Maggie Valley – A Blessing

Maggie Valley – A Blessing


Maggie Valley is a cottage for wealth of Southern hospitality, wonderful mountains and hills around, and pleasurable climate throughout the year. It is situated in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina; the place has an unrivaled, friendly and small town location. The future of the Southern Appalachian is built in such a way to preserve the past and the dynamic natural resources. A range of modern hotels, authenticate log cabins and quaint motels are being maintained and restored with all the hottest comforts.

Maggie Valley is so named on the memory of a little and pretty famous mountain girl, Maggie Mae Setzer Pylant with deep blue eyes and silky and blond hairs. A nice story of her father Jack Setzer, settling a post office with her name is associated with the name of the valley.

Most of the extensive area of the Maggie Valley is occupied with lands of Wildlife Refuge, Harmon Den, Pisgah National Forest and Great Smoky Hills. There is also a scenic place in Haywood country called Blue Ridge Parkway which has four entrances one in the Maggie Valley, and another one in Cherokee Indian Reservation and onto the Waynesville. If once we go there; we want to relocate in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. The plethora of the country covers many superb mountain peaks, around 6000 feet elevation, a variety of outdoor activities to participate and a place to relax your body and soul. Haywood Country is in reach from the areas of major population of south-eastern U.S and from the east. This portion of the Maggie Valley makes the National Park of Great Smoky Mountains the most frequently visited place by people of U.S. This is place for nature enthusiasts to visit a place where there is combination of forests, wildlife and plant habitats. The place also serves as an inspiration for many artists in the sketches and drawings. Appalachian craft guilds of Western North Carolina are quite famous. Local crafters and artists offer quilts, carvings, pottery, handcrafted baskets, paintings and many more things for shopping or window shopping. If you are hungry then also you will find a beautiful traditional way of dinning, best local southern cooking and many other traditional cuisines.

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Maggie Valley is the home of a series of events: first come the rallies, concerts, shows, festivals which go throughout the year. Every year athletes, automobile lovers and motorcyclists from all over the world come to Maggie Valley in thousand of numbers to practice the thrill of the snakes and the scenery of the rallies and to get in touch with a different culture. The combination of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Blue Ridge Parkway make them stay in the Maggie Valley for longer number of days. Various musical concerts and festivals along with the rich instrumental and vocal tradition are lined up in the mainstay in the events of the Maggie Valley. The valley is covered with the blue grass and musical environment serves as the oregano of the delicious pizza, which have a drifting melodies of the music and one can also get attracted by the rock and roll show. If one goes for eating in Maggie Valley, he will love to have barbecue and chili as his favorite.

Some of the beautiful events of Maggie Valley are Smoky Mountain Oyster & Seafood Festival take place on weekends of the third week of April. The festival offers food and music for all the people of all ages. The place is also famous for featured Beer & Wine, Hotdogs, Grit Bar, Silent auction and lot more to explore. Another one called Southeastern Mini Truckin’Nationals happened on the 25th and 26th of April. This is meant for the car lovers and people who love to watch the open car shows accomplished with hundred of mini trucks and cars. A festival called Smokies Spring Motorcycle Rally on 2nd and 4th May for all ages of people consisting of bike builders, bike games, music concerts, bike shows, etc.


Maggie Valley also has an awesome accommodation facility of hotels, motels and guest houses which give the feel of perfectly suited home away from home. You can choose your accommodations from hotel to motel, or to a cabin with front porch views of the Great Smoky Mountains. Maggie Valley is a place which you can explore in a minimum budget down from the hospitality to the satisfaction of your appetite. Maggie Valley is also famous for the Mountain Golf, with a perfect situation of golf in a unique style. Here, the surroundings are so chill and fresh like no other game we had ever played. For these elements of the mountains, it is also called as the Great Smoky Mountain Golf.

The weather of Maggie Valley is alive around throughout the year. In winters, snow and skiing are on the top. Winters are assured with the sophisticated Cataloochee’s famed snow making. Local weather of the valley get affected by the changing height of the Mountains of North Carolina from 900 feet to 6,600 feet. The temperature is expected to 10 to 20 degrees cooler on the highest mountain peaks. There is no time constraint for spring season especially in higher elevations it is unpredictable, whereas snow fall generally occur in March. But there is humidity and warmth in May, but at the time higher elevation become moderate and become the tourist’s hub. There can also be thunderstorms or afternoon showers on some days in the summertime. During winters, it is not uncommon to have snow in the higher area of mountains and hotness in the valleys. In a whole, Maggie Valley serves as a complete package with respect to seasons consisting of lowlands, snow, green valleys, snowfall, etc.

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