Place of religious wonders, Kenrokuen, Japan

Place of religious wonders, Kenrokuen, Japan

the garden

Whenever it comes to Japan, the expectations soar to upto the uttermost sky. The Land Of Rising Sun has the most beautiful of the nature’s creation which one can observe till eternity.Here we are going to talk about Kenroku-en which has many attractions for the tourists across the world. All the tourist spots which are found here have some or the other religious story related to it’s conception. We have the Kanazawa well, the three famous gardens,  Shigure- tei teahouse and many more.

Shigure tei teahouse

Amongst this great list is the beautiful Kenrokuen Garden. Located in the Kanazawa area of the Ishikawa, Japan is this mind refreshing park. It is a private park which was built by the fifth lord of the Kaga Clan. It is supposed to have been built somewhere back in the late seventeenth century. The famous Kananzawa National Park is located just to the North- West of this garden.


This garden is one amongst the group of three very famous gardens in Japan namely, Kairaku-en,  Koraku-en and this one, Kenroku-en. The completion of the Tsunami Water Channel in this region back in the seventeenth century is said to complement as well as prove the completion of this garden somewhere around this time only. The history of this place and the time of it’s creation has been put to debate a several times. There are many versions to the same.


There is a very famous well located in Kanazawa. The version that the localites follow regarding Kanazawa well is that years ago a person called Togoro stopped washing his potatoes at the well and after that flakes of the metal aurum(gold) were seen bubbling out from the well. This is how Kanazawa, where the Kenrokuen garden is located, got it’s name. The meaning of Kanazawa is ‘ Marsh of gold’. There are many religious implications to it as well. The water from the well moves to the basin of purification which is located near the Shinto shrine. This well is a part of the religious belief because it is said that people used to come to draw water from this well for the tea ceremony; which happens even in the present days.

Then after talking about this famous Tea ceremony, one cannot forget to talk about the famous Shigure tei teahouse. It was built by the fifth lord of the Kaga clan. It was then compacted by the sixth lord and kept on being renovated until the Meiji Period. At present the structure and the floor plan of the tea house is that which initially existed. This place is used to relax oneself and enjoy the tea at the tea ceremony and the beautiful garden all around it. There was a huge fire which took place somewhere in the 1750s but surprisingly it did not have any effect on the Shigure tei teahouse. Now this obviously is not less than a miracle.

autumn garden

The Kenroku-en garden is the central attraction. It is located just outside the famous Kanazawa castle. The Kenroku-en garden is said to have four seasons. The beauty of this garden keeps on switching from season to season and everytime to leave the tourists spell bound at it’s beauty.  The Kenroku-en garden is not an ordinary garden. It has more than two hundered trees roughly. In Spring, everywhere we will get to see lushing flora which are not green or yellow like many places but pink. The garden has somewhat around twenty different varieties of Cherry and around four hundred trees of cherry. Towards the end of the Spring, the beautiful azaleas start appearing.

winter garden

By the time Summers arrives, the gardens are full of azaleas. The vegetation that the garden has arpound this time is something which is very rarely seen. The sunshine just adds to the beauty of all of it. After the summers, autumn brings with itself even more beautiful shades of it’s beauty. The autumn foliage, the leaves falling and covering the garden is a treat to one’s eyes. In the winters the place is all covered with snow. Tourists get to see beautiful and splendid pines which are all covered with snow.

tea ceremony antique

This place cannot be missed. One has to go to this place to know what kind of packages the beautiful things come adorned it. It’s just called a garfen but it is definitely much more than that. The access to this place is also very easy and affordable. One just needs to board a bus from Kanazawa to reach Kenroku-en. It will hardly take about fifteen- twenty minutes. This place is must go place because it is one of it’s kind.

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