Kaas Plateau: The Flower-land of Maharashtra

Kaas Plateau: The Flower-land of Maharashtra

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Kaas plateau, known for it’s wild, but beautiful rare species of flowers, also known as flower paradise of Indian state of Maharashtra. The name of Kaas plateau is originated from the kaasa tree, in which leafs of kaasa tree turns red from green as matures. Kaas plateau falls under the Sahayadri ranges of western ghats and is now a UNESCO worlds nature heritage site.

Kaas plateau is just like a flower carpet, consisting flowers of every hue from the color palette. It has a unique flaura and fauna and its unique ecological features making it an important spot for its biodiversity features. Spread over around 1000 hectare, Kaas plateau becomes a beautiful treat for the eyes as the plateau is covered with infinite flowers everywhere till the end of eyesight. View of infinite flowers at a single glance fascinates nature’s lovers. The place has a different beautiful picturesque altogether, for which words will have its limitations.

kaas plateau 1 Kaas plateau comes alive with a riot of colors and the varied species and the quantity of flowers in the month of August till October, when the blooms are flourished to please the sky after the rains. The having flowers of around more than 1000 species from which around 640 species have entered Red Data Book. Rare species like Dipcadi montanum, Ceropegia vincaefolia, Pleacaulus ritchei, Drasera burnamii etc. are found which attracts tourists all over the world.  Other specie  like Orchids, Karvy, Ceropegia Jainii, Drosera indica, Impatiens oppositifolia, Wild brinjal flower, Begonia crenata and many more. Thus it proves the richness of biodiversity of Kaas plateau. There is no other vegetation in the plateau, as this place is erupted by the volcanic activities and is covered by a thin soil cover.

With the feel of the subtle sun and aromatic cold breeze kaas plateau invites to explore the true beauty of the place, with the whites, yellows, oranges, pinks, violets and ample shades of flowers all around. The hub of scenic and floral beauty attracts lots of tourists, photographers and nature lovers. The place what one can expect to be, is more beautiful and beyond imagination. Due to the biodiversity of the place, lots of scientists and other such research persons are also attracted to the place. The place is like divine gift of nature to Maharashtra. The floral color shades, all over the plateau land, soothes eyesight and its beauty just lets one’s soul to feel the touch of heaven.

To explore the place more and to know more about such nature heritage site, there are lots of treks organized in the month of August till October. Trekkers, photographers and nature lovers all gets a chance to explore the place and its beauty through such organizations of treks from Mumbai, Pune and all across the nearby places. The picture of the first glance of the infinite flowers on the plateau sets in the mind and memory for the life time. The view and beauty of God’s  creation one can never forget. Around kaas plateau is a small lake known as Kaas talav, surrounded by dense forests. Sajjangad fort to the left and kanher dam to its right, makes the place more exciting and is thus a picnic spot for the locals and those visiting to explore the beauty of Kaas plateau.

Increasing numberof tourists all over the world in recent times have become a threat to rich place of biodiversity and its flora and fauna. Tourists coming from different places to explore the Kaas plateau, stamps on the flowers, pluck those beautiful flowers and litters around. Since the time span of the place is very limited in the year, the force of the tourists is heavy during those three months thus endangering the heritage site. To avoid such harms to the flora and fauna of the place, a documentary film was made highlighting the beauty of the natural serene and later showing hazards of activities such as stamping on flower and plucking them and littering around. Such films and warnings makes people and tourists aware of the extinction of the natural heritage and its beauty. Thus it’s one of the measure to safeguard the beauty of the place in an effective manner. Alerts and warnings are also given to the tourists before entering the places by the tour manager.

Kaas plateau is an amazing place to explore when going to Satara, Mahabaleshwar or Kolhapur. Since there are no particular hotels and accommodations in and around the Kaas plateau, the only option left is the hotels in Satara city or in Mahabaleshwar. There are many hotels and restaurants in Satara and mahabaleshwar. So staying is not an issue. Kaas plateau has access roadways and till trains from the Satara station. There aremany trains available from the satara station as it is well connected by Indian railways . Kaas plateau is almost around 30kms from satara station. By roadways it is 280 kms from Mumbai and around 107 kms from Pune.

kaas plateau 2

Land of flowers is thus a must to explore to know the beauty and art of Gods creation of nature. One should not miss a chance to explore the carpet of flowers, if travelling in those three months to the places Satara or Mahabaleswar.

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