Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta

The city of Puerto Vallarta is the second largest city in the state of Jalisco in Mexico. Often shortened to just Vallarta or even P.V. it is also thought to be one of the friendliest cities in the world. The best time to come here is from November to March. Direct flights ply from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Canada and thus it is a favorite nearby destination spot for tourists. Vallarta has the most unique coats in Mexico. It maintains its essence of a small town in an elegant way.


Bahi de Banderas


Basically the whole of the horse shoe coastline along the borders of Mexico is called Vallarta. The opening to it is this bay of Bahi de Banderas. The coastline runs 100km  along two states Jalisco and Nayarit. As you enter Jalisco you can see mountain covered with jungle sliding into the sea creating stunning beaches. A perfect site for fishing and a home to dolphins, manta rays and even sea horses, this place offers a treat to the eyes. The bay is also a breeding and birthing ground for humpback whales from November to March and Olive Ridley turtles from June to December along with huge leatherback turtles. G Diaz Ordaz Intl is the nearest airport in Puerto Vallarta, the exotic hotels and resident restaurants include Bel Air Collection Resort in Nuevo Vallarta, Club Hotel Riu Jalisco at about 1.5 and 2 miles respectively from the destination. There is a deluxe resort at Vallarta called Dreams Villamagna Resort and Spa offering luxurious 5 star facilities, just about 3.4 miles away.

Marieta islands


These are the small uninhabited islands few miles from the coast of Nayarit. Visited by tourists in large number on daily basis and are famous for the caves and rocks formed due to the volcanic eruptions, explosions and bombings. The place is declared as national park and is protected against fishing or hunting. The island is about an hour away from the main coastline of Puerto Vallarta and is famous for snorkeling and scuba diving. You can get a closer view of the sea turtles, manta rays, octopus, wild dolphins and humpbacks from here. Boats take nearly one and a half hour to get to the islands from Punta de Mita with activities and lunch all on board.




Sayulita is a mini fishing village, quite peaceful and welcoming. The locals are friendly and always eager to meet the visitors. If you have any plans post retirement then Sayulita offers one of the best locations. It is a family oriented place, safe and well taken care of. Just 45 minutes away from Vallarta, it has only recently been developed and has no violent crimes in its not so old history. Sayulita can be reached through bus or taxi. It is 21 miles north to the Puerto Vallarta airport. Buses run every 20 minutes with the first one at 6 in morning and the last one leaving Sayulita at 9:20 pm.


Vallarta Botanical Garden

vallarta botanical garden

The garden is spread in 20 acres of land, 400 meters above sea level. One of the few gardens worth travelling for, it hosts  variety of exotic plants from around the world ranging from Orchids, oaks, bromeliads to  different species of cactus. The garden has got hiking trails through the forest and garden grounds which will take you closer to nature. Visitors can even take a dive in the tropical river Rio Horcones that borders around the gardens. Bird watchers can get to see exclusive variety of birds early in morning or later in the day. The garden is located approximately 24 km from Puerto Vallarta on the highway. It takes baout one half to 3/4 hours depending upon your starting point and the traffic.


Nuevo Vallarta


Lined up with deluxe hotels and residential- resorts Nuevo Vallarta is a destination that is worth a visit for. Along the three mile long sandy beach is a row of hotels, shopping centers, supermarkets, and cafés. If that is not much of a pleasure you can go for some adventures like yachting, sailing and surfing over the salty waters. You can even try a hand at golf here. Though a happening place, it is surprisingly quiet and tranquil here. Visitors get special luxurious privacy and enjoy seafaring. Nuevo Vallarta is just to the north of Puerto Vallarta and accessible through public transport like cabs. Just to the north of Nuevo is Ameca River, and in between lies a mini town called Jarretaders. You can taste a variety of seafood food here in special Mexican style.


Marina Vallarta


Marina Vallarta can be compared to a mega development. Just next to the international airport of Puerto Vallarta, it has a line of hotels and restaurants along the one kilometer long beach front. Here you can engage yourself in an evening cocktail at the top of a lighthouse built alongside the marina promenade and at the end of Calle Timo street. It is also one of the prominent landmarks. You can go fishing there, the operators are easy to spot at the lighthouse. There are always people to help. The marina promenade even has many good restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The accommodation in Marina is one of the finest at hotels like Westin Regina, Melia, Casa  Vela and Velas Vallarta. You can even enjoy a game of golf at Marina Vallarta Golf Course which has a 18-hole course. Comfort yourselves at the luxuries offered by Marina.

Puerto Vallarta is a mix of tranquility, peace, luxury and adventure. It has got something for all. Pay a visit and experience on your own this exotic beauty of the blue planet.

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