Manipur – A Magnificent State

Manipur – A Magnificent State

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One of the prized beauties of the seven states of eastern India, Manipur is an amazing location to traverse and experience the tranquility that it offers you through the beautiful scenery. Blessed with the nature’s bounty in the form of beautiful blooms, cascading falls, the dancing rivers and much more, the state has been preserved as it was since ages. The true natural beauty which is yet to be explored can be seen in the state of Manipur. With the people of varied castes living in perfect harmony, you see their warm smiles every time you meet a person from the state.

Loktak Lake

Loktak lake

An amusing site of the floating houses in the lake on the mere foundation of weeds that grow in these waters is mesmerizing and at the same time mind boggling. The homogeneous mass of soil, vegetation and organic matter that forms the floating material in the lake is known as phumdi in the local language and is the major supporter of the house. To experience the similar lifestyle of the people living on the lake, they have also constructed a tourist guest house in the similar fashion. An amusing experience to live in the waters is too good to miss out on. The Sendra tourist home provides ample quality service for your stay. The Loktak Lake is the biggest fresh water lake of north-east India and serves as the source for drinking, hydropower generation and fishing as well.

Sadu Chiru Waterfalls

Sadu Chiru falls

Located scenically in the Sadar hills of the Senapati district, the water falls are a favorite picnic spot of the people of this place as well as the tourist. The astoundingly encompassed vegetation is a satisfaction to the eyes once you reach the place. The falls are divided into three stages with the height of the top most cascade landing up to 30 meter. The entire picture created by the clean blue waters falling from heights and the surrounding vegetation has an amazing impact on your mind which gets refreshed instantly on the sight of this place. People enjoy fresh dips in the water and small snacks on its banks as well. A new park has recently been opened in its vicinity and shares the view of the waterfall through its premises.

Museums and Memorials

Mutua Museum    Manipur state museum

There are many museums and memorials in the state. The museums here are dedicated towards various works of arts and tribal collections from the past. The Mutua Museum in Andro village of the state capital of Imphal exhibits an array of delicate and magnificent works of art with regards to the pottery, jewelry, wood carvings etc. and the rare coins, manuscripts and paintings. The replicas of the houses that the different tribal in northeast India lived in are amazingly similar to the genuine ones. The other noteworthy museum is the Manipur State Museum, which displays the rich tribal heritage and their lifestyles. It also houses the portraits of the rulers of Manipur and the costumes, arms and ammunitions, etc. that were used during the historic times. The memorials here are mostly built as a tribute to the war soldiers and are pilgrim places for a few as well. The Shaheed Minar is a tribute to those who lost their lives in the war against the British and is located right in the heart of Imphal city. Red Hill (Lokpaching), a few kilometer away from the capital is built in the memory of the Japanese soldiers who died in the war between the English and Japanese men during the World War. This place is a pilgrim site for the Japanese who visit to pay homage to the gallant soldiers. There is also a war cemetery that signifies the brave fight that the English and Indian soldiers had given during the World War.

Sightseeing and Shopping

Manipur    Orchid

Full of greenery and floral blossoms in the entire expanse, there are many places where you can sit, relax and enjoy the company of nature in the state of Manipur. Tamenglong is one such place where you will find deep gorges, humungous waterfalls and the exotic varieties of orchids to please your eyes. Churachandpur is another exciting location for the picnickers to hang out and spend some quality time. The Khonghampat Orchidarium is a humungous area of 200 acres and displays about 110 rare varieties of orchids. Totally amusing and breathtaking, the delicate beauties are a treat for your eyes during the peak months of March and April. The Manipur Zoological Garden is also a good place to spend time and get an opportunity to see the Sangai (brow antlered deer) and the pine forests. Also, Kangchup is becoming a famous tourist place with its picturesque view and the dam built adjacent to it.

Imphal zoo    Ima Market

When it comes to shopping, Khwairamband Bazaar or the commonly known Ima market is a popular place. Divided into two halves, one side sees the imas or the mothers selling vegetables, fruits and flowers while the other side sees a section which offers you all the handloom varieties and other household tools. Moreh is another shopper’s paradise and offers a variety of goods as well.

Thus all in all, you get a good exposure to something very different when you come to Manipur. With the warm people and an array of cultures you are bound to fall in love with the way these people have adjusted themselves according to the nature.

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