Island of Serenity and Nature: Philip Island, Melbourne

Island of Serenity and Nature: Philip Island, Melbourne

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For those who love to explore the divine serenity of nature, and its calmness, Philip island is the best place for it. One of the world’s most beautiful island located in South-east of Melbourne, Victoria. It’s a glory of nature which soothes the eyes and soul with the beauty of its place. Away from all the city’s chaos and stress, Philip island brings you the perfect treat to cherish your soul with its beauty. Philip island is named after the first governor of new south wales, Arthur Philip. A less than 2hr drive from Melbourne, leads to the beautiful island of Philip.

To discover the divine serenity of the place, a one day trip to Philip island is enough. With the spectacular coastal serene and abundance of chance to explore the wildlife with other heritage structures, a trip to Philip island becomes more thrilling. With the breath-taking views, island is famous for its wildlife, koala conservation center, Churchill island  and the world’s famous penguin parade.

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Penguin parade is the most popular attraction of Philip island, with the electrifying moment of watching infinite number of penguins coming one by one from the sea and emerging on the beach of the island in the dusk time. Mind-blowing parade of little penguins attracts thousands of tourist around the world. The adorable little penguins never fail to charm the visitors. There are many different ways to explore the little penguin parade tour with the different packages available.  Penguin plus viewing platform is a type in a package which lets visitors with more personal viewing experience limited to around 200 people along with a ranger experienced for giving commentaries. VIP tour package, privileges with a spectacular view of penguins with a personal ranger, complimented with a cheese platter as a part of the VIP package. Ultimate adventure tour is a package limited to ten people which provides exclusive commentary on a private beach to view the penguins in the latest night vision technology. Guided ranger tour is a package providing reserved front row seats. Thus experiencing the amazing sunset along with the penguins makes the trip a memorable trip of lifetime.penguin parade

Koala conservation center is another attraction of the island. Strolling in the woodland and coming face to face with the koalas is one of the exciting moment. Centre provides tree top boardwalks and other such places to explore the amazing life of koalas in their own natural habitat. The place also features the beauty of natural wetland. One gets a chance to know all about the life of koala’s from coming out of the mother’s pouch till learning to find food and meeting other koala’s. Koala’s are known as the most laziest animal which spends maximum of its time in sleeping. To promote koala conservation has become very essential for saving the population of koala’s in the Philip island. Strolling through the bushes amongst many other different types of species, specially the wallabies, alligators, possums, echidnas, snakes etc. tourists and visitors can indulge with the wildlife and the thrill of finding the koalas by themselves. The koala conservation centre provides visitors with its interpretation centre which has gift shops with the collection of soft toys of koala’s and famous animals of Australia. It also provides educational displays which showcases the interesting information of the place.koala conservation centre

The nobbies centre is one of the finest tourist attraction of the Philip island. Located on the tip of western Philip island, the centre has breath-taking views of the strong water waves of the Bass Strait.  The place also features the view of world’s largest colony of Australian fur seal. One can spot the real beauty of the place from the outdoor observation desk specially created to explore the vastness of the nature with advanced telescopes all over the desk. A small walk on the boardwalk specially designed to experience the stroll over the cliffs and the cold strong breeze refreshing the souls with a musical note of the waves along with the air. The walk on the beautiful wooden boardwalks gives a chance to talk with the beauty of nature and a perfect space of soul and nature. One can get a chance to spot wild kangaroos and other animals wandering freely in their natural habitat. Running carelessly all over the place and keeping the visitors fascinated.

nobbies centre

Churchill island heritage farm is other fascinating attraction of the place. Off the coast of Philip island, the place holds the history of European settlement and a piece of victoria’s heritage. With the land of around 57 hectares, place offers beautiful cottages with gardens and lawns. It gives a glance of beautiful Philip island and the western port. The farming practice of ancient Australia is reflected from the Churchill heritage farm. The breeze itself of the place reflects its ancient culture and natural importance. You can found moonah trees, wetlands, heritage gardens and buildings etc in the Churchill farm. There are many gift shops, cafes and restaurants providing ultimate beverages and food with quality wine and the perfect pleasant views of western port.churchil heritage farm churchil heritage farm1

Philip island is accessed by roadways, a 90 minute drive from Melbourne. There are many tours services which provides buses and private cars daily for Philip island. There are no accommodation options available on the Philip island, thus Melbourne is the only option providing ample of options for accommodations as it has many world’s best hotels and restaurants.

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Thus the beauty of the place calls to explore them, once in Melbourne. The serenity of the place excites the soul with joy.


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