Rangiroa, French Polynesia

Rangiroa, French Polynesia

A place where lucidity and drama breath simultaneously. Endless scintillating turquoise encircled by stings of corals, Rangiroa. This beautiful place is one of the best places in the world for scuba diving. Its considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world that provides a connection between man and nature very closely. The endless blue and exquisite corals offer a great treat for scuba diving enthusiasts.


Rangiroa is the second largest atoll in the world that is a part of the French Polynesia and is located in the Pacific ocean. One other famous island here is the Bora Bora( Social Islands) which attract huge number of visitors of every year. An Atoll is a coral reef that is shaped like a ring which either partially or completely encircle a lagoon. Rangiroa means ” Vast Sky ” in Tuamotuan or it can also called Te Kokota. The official language s french and Tahiti is also spoken here. The chief town of this atoll is avatoru. This atoll consists of 415 motus. Islets are known as motus. It is spread over an area of approximately 170.sq.km. This place does not have a very high population. It has about 2500 people in all. Only three islands are inhabited in this place. They are, avatoru, tiputa and Ohutu. This one f the most exciting diving destinations in the world due to it blue lagoons and beautiful underwater flora and fauna. The major Diving spots are Avatoru Pass, Tiputa Pass, Les Sables Roses or the Pink Sands.

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Initially the economy of Rangiroa was powered by fishing and the production of Copra, the dried meat or the kernel of the coconut. Later when, the Airport of Rangiroa was constructed, the economy also improved due to Tourism. Being one of the most sought after place in the world for Diving, Rangiroa has never failed to attract tourists from the world over. Rangiroa is also known for its unique vineyards which grow alongside the coconuts and give harvest twice a year. These vines were grown here are testing them for acclimatization. Since there is an absence of pests that kill Vineyards here, they were planted here which turned out to be successful. Just as all the other islets, there is not any running water in this place too. Hence people have to collect and store rainwater.


Tourism is the backbone of Rangiroa’s economy. This magnificent place offers many adventures and treats to its visitors with its lagoons, beaches, pearls and life style. There are many things that one can do when in Rangiroa. Scuba Diving and Lagoon Excursion are a must. Apart from that, deep sea fishing, kayaking, visiting the pearl farms, para sailing and snorkeling are major attractions.


Rangiroa also boasts of its diversity of underwater flora and fauna. There are many kinds of fish and sharks that are visible here. Large manta rays, sting rays and bottle nose dolphins are also visible. The hammer head sharks that feed on the Sting rays are also extensively visible. Tiger sharks, green sea turtles, hump head Wrasses are also major attractions here. You should be safe while staying here. The sharks are always close to the shore, most of them are harmless though. The coral reefs visible here are home to a variety of plants. To make it a better experience, the boats have a glass bottom through which you can see the beauty of mother nature and have an enriching company of the nature’s exceptionally wonderful creations.


French Polynesia is very famous for its Tahitian pearls. The pearl farms which produce one of the best of Tahitian pearls are produced in the Rangiroan Lagoons. A visit to the harvesting of this mysterious gem would excite you.
There is air transportation available at Rangiroa Airport which i located n Avatoru. It is connected to many other islands of French Polynesia and Tahiti. Air Tahiti is the aircraft that operates throughout. For travelling in and around the place, there are bikes, mopeds and top-open cars which are available for rent at the resorts. You can also use, motorboats, charters too. There are two large Hotels here. Otherwise there are many family-run pensions. The night life in Rangiroa is not much just as the other atolls and islands. The people here rise before sunrise and retire for the day when the sun goes down.

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The Pension Bounty in Sands of Ohutu Bay offers some of the most fantastic views in the world. Away from all the buzz, this place is surely going to win you over. It also provides excellent hospitality and is know very well for its setting and the sun rise and sun set views. The restaurants of Rangiroa are known for their Polynesian meals and the other cuisines of the world. Generally, every entree has a romantic touch in here due to the setting and the seclusive nature of the place. One of the other striking places to stay here is the Kia Ora Sauvage. This luxury resort is located on the outside of the Area, secluded from everything else. It is situated on a private Motu. Its a fun place to be in with your family where you get to live in a bungalow that’s over water and at the same time enjoy the luxury provided.

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Annually, in the first week of may, 6- paddler canoe races take place in the Rangiroa Lagoon. Its a major event in these islands. The two races that are held here are known as Arrimatatini Race and Rangiroa Channel race. This place is filled with lots of fun and excitement.


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