A paradise afloat – Havelock Island

A paradise afloat – Havelock Island


Havelock island   Scuba diving

The largest of the islands to the east of Andaman, Havelock is an all-time favorite of the beach lovers. Beaches lined with the silvery white sand and crystal clear waters with the corals beneath take your breath away. These beaches have been developed for the promotion of eco-tourism and have been listed in the top few of Asia’s renowned beaches. The beaches have been numbered in a convenient but boring way (Beach no. 1, 2, 3 to 7); yet the other names like Radhanagar beach, Elephant beach are more popular amongst the people. In spite of the moderate facilities that you can avail on this island; the place makes sure that you forget everything that has bothered you during your stay and soak in the beauty of the blue water. There are two to three air conditioned ferries (small boats) that take you from mainland Andaman (Port Blair and Rangat) which take you to your destination, provided you have a prior booking. The best time to visit the island is the sunny days of January to mid-May, if you are planning to dive in the waters. For an exotic experience these months are just perfect to bask in all that you can. And make sure that you definitely pack a sun screen and a mosquito repellent to safeguard yourself from the sun during the daytime and the blood suckers during the night.

Radhanagar Beach (Beach 7)

Radhanagar beach     Snorkelling


Announced as the best beach in Asia, by TIME magazine in the year 2004, this beach is a prime attraction of all the visitors. Bestowed with scenic beauty in all possible ways, the waters here are turquoise in color wherein the entire ocean floor can be clearly seen. With a velvety carpet of silky sand laid underneath your feet, the beach feels like a red carpet to all the pedestrians. Never can walking be an immense pleasure like this! Even though a small beach (2km long), there is so much that you can enjoy here. One of the ultimate places for underwater adventures, Radhanagar beach has the exquisiteness, both below as well as above the waters. With so much to explore under the magnificent water, for the beginners, snorkeling is an experience one shouldn’t miss. The provision of fins and masks is made in the small shacks at the beach. On the same lines, but a much deeper experience of the world beneath waters, can be encountered by going for scuba diving; where they take you inside the waters in a boat to meet the captivating creatures under water. The beautiful colors, shapes and sizes of these tailed beauties simply take you away from your daily routine work and the tensions that accompany it.

Elephant Beach (Haathi Tapu)

elephant beach   elephant ride 1


The name might sound weird but then what’s in the name? Shadowed by coconut palms and at a minutes distance from the sparkling waters you can definitely find a lot of places in this patch to house yourself. This beach gets its name due to the elephant rides that you can avail here to take your beach experience to different heights. These rides are best taken during the sunset hours when the sky becomes perfectly orange and the waters silent and blue; a milieu one can never let slip out of the memory. Famous for its shallow clear waters, the place is a prime location for scuba diving and snorkeling. Apart from the astounding quality of the water, the factor that makes it ‘the’ place for underwater sports is the existence of two rare species of sea creatures, seahorse and fringe-lip flathead. These prove to be of great help when it comes to enticing the macro photographers. The Elephant beach is a popular attraction, especially for the people who want to get a good tan. Lying down under the sun, reading a book, with a cold deoch on doris besides you, you can release all your stress here. And the trees on this beach have now become a part of the snaps of all the tourists visiting the place. A result of Tsunami, the trees have gone so many sculpted modifications with the uprooted trees and the bent ones standing in the sand, they actually resemble a kind of modern art in itself!

Kalapathar Beach

Kalapathar beach


An entire stretch of solitude beach with the shallow emerald water on one side and the lining of forest on the other, Kalapathar beach is famous for its quietness. It gets its name from the nearby village named Kalapathar and obviously the shiny black rocks that it flaunts on the sand as well as in the water (Kalapathar- black rocks in hindi). A romantic and calm place to enjoy the seclusion, this beach is rarely visited by the flock of tourists. This is mainly because of the lack of arrangements made for the tourists on the beach. Left unaltered by the human intrusions, this beach is a place where you can simply tie your own hammock and relax in the shades of the trees breathing in the fresh cold breeze. Even though not as good as the hyped Radhanagar beach in Havelock, Kalapathar definitely Is worth a visit.

The serenity of these divine places is truly spellbinding. One cannot miss out on the daintiness of these places apart from the magnificent sunsets. An outlandish experience awaits you with the silk mattresses of sand spread out throughout your journey and the beauty of Mother Nature surrounding you.

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