Kawachi Fuji Garden – Japan

Kawachi Fuji Garden – Japan

Wisteria Tunnel

Surrounded by flowers and the elegance of the colorful delicateness, one can lose the touch with the entire world outside by visiting this place. Truly magnificent from all aspects, the Kawachi Fuji Garden is located in Kitakyushu, Japan. The city located on the northern part of Fukuoka Prefecture. The garden is located besides the Kawachi reservoir. A train journey to JR Yahata followed by a small bus ride and then a few minutes’ walk will take you to the garden. The enchanted gardens are not easy to reach but not that far away from the capital. Although sounds a bit tedious and crooked without your own vehicle, the place is worth all of this trouble.  A paid entrance allows you inside the park, which delivers you an experience that repays each of your pennies with interest. With 20 different species and varieties of flowers on exhibit, the garden pulls huge crowds of nature lovers towards it. The gardens have been maintained in its superlative form and provide for the care of the flowers in all possible ways. With the blooming period of most of the species being the months of April and May, a visit to this garden should be done in the last two weeks of April and the beginning of May. The place is known for the calm and surreal views of flowers that sooth your eyes gently.  The other flowers being a treat to your eyes as well, the majority of the crowd is allured to experience the mesmerizing Wisteria tunnel that has built an amazing craze in the minds of all the people just by the snaps posted online.


The jewel of the park, obviously, is the Wisteria flower tunnel.  The exquisite tunnel greets you at the entrance and leads you to the interiors of the park. Covered up in a mind blowing colorful array of wisteria, hanging from the top, the serenity of this tunnel cannot be described in words. With colors ranging from blue, pink, violet, purple and white, the clusters of these spiral flowers gives the entire tunnel a rich and royal look. Being an important symbol of the Buddhist, the flower of wisteria denotes peace. The spirally running flower is a marvel in itself to observe from a close distance.  The woody vine is a native of the eastern parts of the US and western parts of Asia which includes China, Japan and Korea. Acquiring support from a neighborhood tree or any sturdy pole, these climbers entwine the support in an ostentatious manner and leave its spectator captivated. With millions of them hanging on top of your head, it is an overwhelming feeling to walk under these beauties. The ornately dressed tunnel is the perfect place where the atmosphere is full of romance throughout the blooming period. With benches to sit and soak in the delightful picture in front of you, the evenings see a lot of people flocking into this tunnel to experience the magic. The entire tunnel ceiling has been covered up with the wisteria bloom and is well maintained during the blooming period of late springs and early summers. A quiet stroll amidst the blast of the colors around you is an amusing experience of life. The grace of the tunnel is astounding and is unbelievable until you personally visit the place and see it for yourself.


The garden also has an area reserved especially for the Japanese maple. The area stays closed during the Golden week and cannot be visited during the festival. Of course, where there are flowers there ought to be the buzz of bees. The bees here seem to be of a bigger size than the normal and at quite a low height as well. The calm and spectacular gardens are busy with bees, literally! So the people with a phobia of bees need to be aware of this fact.

Wisteria tunnel 1

There is a festival for the hosted during the last week of April every year, when the bloom reaches its peak period. The festival famous as Fuji Matsuri or Wisteria Festival celebrates the maturity of these fragile but explicit flowers. The entire week is addressed as the Golden Week and celebrated with glee. The mildly sweet and fragrant flowers cannot go unnoticed during this period and the mere site of these dainty blossoms can make you smile. People even indulge in the wine made from these sweet nectar flowers as a symbol of celebration.

Wisteria Tunnel

The sublime surroundings are worth a visit, especially with your family. The garden provides you with a wide spread lawn covered in flowers. A nice place for a one day outing to spend some quality time, this place helps you relax. Mostly full with locals and oldies, the place is made for all occasions and moods. Be it the romantic, love is in the air mood or the desire of solitude, the place makes space for every type of emotional wants a human has from the happy extreme to the sad extremes.  Although the place seems to be too good to exist, do not forget that the nature has its own polite ways of flaunting its grandeur.  To believe what the photos say, all you need to do is hop onto a plane and be right there to explore the epitome of this serene reality.

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