Outrageous Beaches In Goa

Outrageous Beaches In Goa


The world famous Beaches in Goa covered about 125 km of its coastline. These beaches are divided into North Goa and South Goa. The North goa beaches are remunerative and are mostly visited by medium and lower class tourist whereas South goa is covered by private beaches and is mostly visited by higher class tourist. The cluster of beaches in Goa have something for every tourists. The blue sea, golden sand, swinging palm, coconut trees, tasty seafood, water sports and mesmerizing night life of Goa beaches make it special and popular destination. The beaches in Goa are divided into North Goa and South Goa. Some of the famous beaches in North Goa are Calangute, baga, Anjuna, Morjim Beach etc. and Some of the famous South Goa beaches are Majorda, Colva, Benaulim beach etc.

North Goa

  •  Calangute beach


Calangute beach is known as ’’ Queen of Beaches’’ in Goa. It is situated in north east of goa. Being largest in North goa, Calangute beach is overcrowded in both peek and off-season. It is one of the busiest beach in goa. Tourist from all over the world surely visit Calangute beach as they land Goa because people find it an ultimate place to relax and spend a fabulous time with there partners. It is the perfect beach for adventure lovers with water sports like parasailing, water-skiing and wind surfing. On this beach tourist can enjoy delicious see food and beer as they are sold on the stalls spread all over the beach. Some tourist also enjoy the sun bathing on this beach.

  •  Baga Beach


Baga Beach is located in north goa 16 km from panaji, the capital of state. It joins Calangute beach in the south and Anjuna beach in the north. It is said that the start point of Baga beach is the end point of Calangute beach. It is one of the most admired beach on the coast. It is also crowded and busy beach of the Goa. The Baga beach is all suurounded with colourful umbrellas abd beach chairs where the tourist can relax and enjoy the sun bath. One can also rapture delicious sea food and different kinds of mocktails, which are sold on the stalls displayed on the beach. Water sports are one of the prominent attraction for the people who visit baga beach in Goa. Here one can enjoy para sailing, windsurfing, wake boarding, kite surfing and rides on Jet Skis. Dolphin and Island watching on boat are also enjoyed by tourist on Baga beach.

  • Anjuna Beach


Anjuna beach is located in north Goa 18 km from Panaji the capital of the state. Anjuna beach is favourite for hippies who organise Rave parties. Anjuna beach is well-known for its stunning beauty which includes swinging palm trees and very beautiful white sand which covered the beach. Some unusual black rocks are also found which are projected out from the see. Anjuna beach is eminent for parties exclusively full moon parties that are held during Christmas and New Year eve. Though Anjuna beach is not crowded area but during Christmas and New Year eve, rush of tourists from all over the world come to enjoy the colourful beach parties.  On every Wednesday a flea market is displayed which includes each and every thing which one can imagine.

South Goa

  • Majorda Beach


Majorda beach is situated in southern part of goa, 18 km Dabolin airport. It is one of the most popular beaches of south Goa. According to Hindu mythology it is believed that Lord Rama was kidnapped and brought to Majorda beach. It is also said that lord Rama came to the beach in search of his wife Lord Sita. Majorda beach is eminent for its bakery items. Besides that tourists can also relish a huge variation of seafood, steaks and Chinese food at Majorda beach. The beach is prevalent for its carnivals which are held in winter season on every Christmas. Tourists love to swim on this beach without any fear as they are provided with lifeguards. The most popular attraction of Majorda beach is Mae De Deus church which was found in 1588 and was rebuilt in 1739. Water sports such as jet skiing, water skiing, parasailing etc. are also enjoyed by tourists.

  • Colva Beach


Colva beach is located in South Goa 40 km from Panaji, the capital of the state. Here land, sea and sky blend with each other creating a natural accord lined with coconut palm trees. This beach is stunning and covered with white sand which fascinates the tourists also. It is the longest and oldest beach in Goa, which stretches 26 kms along the Arabian Sea. Although the Colva Beach has never been an entertaining destination for rave parties, rather the nightlife of Colva beach is very energetic and vivacious. While walking on the beach we can perceive some sliver particles shinning on the golden sand. We can also watch the fisher men trawlers standing on the off-shore. Tourist from all over the world can be seen here having sun bath on striking golden sand. The decorated stalls of snakes and beer make the evening more romantic on the beach.

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