Lake Majesty : The Crater Lake

Lake Majesty : The Crater Lake

The Crater Lake is situated in Crater Lake National park and is deepest lake in United Nations and seventh largest in the world. Besides this, its introduction includes the most important part of being most clear and deep blue color water. It is situated in western United States in south-central Oregon. It was formed by the eruption of a volcano about 7700 years ago named Mount Mazama and is given the title of most clearest lake of the world since the lake is away from human interaction but is filled by the rain and snowfall and this is compensated by evaporation. Beneath this fascinating beauty, it has CRATER LAKE NATIONAL PARK which has an architectural building and landscaping to make anyone fall in love with this place.

Defining Name







Crater Lake is having a old full grown tree in the middle of the lake which has been there from centuries. The highly warm and comfortable water of the lake help this tree to grow and live highly uncountable years. Due to this old tree which is known as the “Old man of the Lake” and the lake is famous with this name too.  Besides the Crater Lake comprises of various mountain peaks, forests and parks which give habitat to various diverse birds and animals and secures the wildlife of the world.

The very first time when the non- Native American explored this beautiful lake of clear, deep water was in June 1853, and he immediately named the place Blue Lake. But this was not the final name and the name was changed to Lake Majesty and then finally to Crater Lake.









The climate there is different for summers and winters as for all regions. The summers there are placid and dry making the region drought but the winters are cold and snowy with the average snowfall of almost 488 inches. This snowy season continues till mid-July and this is the sole reason for heavy glaciers there. The heavy snowfall and frost are common even in summers and in fact the most probable months for freezing temperatures in this area is July to August. This type of climate that is usually encountered in Crater Lake is termed as sub-alpine climate.

Scenic Beauty

The beauty that personifies itself is the beauty of all times and this forever beauty is encountered in Crater Lake. This place is full of natural beauty and heritage that it has lured its audiences from ages. It almost attracts half million visitors from all over the world and praises its uniqueness of clearance in water, its geology and its wildlife.

The Crater Lake in turn consist of two islands Wizard Island and another Phantom ship which contributes to great variety of flowers, shrubs and lichens of seven different types of violet green swallows. But the beauty of the Lake is not restricted to these Islands but the other nature’s mesmerizing work such as the Pumice Desert, Rogue and Umpqua rivers or the rocky and feral forests of Mount Theilsen.

 Visit to Crater Lake







This is advised from the experienced one that if you want to enjoy the Lake at its fullest, try to go in summers. This is because the trip to Crater Lake includes going through the beautiful neighborhood of road-less trail which led to Rim Village. This Rim drive includes many hiking trails and natural beauty which is stretched till 33- miles of area. The drive to Crater Lake includes going around it and enjoying skiing which is another way of attracting visitors to this place. The place is preferred in summers because this blissful drive is sometimes closed in winter due to heavy snow. But if you are highly nature and wildlife loving person, then all the related stuff like the wildflowers and lichens are found in July or in the first week of August.  The whole drive covers almost 1 day of your tour but try to keep one complete day for the main site seeing. Take a narrated boat which will take almost two hours to complete the full visit of the lake. Spend some time on the Wizard Island which is again a blissful place and taking time and climate into consideration choose your return trip.

Sacred Crater







The place has sacred significance too. A local tribe of the place i.e. Klamath of Native America says that the place have some sacred power. They believe that the battle between the god Skell (positive sky God) and the evil one Llao smashed the volcano Mount Mazama which led to the formation of the place Crater Lake. The Lake now includes a scary quest wall which is used for doing some dangerous tasks. If a person climbs those caldera walls with success they are believed to have spiritual powers. No one knows that this is a myth or not but the place, in this way holds spiritual value in its own terms.

In all, the place has not only earned its name in the field of scenic beauty or natural wildlife but also the place has wildflowers and a sacred story attached to it. Furthermore, the title of seventh deepest in the world and the renowned lake known for its clear water and freshness is well known in this world of beauty.

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