Panjin Red Beach – China

Panjin Red Beach – China

Panjin beach

Remember the line from a Bollywood movie which says, ‘Take the world and paint it red’? When you visit the Panjin beach, you realize that nature has taken this line too seriously. A vast spread of bright red carpet of a sea weed that extends in front of your eyes, is a mesmerizing view altogether. The Panjin Red Sea beach is a magnificent example of the nature’s grandeur and its ways of proving its pride and greatness. The entire vegetation starts blooming during the early summers and has a green color when young. As it reaches the stage of maturity during the autumn season, the color turns from the cool green to flaming red. The fiery red color perfectly contrasts the calm and cool blue skies which makes it a perfect contrast scene. The best time to visit the beach is peak of the autumn season. Although only a very small portion of the entire beach is open to the tourists and visitors, you definitely do not want to miss the marvelous sight of the red beach. Most of the part of this beach has been declared as a State level reserved area and is closed for public use or visiting purposes. In spite of this, you will find fleets of heads soaking in the beauty of the nature standing on the bridge-like structure (piers) made through the weed floor beneath. The Suaeda or Seablite (a type of weed) is found in abundance in this humungous wetland and is the reason behind the red color of the beach. Its ability to grow in the saline and alkaline soil makes it the ultimate and prominent survivor of the wetlands. The red color is believed to be due to the alkaline surroundings the weed thrives in.

Panjin Beach 1

Situated in the Liaohe River Delta and 30 km southwest of the Panjin city of China, the beach is a shelter to almost 260 different species of birds and approximately 400 types of wild animals; it forms a complete ecosystem in its own. Hence the high level of protection and prohibition to this area just for the sake of keeping it pure and unharmed in any which way. The Crown Cranes and the Black Beaked gulls are the endangered species especially found in these marshes. The birds found here are usually the ones migrating to and from Australia and south Asia. The large tortoises, turtles, seals and other sea creatures are equally alluring when you see them through the reddish expanse. People can enjoy here with the bird sightings and the serenity of the nature without human influence on its existence. The color filled experience of the nature and the astounding pictures that you can click, are surely the star mark of this place. The only human adulteration is the archaic wooden structures that have been constructed in the unreserved area, where one can take a walk through the beach using the bridge to enter the sea to some extent and a small shelter or resort like feature for the tourist to rest and find an abode. Kind of an interference in the natural artistry, but it still blends in adequately due to its wooden framework. The accessibility of the place is a moderate issue and can be sorted out using the help of the locals. Communication can be a problem as most of them do not know English and you have to bring forth all your expressions and hand gestures to communicate precisely what you need. Amazingly, all the efforts you take, the whole lot of bargaining every time you board a new automobile and the sweat you put in to reach the place, vanishes in a snap when you see the sea! This is the way nature tells you its hold on the entire world and the captivating power it has.

Golden beach1     Golden beach

Apart from this red treat to your eyes, the city of Panjin has a lot more that can be toured. The city reflects a strong and rich history of China. It is situated on the northern coast of Liaodong Bay of the Bohai Gulf and is known for the oil production. Mostly renowned for its untouched natural habitats, it has many reserves to be explored and viewed. The city is packed with natural beauty and tranquil conditions to sooth yourself. The Shuangtaihekou State natural reserve is also a famous place visited by all the bird lovers and peace seekers. A marshland reserved with the aim of maintaining the habitat especially for the 20 endangered species of birds and of course the other 300 birds as well; this place has contributed a lot in preserving these delicate creatures. The cranes being the most abundant, Panjin is also known as the “Home of the Cranes”. The Golden beach is another attraction of Panjin. The clam mound is known popularly for the freshness and size. The clam collection or picking is a tourist activity that I guess most of the sea food lovers will be excited about. Apart from the clams, the golden and soft sand that extends over this area is the reason why this name turned up. A romantic place to spend some quality time, with your feet dug inside the silky sand and a soft conversation between the two of you; is a perfect description of the beach.

Thus Panjin not only works for the preservation of nature, it also strives hard to give us the most amusing snaps that never ever get erased; both from the hard disk as well as you brain!

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