Krabi Island: Thailand’s Steamiest Destination

Krabi Island: Thailand’s Steamiest Destination

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Krabi island or you can say krabi town is a coastal province and is located on the west coast of southern Thailand. Due to the infinite natural attractions like huge limestone cliffs, mangroves, untouched jungle, pristine water of the beaches, white snowy sand, colorful riots of coral reefs which fascinates people and thus never fails to attract and impress tourists. With great nature attraction comes the great activities for tourists to indulge one’s soul in nature.

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Krabi town being famous more for tourism, concentrates on fascinating activities to keep the joy of tourists on high with the place. Although krabi province is famous for its laid-back lifestyle, beach part and beach lounging, yoga, massages and beauty treatments, it also features beach-side activities. Adventure activity   like snorkeling, scuba diving, rock climbing, boat rides etc. are very popular. Coast of Ao nang, phi phi islands, raily beach, princess lagoon, hong island, etc. are the most popular places for such activities. Phi phi island of krabi town is one of the beautiful island with the beautiful picturesque and the beaches. Phi phi island has something to offer for everyone. The entire region falls under the marine national park and has variety of marine life, which can be easily seen in the clear water. The beautiful island has everything around, from the adventure to the activities to rejuvenate yourself. It has good restaurants, coffee shops, tattoo parlors, spa and massage parlors, and even atm all on the shores. Activities like sunbath, diving, snorkeling, rock climbing, cliff jumping, bird watching, sailing and cruising along the Andaman sea with thee beautiful sunsets, fishing and camping all are very popular activities on phi phi islands. The activities along the coast are perfect to enjoy the beautiful serenity of the place and to rejuvenate one’s mind, body and soul. There are many lounges and bar along the coast to enjoy the nightlife and good hotels to stay.


There are many other attractions in the province of krabi. Krabi four island is another excellent place to discover in krabi town on speed boat. Boat trips by speed boat or longtails, no one can ever get bored with this island. There are elephants camp as elephants are a part of krabi’s history, travelling on elephants is the one of the activity to get close with these giant animal. Trekking through the coconut, rubber and palms of untouched jungle of krabi island is one of the magical experience to have. The other attraction on the krabi town is the james bond island, it’s one of the spectacular sight for its marvelous beauty and variety of dramatic lime stones. Its not famous for the popularity of the james bond films but for the unusual beauty of the formation of the rocks. Kayaking and canoeing in the sea and in the mangroves at krabi island is the best and must try way to explore the beauty of the krabi province. Other activity to for adventure lovers is rock climbing. Railay’s limestone cliff are famous for this activity, it’s also known as the rock climbing capital of the province. Cliff jumping is the other adventurous activity which lets you jump from the certain height of 60ft. into the clear blue water.

Night life of krabi island is another thing to attract the tourists. After spending the day in indulging self in the adventures and other rejoicing things, good drinks, music, food is the best thing to call for in the coast of krabi islands. There are infinite hotels and lounges and many good restaurants offering a great night life for party lovers, attracting the youth and tourists.krabi hotels

The experiences of all these activities are beyond describing with words, it’s better to experience it personally. With the adventures and the rejoicing things in the province of krabi, it becomes a must place to visit for holidays when in Thailand. The best time to visit krabi islands are between the months of November to april. Between these time, krabi island is more flourished with the tropical flora and fauna and more appealing to the tourists. To experience the cool sea breeze and the tropical view at its best, it’s better to visit in these months The overall sea temperature of the place is 29 degree and between the months of june to November is the rainy season. It’s better to avoid the beaches in the rains because krabi island experiences heavy rainfalls between these months. The overall climate of krabi island is like a tropical climate.

There are plenty of good hotels providing the best of krabi culture and beautiful view of krabi island, though the top amongst them are hotels like Sheraton krabi, raily bay resort, centara grand beach, anata burin resort, Sofitel krabi resort, lanta cha da resort, cantara anda dha, raily great view , pimalal resort and spa, and many other more. There are many luxurious resorts and hotels highlighting the beauty of krabi islands. The lush green island is beyond imagination for its beauty, but is easily within one’s reach. Krabi town and province has an easy access through all means of transport, specially from Thailand. Since Phuket is neighboring to the krabi island, it has an access from there also. One can easily plan Phuket and krabi island as a destination for holidaying as its matter of few hours to reach.

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It’s also one of the best place for honeymoon destination. Krabi island attracts more tourists for its adventures, beauty and other advantages altogether from one place, which is even easy for the pocket, hence one should not miss on the beauty when in Thailand.

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