Jamison Valley : Australia

Jamison Valley : Australia


Jamison valley is one of the most alluring , pleasing and visited site in Australia . It is impossible for the visitors to exclude this heavenly valley from their tour if they are in Australia. Being roughly situated at the distance of 100 km in the west of sydney , and from the distance of few kilometers of the main town in the Blue Mountains that is currently in the Katoomba . main it is an accepted fact that no other valley can take place of Jamison valley which forms part of Coxs river canyon which is currently situated in the Blue Mountains of Australia in the New South Wales.



The people who are gauged to live on this land for many thousand years are very popularly known  by the name of Aboriginal Gundungurra . Lalchan Macquarie , who was the governer of that area , has given the name of that valley as Jamison Valley .  This valley was initially built in the honour of Sir John Jamison , who was a very renowned landowner  and the name of the valley has been borrowed from the name of John Jamison .Charles Darwin  who was a British naturalist  was taken to the valley when he was staying at Wentworth falls in 1836 and he got really impressed by the splendid and dazzling views of the valley . He was so much impressed by the views of the valley that he even undertook a walk along the whole valley to get a clear sight of it. After , Darwin took the whole route of the valley , ever since , the name of the route has been honoured as the Darwin ‘s Walk .



Highlights of the valley

This valley is densely forested  and its very popular for its relatively tranquil , and for its alternative mode of life. This valley is definitely one of the most spectacular sights and has become favourite of the locals and tourists .  This valley is best explored on foot. Jamison valley is considered as the sandstone area , which is further characterized by the deep cliffs. Valley consists of Eucalypt forest over most of it expanse . The concentration of the water is done at the pockets of semi-forest in gullies.

At that time , there was a lake which was also constructed . The name of the lake was Burragorang . As it is a very well known fact that there is a 3 km disallowing distance around the river . And that prohibited area was specially built to protect the river so that it could automatically control the supply of Sydney’s water.


The construction of this service only has made it possible , for both the locals and the tourists to do a trek  taking i the entire valley. In the initial stages , there was a high tension power line that actually passes its way through the Jamison valley from East to West . And , now it is followed by a series of service roads . The construction of these service roads had managed to provide access to the powerline to the entire area and the valley itself.  So , the person who wants to get through that prohibited area , it becomes very necessary for him to take the permission of the authorities who handle the Sydney’s water.

The  very main highlight of the Jamison valley is Brushwalking and Camping .Darwin Walk which is considered as the main common route of the valley , through which himself Darwin had walked , is considered as the very popular route . Presently , there are many tracks who across the common route of the valley , that is , Darwin’s Walk.  These tracks are normally found near Leura an Katoomba. Federal Pass is one of the very famous tracks among all these tracks  Waters and old are the abandoned tracks whom the brushwalkers are trying to restore for many years. . Usually , all these tracks also go to the west around the devastated castle and they mount solitary. Mount solitary , which is a very famous track and the visitors love this track .Mount solitary is very famously used for climbing trips . These walks are suitable for one-day walks and this area is selectively used or this purpose.


There is even a giant staircase to walk through the valley . But it is said that Jamison Valley is best explored on the foot . Foots will give you the real pleasure of walking through the valley and will help you to see the heavenly sight . You will feel the nature walking with you while you are walking by foot. There is wheel chair that is also accessible with the capacity of carrying  the passengers above 80.  The journey to Jamison valley is exact 545 meters .

It is said that from Wentworth falls , the beauty of this scenic place is  clearly visible and one can easily get the heavenly view of this phenomenal valley. There is nothing like walking on the whole valley . It is truly and unforgettable one . Visitors cannot afford to exclude this valley from their tour.


Jamison Valley has certainly earned its reputation for all the activities it provides , be it adventurous , or be it for only enjoyment . Jamison valley is a complete package in one . Thus , Jamison valley is worth a visit .



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