winter.

moonscape of rann of kutch

Rann utsav is organized by the Gujarat tourism department. It’s held every year in the winters during the full moon time. The festival has lots of cultural programs, events and carnivals for three months. It reflects the essence of culture of kutch, with all its traditions and ethnical values. Its highlights the vibrant bright colors of kutch and gujarat with its diversities of the area. Various numbers of cultural events going on since morning like folk dances, music, pageantry, carnival processions, craftmanships etc keeps the visitors busy with the spirit of the festival. There are many exhibitions and stalls selling the traditional clothes, handicrafts of that particular place.

folk dances,rann of kutch

To enjoy the beautiful culture of kutch and the festival of rann utsav one must take a package of one or two night stay. Rann utsav provides amazing tents for staying with all the facilities and amenities. There are two variety of tents, one is non- ac tent with the tariff 7500 rupees and other is ac-tents ranging from rupees 8500. The experience of staying in tents rather than those luxury hotel rooms is completely different. There is no inconvenience at all as the tent provides all facilities that like of hotels. But the experience is just mindblowing and cannot be described in few words. It adds five stars in the experience of the rann utsav. Starting your day with the splendid view of white desert and nights with the beautiful moonscapes and the sand which reflects the blue sky along with all the events and activities gives you fun and enjoyment more than what you expect. Rann utsav altogether gives you the experience to discover the incredible india, as the whole of your experience is unique unlike other vacation spots where u stay in hotels, visit few places and come back with shopping and dinner.

gujarats CM gazing the sunset, rann utsav

kite flying carnival

Rann utsav keeps you engaged with its own cultural activities and other activities  like sit by the evenings along bonfires, watching artisans work live, dancing with the local folk dancers and folk music and enjoying  camel safaris. The display of the traditional stuff by local artists and NGOs of gujarat is worth buying. Rann utsav attracts many tourist every year and they are left with in incredible culture and festive spirits and bright colors of kutch and experience a different part and beauty of nature. Spending two to three days in ran utsav gives you the complete package of incrediable experience. You can enjoy kite-flying, witness the grandeur sunset, other night events, camel safari to kala dungar and you can watch the indo- pak border according to what package you select. The advance booking is a must to enjoy all the activities.

camel safari, rann utsav

Bird lovers gets a chance to explore the chance of watching different birds, specially the flaming flamingos and other migratory birds. The pristine beauty of white desert comes alive in the festival of rann of kutch where people celebrates life. The white desert is brightened with bright colors and festive zest during this time and with the music and dances in the arid lands of kutch one can just feel the varsity of kutch and historic significance of its culture.

Along with the cultural and festive zest, rann utsav has one more reason to fall in love with the culture, food is just the thing to explore. Unlike other places you don’t get a multi-cuisine food options here. You get a chance to explore the delicacies of traditional food of kutchh and Gujarat. The delicacies like khaman dhokla, sev tamatar ki sabzi, undhiya, bhakari, daal- dhokli etc are the most popular dishes you can try with. It gives your taste-buds a whole new experience like the place. Enjoying the lunch and hi- tea time and dinner on the white deserts with all the carnivals and festivals gives you a perfect treat.

Rann utsav is accessible through roadways, a 2 hour drive from bhuj, which is nearest to the desert with any private vehicle or the buses or vehicles provided by the tour agency. Prior advance bookings are required to experience the splendor view of lifetime.

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