Land of Magic And Nature: Norway

Land of Magic And Nature: Norway

The best things in life are evasive, transient, fleeting moments that can’t be captured by words, pictures or action; the only thing that aids you recalling those glorious moments is your fragile and gullible memory.  These are some of the greatest returns of travelling- moments that will leave you weak, spellbound, enthralled, mesmerised, motivated and a thousand other emotions you never knew you had before. The sheer thrill of discovering a new place is an adrenaline pump in itself. It constantly eggs you on to reach that edge of the cliff from where you can actually feel yourself alive. The realization that you had the fortune of seeing the world like this, and the goose-bumps that this thought entails, is what sets a traveller’s heart longs for. If there was something that you wanted to do if money was no obligation, I am sure travel would have been the majority’s course of life.

Such deep thoughts passed through my mind while I was going through the google pictures of Norway and related tourism. Prior to this, the only knowledge I had about Norway was that it’s the famous “Land of Midnight Sun”. The next encounter I had with the country was in the Electromagnetism chapter of my physics book which described the phenomenon of “Northern Lights” or Aurora Borealis- the colorful neon light display in the night sky like a magician’s wand at work.

Norway is one of the major Scandinavian countries found in the lap of the northern hemisphere as a part of the Europe continent. It is richly blessed in scenic beauty and landscapes, and the people have done well to preserve it in its purest form. You won’t find much of the usual bedlam associated with such major tourist sites which allows you to capture the essence of the scene perfectly. Most of the places in Norway find their way to travel enthusiasts’ lists of “Places to visit before you die”. Just travelling around Norway and not going anywhere in particular is enough to give you the thrills you came looking for. And the best part- according to a 2013 UN report on World Happiness, Norway took the 2nd spot.

Norway is not a part of the schenzen visa which allows you to travel around Europe, so you’d have to get a visa for Norway. It has well over 50 airports, and even the northernmost part of Lofoten is connected through a port. The capital is Oslo, where you are most likely to land. From there, there are numerous options to roam around the city. Personally, I think renting a car is the best because it allows you the freedom of time and choice. But it requires a valid driving license and issued a year before. The minimum age for renting a car is 19 years, and if you are younger than 25, most companies will require you to pay a young driver’s fee of approx. NOK 100 a day. It might be tad expensive but then, it’s a vacation and you have been saving up for this one for so long. Other options include bus, cabs, organised tour packages, trains and ferries. It’s going to be heavier on your wallet than the other European countries, so plan ahead.

The most awesome sights to see in Norway are plentiful with no particular sequence. You can set up campsites wherever you want (on uncultivated lands), thanks to a unique law called “Allemannsrett” and soak in the resplendent magical sun.

The best places to visit are:

Trolltunga and Kjeragbolten: The rocks, the cliffs! Scream your lungs out. And change your facebook dp!


Next up in line is the Fjords. The magnificent mountains surrounding the sea in Bergen just take your breath away. There are regular cruises plying around these beauties. Also, the Seven Sisters waterfall is am amazing attraction in these hills and is a heavenly experience in itself.



The Lofoten Islands in Norway are an incredible place to enjoy the pristine beauty of the nature. You can rent small and really cosy fishermen houses (called Rorbu) on the fjords and enjoy the amazing view.


As I was saying, the roads to drive through are amazing. Like this one called the Atlantic Ocean road.


The Troll wall in one of the Romsdalen valley is known for base jumping. Looks thrilling, doesn’t it?

troll wall andalsnes


Hiking and trekking are some of the most popular activities enjoyed by the locals as well as tourists, as it allows optimum exposure to the beauties of the nature around, and there are a lot of places to facilitate that, like these mountains called Besseggen. Also, Norway is known to be the birthplace of skiing and you can go skiing almost anytime of the year.


Of course, as we all know, due to the geographic position of Norway, you can see the Sun 24 hours throughout the place. It generally occurs in late May- late July. Apart from helping the locals to enrich their livelihood, it also serves as one of the most amazing wonder in the world.



And this list is incomplete without the mention of the most attractive feature of this magical land- the Northern Lights. The colorful display in the night sky is facilitated by special glass-igloos through which you can sleep under the celestial magic. It seems sweeter than dreams.


The list of places to visit in Norway is simply unending. It might take you a lifetime to explore this beautiful country.

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