Koh Kood – An Island of Thailand

Koh Kood – An Island of Thailand

Ko Kut, also commonly known as Koh Kood, is a small group of islands and district located in the Trat Province in eastern Gulf of Thailand. This district houses about two thousand people. This is the lowest population for any city in Thailand. The island of Ko Kut has always been the popular destination for family holidays. The tourists also love going to this place in teams for fun and adventure. But some of you who might want to enjoy the nights on this island will be highly disappointed as there are no night parties on this island.

How to reach here?


There are two ways to reach Ko Kut. One is from Trat and other is from Koh Chang. You can take a ferry from Trat like Boonsiri High Speed Ferry or Koh Kood FantaseaCatamaran. You can also jump on Ko Kut Express that is also a boat which travels from Trat to Ko Kut. Other such services are provided by Koh Kood Princess, Siriwhite Speedboat, Ao Thai Marine Express, and many more. From Koh Chang, there are just two such service providers. One is Kai Bae Hut Express and other is Bang Bao Boat. It takes one or two hours to reach Ko Kut from Koh Chang depending upon the conditions and stops at various islands located between this journey. Once you reach Ko Kut, there is a Taxi service which can help you travel from one destination to other. Also, you can rent a motorbike for your stay and travel by taking guidance from maps. Other way is to hire a bicycle for yourself and the group but bicycles are not a very good idea for everyone as the roads are hilly.



The West Coast of the island of Ko Kut has some of the best beaches in the world. The beaches are breathtakingly beautiful and are very clean. Most of these beaches are bordered by plots of land which are undeveloped. But you will many resorts near the beaches. The western coast has the maximum resorts on this island as the beaches here are very beautiful and adventurous. One of the most famous beaches is the Bang Bao Bay which is famous all around the world for its calm water. Most of the beaches have warm water and most of the portion of year, they are empty and you can have complete privacy.



The two very famous waterfall of Ko Kut are Klong Chao Waterfall and Klong Yai Ki Waterfall. The largest of these is the Klong Chao Waterfall and has a huge pool where tourists swim and enjoy the day. The other fall is in the North western region of Ko Kut. This waterfall is comparatively smaller than the Klong Chao Waterfall. But these are not much different. Klong Yai Ki Waterfall also has a pool where you can enjoy to the fullest. Both these waterfalls are like the must-see attractions of Ko Kut and you may be tired after covering a distance for 20 to 30 minutes but still you should go there once.

River Estuary:


River estuary is a mangrove-lined estuary near the turn-off that leads to Klong Chao Waterfall. From here, you can easily rent kayaks (portable boats) which can be used in the pool at this place. The top of this estuary is a very rocky area which leads to the pool. The kayaks can be easily carried over this area. The pool is a very beautiful natural pool amidst the forests where you can swim and spend the day with nature. The place is very clean as only a few people prefer going up there. The tributary of the river flows through the mangrove forest on the western area. The natural environment here is very spectacular at some points and you may get a chance to see some of the rare bird’s species. The kayak can also be taken to the ocean as the ocean is very still and there are no much waves.

Adventure Sports:


Ko Kut offers a lot for the adventurous people. The crystal clear waters near the island make it very suitable for all sorts of water sports and activities. Scuba Diving is one of the most celebrated activities of the island. The underwater world of Ko Kut can be discovered with complete training and guidance. The diving off task at Ko Kut is very easy and a lot of fun. You get to see turtles, stingray fishes, sea horses, barracudas and many small fishes. You can combine swim and dive which is a great experience in itself. Various locations for diving at Ko Kut are Ao Tum, Clong Hin, Bang Bao, Hin Jedi, Ko Reat, etc. There are diver services available at the island where you can learn to dive and experience an unexpectedly lovely trip under the clear waters. Apart from scuba diving, many other water activities can be experienced at Ko Kut. You can do kayaking, trekking in the jungle, trekking till you reach a waterfall, snorkeling, take sunbath and swimming. Fishing is also very popular at the island.

The Thailand entertains around 14 million people each year. Most of these tourists make sure to visit the beautiful island of Koh Kood.

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