Plitvice Lakes National Park – Croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park – Croatia

Plitvice lakes

In the continent of Europe, the mother earth has adorned a magnificent necklace of 16 interlinked lakes filled with pure turquoise waters. Lying in between the Mala Kapela Mountain and Plijesevica Mountain, these lakes are truly a spell binding site. All the lakes in this spectacular necklace are named after a legend or belief of the locals. In spite of their weird names, they are compelling and alluring and you simply cannot stop admiring the grandeur the nature has to offer. The interlinking waterfalls, the caves and the encompassing trees and bushes are a treat for your eyes. A typical example of the natural karst landscape formation, the travertine barriers continue to grow inch by inch every year increasing the beauty of these lakes. The entire expanse has been declared as UNESCO world heritage site in the year 1979 and is visited by numerous tourists. The satisfaction that you get here on the marvelous site of this place is a true value for your every penny that you spent in reaching the place. Divided into the upper and lower parts, the lakes show an array of variation in the ecosystems that thrive in them. The difference in the elevations and the composition of the waters result in this mesmerizing range of varied flora and fauna in the lakes. The upper part lies on the dolomite rock and has the waterfalls that interconnect the lakes with each other. These lakes see the natural building of travertine barriers formed by the biological action of moss and calcium deposition due to the aquatic life. The upper parts of the park is covered with dense forests and is lush green. The lower part is situated on the limestone rock and sees more of shallow and small lakes formed as a result of the caving in of the vaults above the subterranean cavities through which the waters manage to escape. This area, unlike the upper region, is covered in a sparse vegetation of bushes and grass.

brown bear     fish in Plitvice

The park was founded in 1949 and has been under strict protection for the preservation of the ecosystems and purity of the lake waters. One of the oldest parks in Europe and the largest in Croatia, this park should not be missed if you love residing in the peaceful atmospheres of lakes surrounded with forests. The most interesting part of visiting these lakes is that you get to evidence all the species of animals and plants which were present in the locality before the interference of the mankind on this area. Owing to the minimal development of industries and an early protection agenda, this place preserves every aspect in the similar way as it was from ages before. You barely get to see rare miracles of such kind in today’s world full of pollution. The lakes and its vicinity holds an array of different plant species. The forests are mostly crowded with the beech, spruce and fir trees making it a mixture of the Alpine and Mediterranean flora. There are more than 1000 species of different plants due to the variation and development of the climate, soil and water contents. The entire region has a colour burst during the various seasons throughout the year. On the similar lines of the forest, even the wildlife here has thrived healthily and is a precious site to be observed. The European brown bear is found in large numbers in these forests and are highly valued due to their decreasing numbers in Europe. The other important animals include the wolves, pond turtles, green lizard, dice snakes and many more to count. The humungous count of butterflies and birds is another story in its own. The wildlife is taken care of very dedicatedly so as to mean no harm to it and in true sense is free in the forests.

bridge in Plitvice

You can always have a camping experience in such places. Aptly suiting to your needs, there are various camping services offered to you in the nearby areas of the lakes. With the range of a complete wild camp with minimal facilities to a luxurious camping experience, they have arrangements for all of your requirements. The most famous camping site is the Slapic Camping site, run by a family and located about 55 km away from the Plitvice which gives you a quality service. If you are not the camping person, there are hotels inside the park where you can book rooms prior to your visit. Although a tough thing when you cannot swim in the glistening waters, you can enjoy the boating experience in these lakes. The best time to visit the lakes is April to October when the weather is soothingly cool and the lakes are available to enjoy. In the winters, the lakes usually freeze up due to the drastic fall in the temperatures.


The walks through the forest and the strolls on the bridge built precisely for the same reasons are the most exhilarating and breathtaking things you get to do here. The experience of being in an unsoiled area of nature is serene and wonderful. The visit to Plitvice Lakes National park paints an amusing picture of the perfect green forests and crystal clear waters with the animals living in harmony and a true scenario of a balanced ecosystem inside your head, which stays there forever.

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