Kasauli is a beautiful cantonment and town located in the district of Solan, in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. The beautiful town of Kasauli is 77 kms away from the very famous hill station of India, Shimla and 70 kms from Chandigarh.

With the cool temperature of 15 degrees and the touch of colonial era during the British times, it’s easy to line any tourists with the early morning mist clogged in the beautiful hills of Shivalik. The combination of pine and oak trees all over makes the hill station and the surrounding gardens and orchards more scenic with the pleasing cool climate in the mountain ranges. The splendor of the nature cherishes the charm of the colonial era. Only rare knows about the scenic beauty of the place and according to the epic some says that only after the Lord Hanuman’s feet touched the place in the reach of Sanjeevani hill, the place is said to come into existence. Kasauli is located at 1972metres above the sea level. Kasauli is a good place for all those who wish to spend some time off work and the stress of city life or for those who want to spend long quality times with their family and loved ones. With the picturesque beauty of the place, this hill station is perfect for honeymooners and for camping. Many to them don’t mind spending their life in Kasauli after retirement in the fresh air and lively atmosphere of Kasauli.kasauli1

There are many good places in Kasauli to explore the beauty of the place and many activities to indulge oneself with the beauty. With the small town are few of the small attractions. Manki point in Kasauli is most popular spot of the hill station. It’s one of the highest peak in Kasauli. The place has the temple of the great Lord Hanuman as it is said that he touched this place with his feet while in the search of the sanjeevani hill, which is a magical herb which was used to cure Laxman, young brother of Lord Ram, as written in the Ramayana. Thus the place famous is famous for its Hindu religious values. In today’s time the place falls under the air-force boundaries, so if lucky one can get chance to interact with the army man. Apart from these facts, the place has a splendid beauty to watch out for. The place offers the panaromic beauty of Kasauli.

manki point

Christ church is a magnificent structure in Kasauli built in ancient days by the Britishers. The shape of the church is that of a cross, and the architecture of the church makes it a tourist spot.

kasauli upper mall housings

The upper mall is another hotspot tourist attraction. One of the happening area in Kasauli, or offers the travellers and tourists beautiful picturesque of valleys, flower gardens, hills, and beautiful bungalows and few of the heritage buildings.  Lower mall is also one of the popular place of Kasauli. Though upper mall is of the royal people, lower mall gives you a feel like walking in the British colonies. The mall, compromising of upper mall and lower mall, reflects the life of the colonial era. Lower mall is famous for its delicacies and popular food available in kasauli. It’s the best place for all the food lovers and they will definitely treat their taste buds with mouth-watering dishes. One can have yummy bunsams which are easily available at chai stalls all over kasauli. There are lots of restaurants and eateries one can find in the lanes of the lower mall. Lower mall also offers one with the option of good shopping options, there are many shops selling handicraft items all around.

lower mall kasauli

Gilbert and the sunset point is another beautiful destination in the town of Kasauli. Gilbert trail is one of the best place for trekkers offering breathtaking beauty of the hill station which is beyond comparison.

gilbert trAIL

Sunset from this point is much better than the sunset point, the view of the sun settling in and the foggy clouds in the sky with chilling cold and breeze can just indulge anyone in the world of beautiful nature. The splendid beauty of the place can win anyone’s heart and will make them visit the place more often.

sunset point

Kasauli brewery is the old brewery of the 19th century, which in today’s date is still famous for its drinks like Old Monk rum, Summer hall, diplomat deluxe whiskey and Black Knight. The brewery is open for visitors from 7am to 7pm, one can have a full filled experience while visiting the brewery. Thus Kasauli brewery is one of the tourist place in Kasauli.OLD MONK. KASAULI

There are many more tourist attractions like monkey point, Shri Baba Balak nath temple, Kasauli Bapist Church, Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir, Central Research institute, Gurka fort etc. One can indulge in activities like camping in the valleys of Kasauli, hiking etc. Kasauli club offers amazing nightlife for all party lovers and is famous amongst the youngsters of the place and the visitors. There are many good hotels and restaurants serving amazing food all over Kasauli. Residential option is also the best in Kasauli.COLONIAL CHARM OF KASAULI

Kasauli is accessed easily by roadways through private vehicles, buses etc. nearest airport to Kasauli is Shimla an nearest railway station is Kalka. Through these stations Kasauli is easily accessed by roadways. Accommodation option is the best in Kasauli as there are many good hotels all around kasauli. Lodges, guestrooms, cottages etc are also easily available in Kasauli.

Visiting Kasauli is thus a treat for self and is a true colonial charm in real sense with beautiful climate and picturesque views all over which pleases the heart and soul.

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