A Prime hill station – Ooty

A Prime hill station – Ooty


Everyone loves a pleasant spring season with the birds chirping around, the soft breeze giving you the slight scents of the blooms in your vicinity and a clear sky with the sun shining mildly on the area. Aptly named as ‘Snooty Ooty’ by the British people during their colonial stay, the place is a marvelous picnic spot. Bestowed with kind of an eternal spring season, Ooty is a hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu. Residing amongst the Nilgiri range, the mesmerizing grandeur of the hill station is beyond words. It is for a reason that they call Ooty as the queen of hill stations. And you get a confirmation once you visit this beautiful place. The name actually comes from Udhagamandalam which was shortened and changed by the British to Ooty. With a picturesque scenario laid down in front of your eyes, you cannot help it but greedily soak in the peace that it provides. The lush and vibrant greens of the tea and coffee plantations spread till the horizon are wondrous to your eyes and please your nose with the faint fragrance as well. Apart from the plantations, the place also has many other varieties of vegetation which works its magic in a similar fashion. Although located in the sub-tropical region and one of the hottest states in India, amazingly you can get away from all those heat waves here. In fact, in the winter months you might as well carry your warm clothes to fight the chilly temperatures that can reach below 5 ⁰C. So when planning a trip to Ooty, be sure of the weather and do pack accordingly.

Ooty mountain train

The round through this hill station is best taken using the famous Mountain Railway. Built by the British Government during their reign, this toy train like ride runs between Mettupalayam and Ooty. Along with the Darjeeling toy train, this railway was added as a UNESCO World Heritage site and has been maintaining the reputation since then. The train takes you on a joy ride through the blue mountains of Nilgiri range via the twists and turns of the valleys and inside numerous tunnels. On your way you get to bask in the astounding portrait of the natural beauty of this hill station. Romantic and breathtakingly serene, it is hard to believe that such a place with green slopes and a few colors that have been sprayed on it due to the different flowers exists in reality.

Rose gardens     Ooty lake

The other beautiful things that you can see are the Rose Gardens and the Ooty Lake. The Rose Garden is the largest in the country and is developed on the Elk hill slopes. The park shelters some 20,000 varieties of roses which you will never get to see in the normal plants that you grow. With varied colors, including black and green, these flowers are truly an unbelievable sight. There is another botanical garden named Ooty Botanical garden which hosts a flower show in the month of May. It has attracted lots of attention due to the 20 million years old fossilized tree that is kept in the premises. On the other hand, the Ooty Lake gives you a splendidly tranquil ambience to relax and let go. The magnificent waters and the lush greens to lie down on are a perfect combination for taking away all your stress. The lake has eucalyptus trees in its vicinity and spread a blue haze in the sky around the lake. The Boat house situated at the banks is the service provider where you can rent a boat and enjoy the enchanting view. Even the Deer Park which is placed near the Ooty Lake, has a lot of visitors to observe the different types of deer and other animals as well.

Wax World Ooty    Stone house Ooty

The St. Stephen’s Church was built exclusively for the then residing British people in India and dates back to the 19th Century. The church is situated on a road connecting Ooty and Mysore and sees quite a few visitors who offer prayer here. There are two museums as well, if you like to visit places of historic importance on your trips. The Tribal Museum, situated a few kilometer on the outskirts of this hill station, exhibits the exuberant and age old culture and heritage of the tribal people from Tamil Nadu as well as Andaman and Nicobar islands. The Wax World Ooty is a museum which houses life-size statues made out of wax, of the brave men noted in Indian history and has been developed inside a 145 year old bungalow which remains strong till date. Talking about bungalows, the Stone house is another prized possession of Ooty as it was the first bungalow that the land saw.

Toda Ooty

A very popular place, bustling throughout, yet a provider of inner peace, the hill station has its unique charm. The stay in the Toda Huts, if you are ready to compromise on a few extravagant things on your holiday, is as really a jolly experience. And obviously, hill stations and fruits cannot be separated at any cost. The plums, pears and strawberries are worth tasting. You not only find the freshness but also the astonishingly different sweetness in them.

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