Mandrem Beach – The Innate essence of Goa, India

Mandrem Beach – The Innate essence of Goa, India


A visit to Goa is incomplete without a trip to its sun-kissed beaches. The variety of beaches in Goa offer something or the other for everyone from luxury resorts to huts and from beach parties to tranquillity and within its sweeping coastline and sandy bays, it is one of the hottest sun-and-surf destinations in the country for local and international travellers alike. Sun rays glinted off the lush green islands that seemed like emeralds embedded in the deep blue sea. The beautiful water livelihood and the jubilant atmosphere and people including tourists roam around the length and breadth of the beach. The underwater world which has an incredible collection of animals, plants and marine life completely amazes the people.


Now when it comes to food, then one must be spoilt for choice as there is a wide and vast variety. Just take your pick from the spicy local sea food, everyone here gorged usually on fish. Frolicking in the sun and sand, and letting the gorgeous sights ebb away our city-bred stress, it was time for us to head home. Mandrem beach is the most famous beach in Goa. It is situated in North Goa, It is a tranquil beach and it is secluded amongst all the beaches. Counted among the most beautiful and scenic in Asia, it is very clean and people that wish to meditate can come and enjoy on this beach. Catch up on your reading or simply enjoying the sun. It is comparatively less crowded than the other beaches of Goa. So you have a lot of opportunity to enjoy solitude and if you just want to do some activity go and jump for a country boat and you could also just go for dolphin spotting. It is also known for its beach parties and the perfect atmosphere that it creates for these parties and the nightlife. The seafood which is served here is amazing and finger licking.

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The beach is very beautiful and ecstatic and as it is secluded from various other areas it is said to be perfect for couples as they could enjoy the privacy here. Also the beach is very neat and peaceful not always full of so many people. The time one spent here is full of peace, soothing and calm. You could have a variety of experience by sitting on this beach and exploring the scenic beauty of nature. There is a long and isolated stretch of this beach and one could easily absorb and connect with the atmosphere which is a combination of some lively activities plus the calmness and silence. Just go there and enjoy the stillness of nature and figure out the beauty of life in different form previously unknown to you because of the rat race going around in the city life that we live into. It is also home for lot of hippies and is easily discoverable.


It is full of long term travellers and is occupied with foreigners hanging around and resting on the endless rows of side by side sun lounges. One could easily enjoy a wide variety of water sports so if you are really interesting in some fun coupled with adventure it’s the right place for you. So, go and pull up your socks and enjoy the highest level of these sporty activities. There are many upmarket, restaurants and cafe also in this area and you could also have a taste of one of the finest variety of wine. Dolphin sightseeing is also an offer that one couldn’t easily deny, it usually becomes crowded in December but move a little further down the south and the quietness will be restored. It is crowded with the palm and coconut trees and the scenic beauty is very pleasing plus picturesque.


Just wash away your city blues through swimming and is cautious of the sudden drop and rise in the waves and you will eventually figure out why these beaches of Goa are famous world over. Years of heavy tourism has also improved and developed these beaches and you could easily figure out endless number of guesthouse and resorts for resting. There are huge showrooms situated near the beaches which are full of handicrafts from Kashmir and various other parts of India, these have also become an eyepiece for the tourists. It is also known for its soft sand and breeze catching palms. There is also a good connectivity of roadways buses so reaching the place is not a hectic task. It is like a gateway of paradise because of its beauty and eye capturing waves. It is a very cosy beach with sand spreading across and shifting huts that adds to its beauty and it’s just like a new innovation for the tourists. One could easily take the advantage of its calmness and go for meditation in this peaceful place. Go for the late night beach parties in this place and dance to the tune of peppy songs. You would seriously enjoy the lively and jubilant atmosphere surrounded by a pool of tourists here. So, just pack up your bag now and go on a trip with your family and friends to enjoy Goa and its beaches.

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