The Pleasant Capital of Uruguay: Montevideo

The Pleasant Capital of Uruguay: Montevideo

The largest city and the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo, is surely one of the beautiful cities around the world as its vibrant atmosphere and scenic views attract the visitors. Montevideo is located on the east bank of the Rio de la Plata, Uruguay. There are some skyscrapers in the city along with some museums and the Minnesota and Chippewa Rivers join at Montevideo and provide some fascinating landscapes. Don Bruno Mauricio de Zabala founded Montevideo in 1724 and the design of the city was done by Pedro Millan. Today, the city has very well informed population and progressive government that has introduced legislation like gay marriage. The main attraction of the city is Montevideo Carnival which is celebrated at eh main street, de Julio Avenue, in the city.


Montevideo has quite a warm and humid temperate climate with no dry season and hot summers. The temperature is hardly below 34 F around the year and reaches to a maximum of 81 F sometimes. From May to August is the cold season and July is the coldest month. In summers, hot winds come from north and you would need cool cotton clothes during this period. The best time to visit Montevideo is anytime during the year.

How to get here?


Mostly, roadways are preferred to travel to Montevideo by visitor than by plane, car or other means. The airport of Montevideo is situated about 15km from the city center and you can easily find bus services outside airport to reach downtown. You can also take the service of the airport cabs. From the city terminal to colonial, there are always the buses running and you can book a ticket in advance for it. You can also get to the city in you own vehicle through either Chui or Jaguar.

Accommodation and Food


You can easily find hotels, hostels, apartments, suites and other type of accommodation within your budget and requirements. There are more than 130 hotels from 5 stars to budget hotels. Most popular option is Sheraton Montevideo Hotel with 207 air conditioned rooms, an indoor pool, a health club and a spa tub. In other options, there are Hotel Lafayette, Pacitos Plaza Hotel, Radisson Montevideo Victoria Plaza Hotel, TRYP Hotel and Days Inn. You can also find hostels around like El Viajero Ciudad Vieja Hostel, Downtown Hostel, Pocitos Hostel and Caballo Loco Hostel.


Hunger might be the last reason to die here in Montevideo as there are a lot of restaurants, bars, café and pizzerias around the city.  One of the best is Bambu which offers a very good vegan selection and the food is quite healthy and light with fresh salad. You can also try Zenchai at La Vegetariana and ultimate Uruguayan Parrilla at La Otra in Picitos. At La Otra you will find some really tasty meat of every variety and genuine and fresh Sushi. Other eating places that offer some great food and drinks are Don Peperone, Panini’s, El Fogon, Es Mercat and many more.

The Attractions



Pocitos is the city beach of Montevideo and remains occupied throughout the year by visitors. The beach is not affected very much by winds because of its location opposite of east side. The sand here is good and the best time to visit is July. The beach has facilities for a lot of sports like soccer, volleyball and others. Pocitos is just 10 minutes from the Montevideo city centre and you can get here by any mean of transport here.

Centenario Stadium


Centenario Stadium is a football stadium with a seating capacity of 74,000 spectators, located in Parque Batlle, Montevideo. It was the host of the FIFA World Cup 1930 and is the largest capacity stadium of Uruguay. The Uruguayan soccer team plays in this stadium during their home games. The stadium was declared a Historic Monument by the FIFA World Cup in 1983 and it is the only building in the world that holds this title.


You can take a full tour of the stadium and its museum inaugurated on 15th December, 1975. At the museum you can experience the peak moments of football matches and a wide collection of historical objects like flags, trophies and clothes of wining team of Uruguay in 1924 and 1928.

Plaza Independencia


Plaza Independencia is a plaza in Montevideo which separates Ciudad Vieja from downtown. There are some famous buildings and sites here like a monument of Jose Artigas which is called Artigas Mausoleum. There is the presidential building on the left side of Plaza called Executive Tower and you can explore the building if you want. The landmark of Plaza Independencia is Palacia Salvo which is an apartment building. You will see people walking here or sitting on benches with something to eat or drink.

National Museum of Visual Arts


National Museum of Visual Arts is the most famous museum of Uruguay, located at Avda Thomas Giribaldi in Montevideo and exhibits the works of local artists. You can see some fine works of Mario Buela, Jacqueline Lacasa, La Dolce Vita, Material & Geometry collection and increase your awareness about art. The Museum remains open to public all year round and holds workshops for children and families totally free. The Museum was founded in 1911 and since then it has become the largest art museum of the country.

There are many other visiting spots in Montevideo like Museo Torres Garcia, Metropolitan Cathedral, Punta Brava Lighthouse and the Executive Tower so come and experience this awesome city yourself.

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