Morocco – The Oasis of Sahara

Morocco – The Oasis of Sahara

One of the most popular African countries of all, Morocco is rich of history, culture, diversity and beautiful landscape. The country which lies on the western fringes of the African continent kissed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea at its coast is a beautiful oasis of culture and nature in the Saharan desert. The ‘Western Kingdom’ has been one of the finest African countries in the world with great political stability, cultural diversity and religious tolerance, factors which has easily made it one of the top most traveled to countries in the African continent. Morocco or the Kingdom of Morocco is a constitutional monarchy in its political set-up with the monarch having great powers over the affair of the country. A stable economy, great vision and so much to offer to the world has allowed Morocco to be able to realize its mystical potential of being a great tourist destination.


Morocco as a country has been historically welcoming to visitors who have not belonged to this country home to the Atlas Mountains. The Berbers who have inhabited the lands near the Atlas Mountains are the original indigenous people of the country and have throughout their history seen people from various parts of the world come to its great land and settle themselves including the Arabs, Europeans, Jews and Sub-Saharan Africans. Morocco became part of the Roman Empire in the 1st century B.C and saw Christianity spread through its land in the 2nd century B.C later on around 6th century A.D Islam found its way onto the country and as stayed ever since. The 11th century saw the rise of some of the most powerful Berbers rulers in the history of the country. Coming towards the 18th and 19th century Morocco was gripped by the hands of Colonization as the European countries fought for its land. Morocco was a protectorate of both Spain and France for long parts of the 19th and 20th century before gaining independence in the spring of 1956.


Morocco is a land full of nature’s bounties in all directions, in the central and southern regions of the country the mighty Atlas Mountains reign supreme which were the birth place of the indigenous Berber population of the country, towards the west and the north are its two famous coastline which it shares with the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea only the third country after Spain and France. The southern eastern parts of the country are mostly covered by the Great Sahara desert and the coastline of the country provides for some of the best beach experiences in the world. The country is bordered in the north by the Straits of Gibraltar & Spain, by Algeria in the East and Western Sahara to the south over which it has majority of the control. Such geographical diversity allows the country to offer great treats of landscape to the world one can experience the beautiful sunset over the Atlantic Ocean, a soothing sunrise over the Atlas Mountains and the exhilarating beauty of the sand dunes of Sahara.


Some of the greatest attractions of the country are rooted in the three cities of Casablanca, Rabat and Marrakesh. Casablanca or the white house as it is popularly known as is the largest city in the country of Morocco and is one of the biggest cities in the African continent both economically and demographically. The city has a combined population of 9 million people highest in Northern Africa and is in many ways the economic and cultural epicenter of the country. Located in the northern shores of the country kissed by Atlantic Ocean Casablanca is a city with great historical, cultural and tourist value, the city’s architecture is highly influenced by the French style. Rabat is the capital of Morocco and its fifth largest city, the city is the political heartland being the governing center. The city’s landscape is full of strong forts which signify its importance as a center of power since the time it was first established in the 12the century. The City of Marrakesh is one of the historically important cities in the country due to its rich history, heritage and religious importance. The beautiful city of Marrakesh is an example of the beauty of the Islamic style of architecture which is on display in its many palaces, forts, gardens and Madarsas.


Morocco is a country bustling with activity and having being at the crossroads of two great continents its diversity, beauty and importance in the world is very much there. The country with its robust economy is now becoming one of the top notch travel destination in the world with greater importance towards luxury traveling in its now famous beach cities. The country is today seeing tourist throng its shores in huge numbers. Morocco with its enchanting mountains, its moving beaches and shores and its rich culture is in many ways the oasis of the Saharan Desert.

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