Nature’s Miraculous Power- The Krimml Waterfalls

Nature’s Miraculous Power- The Krimml Waterfalls

The falling water means the waterfalls give you implausible sight of the nature’s magical move of the water. If those waterfalls falls from the long height gives you more and more incredible view of the miraculously flowing water. And for those who love water will definitely want to visit the highest waterfall of the world. So here let’s visit this phenomenal waterfall of Europe-the Krimml waterfall. The Krimml waterfalls are the highest waterfalls of the Europe.


The Krimml waterfall of Austria is one of the highest waterfalls of Europe with thrilling motion of water in the three stages with the total height of 380 meters. The source of the waterfalls is the Krimml River and gently it flows through a paddock before it falls as sub glacial stream. With a 10 minute walk on the cemented path that is mounted from the WaterWonderWorld by Austrian Alpine Association. Then again with the 1-hour walk through the waterfall path finally takes you to the highest waterfall and that scene gives you extravagant views of the rumbling masses of water.


Knowing about the way to Krimml waterfalls some of you would might have thought of backing out from visiting there. But wait, if you actually thinking so, the way to waterfalls is not at all difficult when you go there with the dazzling sceneries around. The Hohe Tauern National Park gives you great background scene for your photographs when climbing from the village of Krimml to Central Europe’s Krimml waterfalls through the territory of Salzburg state.

Then about half an hour walk above the Salzach valley from the southern end of the village, takes you to the lower falls which is the first view point of the falls. Then going further to Riemannkanzel takes you the second stage of the Krimml waterfalls where you actually realize the magical power of water. And then 5 minutes walk from there finally takes to the destination means the third and topmost view of the waterfall. And in between the journey to your destination, the Schoenangerl restaurant at 4,216 ft is perfect break point as it gives you best view of the Bergerblick which the top of the falls. And due to tectonic shifts the earth is pushed and a high distance is created to the bottom of the falls. Once you are finished with the sight view of the waterfalls then you must visit the Aquatic theme park which is adjacent to falls and that portray the myriad forms of water.

History of Krimml Waterfalls


Europe’s highest waterfall has a great history behind it. It has won a numerous awards over the centuries. The Krimml waterfalls won the European Nature Conservation Award. In 1845, the Baedak Travel proudly declared the falls as “the monarchy’s most beautiful waterfalls behind Krimml”. And already earlier in 1796, Krimml waterfalls were called as “the biggest and most magnificent natural spectacle in the state of Salzburg”. And until then access to those waterfalls was not possible. But later, in 1879 the young Alpine Association decided to build a footpath with the bridges and platforms in three stages. And finally in the same year the new path to the falls was opened. But only after the completion of the Pinzgau Railroad line in 1967, the visitors started visiting the waterfalls.

The Power of Water


The fifth highest waterfalls have the tremendous force of water when it falls. The power of the water with which it falls from its source the Krimml River is just mesmerizing. The River has catchment area of 110 square kilometers along with 23 glaciers.

The water carrying capacity of the Krimml River is seasonal dependent and mostly it carries between 10 and 83 cubic centimeters of water per second. And on average day at the time of glacier melting period from to August water carrying capacity varies between 20 and 35 cubic meters per second. On late afternoon more and more water plunges into valley as in noon snow starts melting and sometimes creates a flood situation.  And also it leads to ebb tide to prevail. The morning glaciers do not provide much water to the valley due to icy cold nights.

The Krimml Achen valley and waterfalls both were made protected by creating Hohe Tauren National park in 1984.  If you are interested to watch the powerful force of the nature then best view can be seen from the “Wasserfallblick” parking lot which is alongside the Gerlos Alpine Road or you can directly go to Waterfall Trail.

Waterfalls and the Health:


Krimml Waterfalls do not have magical power just in their view but it has miraculous power implanted in the water itself. As many researchers have proved that the Krimml valley’s water works as remedy for the people in the close propinquity. The millions of negatively charged ions from water help in the stimulation of the immune system which leads to improvement in the functioning of the respiratory system and pulmonary arteries. As these charge particles are accountable for the cleansing effects of the lungs which leads to the suggestive and immunological improvement.

The waterfall have been proven best for the people suffering from Asthma and allergies as they suffer majorly because of the lungs non cleansing and that is overcome with the help of these charged particles. In fact due to its remedial water the Krimml Waterfalls are declared as health and spa center. So the along with the finest view waterfall also gives you health compliment too.

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