Limestone Stacks: Twelve Apostles, Australia

Limestone Stacks: Twelve Apostles, Australia

A place formed due to natural factors and not due to any human intervention has always been a place of more interest to everyone rather than artificially built (only in comparison, there are much human made architecture to leave you spell bound).Whenever looking for a relaxing while travelling, away from hustle bustle of daily lives,we look for places comprising natural beauty to have a soothing effect on our mind, eyes and soul, twelve apostles is one such place.


Twelve Apostles, situated on Great Ocean Road, Australia is one of the most famous sites to visit while you are in Australia. Situated in Port Campbell National Park in Victoria Australia, it consists of limestone stacks as if coming out of water.Twelve Apostles became famous due to these stacks being arranged naturally in such a manner as they lie closer and provide a spectacular view.

Formation and History of the place:

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Twelve apostles are said to be formed by erosion in the southern ocean. Erosion is the main reason for the formation of this beautiful and grandeur scenic beauty. The process of formation of these stacks is dated years back, when harsh and extreme weather conditions prevailing in Southern Ocean lead to erosion from caves to cliffs to these stacks as high as 45 m.

The place getting the name as Twelve Apostles  has many stories as a matter of fact there were only 9 stacks at the time of naming this place as Twelve Apostles. The place was earlier called as The Sow and Piglets. These stacks keep on changing continually due to prevailing conditions and are still in danger of being eroded.

To do things – Twelve Apostles

Apart from watching the mesmerizing scenic beauty of this place, the place has lot to offer to all. It can be enjoyed as a full day picnic spot with various activities to indulge in as water sports.

Water Sports

Sea Kayaking, Scuba diving, snorkeling are one of the most famous sports here. The southern ocean has got a lot variety of flora and fauna making it a famous place among enthusiasts.


Stargazing is also possible here by buying the equipments on rent and enjoying the beautiful star night of Southern Ocean.

Fishing, visiting streetscapes and historical buildings that is heritage touring is also one of the options.

Golf clubs- Peterborough and Codben is a place for Golf lovers. Skate parks have been built. A visit to local markets and its culture is a must do to know of the local artists and history and culture of the place.

Other Attractions:

Bicycle ride, Crater Quest, Port Campbell Boat Charter, Gum Valley, Cape Oatway Lightstation, Pombo Mart- a famous gift centre, Codben Miniature Railway, Shipwreck Display, Wild Hunter, Great Ocean Road Wildlife Parks are few of the more attractions to be visited here.

Dusk and Dawn

twelve_apostles_australia-normal 12apostles

Twelve apostles look most beautiful during sunrise and sunset. As many tourists would say it is a quiet place during this time and one can enjoy the sea and its beauty at its best. The sound of sea waves made afer striking these stacks, their rising above all, the view is amazing to eyes, leaving the viewer spellbound.

Nearby Places to visit

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Along with a visit to Twelve Apostles, one can even visit nearby places such as Gibson Steps, Loch Ard Gorge, Bay Of Islands and London Bridge.

Gibson Steps

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Gibson Steps is a famous sightseeing spot, a few km away from Twelve Apostles. It has its name for the steps that is staircase leading down to the beach. It is believed that these were carved in cliff and taken care of by a man named Gibson.

Loch Ard Gorge

images (10) loch-ard-gorge-victoria-australia--14126

It is another very famous site and favourite among tourists. A narrow opening to the sea makes it more beautiful. After standing on top, one can actually see the waves crashing against these giant rocks. It is also a part of Port Campbell National Park Area.

Bay Of Islands, Bay Of Martyrs, The arch, The grotto are interesting places to visit and enjoy the adventures of sea waves.

These all factors enlisted above make it an interesting place to visit.

The famous Twelve Apostles is one of the famous wonders of nature. Visitors love to flock this place for its beauty. The sound of sea waves, the mesmerizing beauty surrounding limestone stacks, the nature at its best unperturbed by human interference makes it a must visit place once in lifetime.

Moreover, by visiting nearby areas one can get a taste of Australia’s local culture, history and beauty. The southern ocean is famous since ancient times for shipwreck history, and one can feel to be its part. Many stories float around for it. A visit to heritage sites makes it more appealing.

Sports enthusiasts and environmental enthusiasts love to flock this place for its unique significance in this aspect. Environmentalists love to study the nature’s pattern and sports enthusiasts to give themselves the feeling of accomplishments. Diving and snorkeling being most famous for its diverse variety of sub marine making it a favourite destination. The stacks stand a tall as if coming out of water in prestige and glory as a witness of years of evolution.

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