The Native of Quokka- Rottnest Island, Perth

The Native of Quokka- Rottnest Island, Perth

Rottnest island


A paradise away from this busy world, surrounded by aqua green waters, spellbinding appeal of the beaches and the amusing aquatic beauties; this is a precise description of the Rottnest island. This whimsical name was given to the island by William de Vlamingh in 1696 as the first creature he found in the place was a big mouse like animal and hence called it the Rottnest (rat nest). Located 19km away from mainland Perth to the extreme south west of the continent, this place is famous for its solitary yet happening atmosphere. Covered in white sand, the beaches here are pleasant throughout the year. A perfect place for family outings, Rottnest Island has loads in store for all age groups. Wind surfing, snorkeling, cycling, guided tours, walking tours, and so much more.  The place is a majestic location to sooth down your soul and get refreshed. A major holiday location now for the people in Australia, this place has become one of the favorite places of the Australians for a weekend off.

quokka        prison in Rottnest


Rottnest Island has a very rich history along with its scenic grace. A guiding light, defender of peace, hunting ground and prison, are a must visits during your first visit. This place is blessed with wildlife as well. Famous as the native of Quokka, a marsupial animal, the island is the only place where this animal is found. Quokka, which looks like a big (13 inches tall) mouse, is actually a very friendly animal and is not afraid of the humans. So be ready to interact with some of these cute creatures when you are on a tour. Apart from this, the aquatic flora and fauna of Rottnest is equally mind boggling.

Activities Galore

cycling in Rottnest     cruise


The place is energetically packed with loads of things to be done. To begin with, you can explore the island either walking or on a cycle that you can easily afford from a nearby shop. If you are not comfortable cycling or walking, Rottnest has an option of a cruise for you on their discovery tour of Rottnest; or even more exciting on a Segway tour! There is really no end to the options offered here to tour the entire island. You can also go on a flight of joy which shows you the bird’s eye view of Rottnest. During the months of June to September, the island has adventure cruises as well, where they take you out in the waters to evidence the grandeur of the natural world underneath the aqua blue waters. Rottnest has a rich heritage as well to be explored using the guided tours. Occupied by the Aboriginal people until the place got separated due to the rise in sea level, the place is also known as Wadjemup (meaning place across the water). It now holds the artifacts of these aboriginal people which are about 70,000 years ago. The place also has a prison which was shut down in the year 1838 after the escape of six Aboriginal prisoners. It is now used for the accommodation of the guests visiting the place.

Oliver Hill train     lighthouse in Rottnest


The Oliver Hill military installation is also a staggering place to visit. And the best part about this visit is that you get to see the inland beauty of this island through a small train journey. The military base was established in the 1930s and was used during the world war. Another astounding place is the lighthouse on this island. Rebuilt as a taller replica of the original lighthouse (which you can see as a small square building next to the light house) the lighthouse is located on the Wadjemup hill. Notorious because of its history, a guided tour to this place will definitely be a fun filled experience with kids.

Breathtaking Beaches

beach in Rottnest     surfing

The prime attraction of the tourist is obviously the beaches. The sands on these beaches is silvery white and really alluring. With beach games and more the beach is always a yes when it comes to family picnics. Apart from the beach games, wind surfing can also be done in these waters.


The crystal clear waters provide you with mesmerizing experiences of the flora and fauna under the waters. Snorkeling in these waters feels like floating in heaven especially when you visit the Parker Point. The wide variety of fish, corals, and aquatic life is really enthralling. If you are going in the months of September-November then make sure you do not miss out on the migration of the humpback whales. You also get to witness and get up close with the colonies of dolphins and fur seals when you enter the waters. Not only does the water reveal the serenity of the underwater world, but it also fascinates you with the shipwrecks that you can observe while snorkeling or when in boats with transparent bases. And with the family parks and game centers, this place is a complete package full of entertainment. For all those who love golf, well, they also happen to have a huge golf course on this island! Also make sure to have a tantalizing dinner when you are encompassed with the magnificence of the beaches.

Surrounded by the glowing waters sheltering 135 species of tropical fish and 20 species of corals, the Rottnest island beaches are a must for all the beach lovers out there. Rottnest is definitely a place for everyone to find peace and have fun the way you have always wanted.


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