The Queen of Hills – Darjeeling

The Queen of Hills – Darjeeling


A true demeanor of the word queen can be experienced when you visit Darjeeling.  With all the other hill stations at its footsteps, this place leaves your jaw open at the first sight itself. The lush greens on the gigantic mountains, the vast plains with tea plantations and small clusters of houses can be seen everywhere.  Situated in West Bengal, the place is famous as a tourist destination. The scenic beauty and the grandeur of the nature prove to be a treat to your eyes. The vast spread cultivated lands are renowned for the most spectacular tea produce available in the entire India. Darjeeling is encompassed by snow clad mountains, namely, the Himalayan foots or the lower Himalayas and has a picturesque view throughout the year. The hill station is considered as one of the best places to put your feet up and find the inner peace that you barely manage to find in the concrete jungles of the city life. The toy train is an attraction of the place as well. Running between New Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling, the train takes you through the magnificent mountain valleys and dense green trees. The cold breeze and the slow narrow gauged train brings out the child inside you and you cannot help but take your head out of the window to feel the soothing winds on your face and through your hair. Not only is the place famous for the tourism spots, it also forms an alluring option because of the British style schools that are still retained in the district. People see it as a good opportunity for the kids and send them for schooling here as well due to the discipline and curriculum maintained in these schools. Overall although not many people are aware of this fact and consider it as a hill station meant for trips only. The place pulls herds of tourists because of the snow falls and the chilly weather.

Tea Gardens

tea plantation   Tea gardens

The tea gardens of Darjeeling are known for the fragrant produce of tea that lingers in your senses for quite some time. The tea produced here is usually of export quality and is shipped all over the world. The picking of tea leaves is an interesting thing to be observed and admired. Although not so difficult, it is not easy as well. The huge green sea of the plantations provides the tourist with a calm atmosphere and aromatic gusts of cold winds. Designated as the Champagne of the Teas, tea from Darjeeling is mostly served black. The slight tinge of a floral scent makes it a delight and a specialty in the tea lovers. The plantations not only give you an access to the mere greenery but also a colonial house from the British times with all the furniture and antiques preserved for your comfortable stay. The food served is also amazing as you can taste the freshness in each of their varieties. Of these, the famous ones that you can visit are Glenburn, Tumsong, Makaibari, Selim and Goomtee resorts and tea estates.

The Joy Ride

toy train  toy train 1

A UNESCO world heritage site, the Darjeeling – Himalayan railway station is appealing to one and all. The toy train that runs between New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling is popular and has been shot in many Bollywood films and songs. The train takes you on a fun-filled ride through the market areas and the hill slopes as well. The zigzags and the loops are what people look forward to in the train, especially the Batasia Loop that spirals around itself. The picturesque beauty of the nature, the lush green bushes on the slopes and the blue skies form an astounding frame for your eyes to soak in. The flower gardens are also another addition to the grace of the nature.

Lloyd Botanical Garden   Padmaja Naidu Zoological park

Apart from these major two attractions, there is a lot more to explore in the mountains. The Lloyd’s Botanical Garden is named after W. Lloyd, a famous banker who donated the land, houses fifty different species of orchids in the hothouse. A splendid location surrounded with different colors of flowers, this place can be visited even during the afternoon times. The Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park is also worth a visit during your stay. It aims at the protection and proper nurturing of the endangered Himalayan species of different animals and birds.

Tiger hill   Peace pagoda

The panoramic view from the peak of Tiger hill is mesmerizing enough to make you forget the entire chaos around you. The sunrise here perfectly colors the entire sky and the summits of the Mount Everest and Kanchenjunga. An easily accessible lake, the lake Mirik is finding the attention of the tourist crowds recently. The calm and peaceful lake surroundings with the cool light winds through the surrounding trees add up to a precise recipe of a soothed soul. The Peace Pagoda is also visited by many people to experience the inner sanctity of one. With the message of world peace as a motto, this place is built for the unison of all caste and creeds in the world and to bring back the harmony amongst them. To sum it up, Darjeeling is a place where you get to experience the closeness to a sanctum of serene conditions which take you one step higher towards tranquility.

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