Philippines: The Pearl of the Orient Seas

Philippines: The Pearl of the Orient Seas

The Republic of Philippines is located in the western Pacific Ocean and is a self-governing island country. The location of Philippines is close to the equator and that’s why this place is prone to typhoons and earthquakes. Around 99 million people live there in the space of 115,831 square meters. Thus, the country stands at the seventh position in the most populated countries in Asia. Also, the country is the 64th largest country around the world. Manila is the capital city of Philippines and Quezon City is the most populous city. Chinese culture is very much adapted in the country because of its trading relationship with China. Many Austronesian and Melanesian people live in this country. Thus the country is very diverse in terms of its cultures, languages, food, native architecture, dance and ethnicity. But still the laws and court decisions are written in English only.


About 10% of the population of Philippines is of settlers from abroad. Philippine is a political country full of corrupt and greedy politicians. As the city is in red region i.e. the city is prone to natural disasters like earthquake, cyclones, etc. that’s why the city is quite unsafe to visit. Travel warnings are issued continuously from time to time against the Sulu Archipelago island of Philippines. But still many tourists from all over the world visit Philippines to witness the incredible beauty of its islands.


Pristine beaches and many historic sites grab most of the tourist attraction. One of them is Tubbataha Reef which is treated as a marine sanctuary by the authorities of Philippines. It is titled as a National Marine Park. The North and the South Atoll are the two atolls that the whole reef comprises of. A 5 mile deep channel separates these two atolls. It is for sure the most popular dive site in the Philippines. Another exotic location in Philippine is the San Agustin Church which is in Manila. This beautiful church was built in 1598. This church is very concrete and strong that it has survived two fires and seven earthquakes over the years. The ceiling of the church was painted by the Italian artists, namely Cesare Alberoni and Giovanni Dibella. The main entrance consists of a gorgeous wooden door and the interior is in the essence of a Latin cross. Despite of the fact that this church is the oldest church in Philippines the church remains strong and furnished.


Next must visit sight is the Mayon Volcano which is at a height of more than 8,000 feet. This conical shaped volcano is perfectly symmetrical and ia not dangerous. Many people visit this volcano and enjoy things like photography, climbing, bird watching, camping and hiking. People can view the volcano from the nearby ruins of Cagsawa. In the previous 400 years, this volcano was erupted about 49 times. Thus, this is indeed the most active volcano in the country. The most disastrous eruption of this volcano happened in the year 1814 but after that no dangerous eruption has taken place. An island with small fishing villages is the Malapascua Island in Philippines. This is the ideal spot for all the divers and for shark lovers this is the only spot where they can see sharks on a regular basis. The beaches are white and sandy, even surrounded by lively coral gardens. The water is crystal clear just perfect to keep your foot on.

The charming town of Puerto Galera is filled with mixed diversity of marine species and excellent beaches. Sabang Beach and White Beach are the most famous beaches of this town. People can dive along with the thousands of fish species and old shipwrecks. Even the restaurants, bars and shopping centres provide great stock. Spending your night in this town is once in a life experience. On the island of Palawa, there is an underground river named Puerto Princesa Subterranean River. This is a must visit place for nature lovers because of its beautiful natural landscapes and rich wildlife. This place also offers boat tours with a guide who shows the sites of rock formation and quivering bats. This underground river is the longest navigable underground river in the world.


One can explore the heart-throbbing waterfalls, fishing sites, stunning beaches and many unexplored caves in Donsol which is in the Sorsogon Province. A boat cruise is available for the tourists to take a ride in the Donsol River. This river offers a sparkling site especially during night as in the night you will find many glistering fireflies along the river with beautiful palm and mangrove trees. An old style shrimp-catching voyage (with nets and bamboos) followed with a yummy dinner will make your day. The interior part of the island of Bohol has a famous tourist attraction, the Chocolate Hills. There are many symmetrical and large hills which are, according to the researches done, formed because of the accumulation of marine limestone on the top of a resistant layer of clay.


An adventurous place of beautiful resorts and heart taking beaches is Boracay which is actually a small island. But in this small island people can actually spend their most wonderful days. Scuba diving, cliff diving, horse riding, kite surfing, parasailing, snorkeling and motor-biking are the adventurous things that can be done while enjoying at the marvelous beaches of Boracay. If that is not enough, this place also offers volcano caves, boat tours, great restaurants serving food until dawn, bays of turquoise lagoons and brilliant sunsets.

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