The Intrinsically Romantic: Algonquin Island, Ontario

The Intrinsically Romantic: Algonquin Island, Ontario

Located just about ten minutes ferry ride from main city are the Toronto Islands, which constitutes of some 15 small islands. Algonquin Island is also a part of this complex. An island far removed from the constant hustle and bustle of a rapidly moving city life, Algonquin is a charming and serene retreat which offers all travelers with some spectacular and scenic delights. The Island is located in Lake Ontario’s western parts, and provides clear and photogenic views of the modern skyline of Toronto.

View of Toronto Skyline

The overall look and aura of the Algonquin is enhanced by the pretty and slightly fairy tale like cottages of the Island’s residents. A stroll amidst the lanes of this island, and observing these quaint cottages paralleling the pathways and tucked in between overflowing gardens provides one with an old world charm. The brightly painted houses and the profusion of blossoms and colors in the surrounding grounds all make up for a perfectly romantic setting.

Cottages on the Island

The island is a perfectly suitable place for all those who are looking for a beautiful yet serene place. As this island is not run over by flocks of tourists, it provides for a wonderful and meditative experience in nature’s lap. Initially known as the Sunfish Island, it saw people’s settlement here since 1938 when the first of the cottages were built here. The carpets of greenery and vivid and varied flora of this place can be credited to the residents’ efforts over many decades as at first the island was mostly covered with strips of sands.

Beautiful Lawns

Algonquin Island with the others in the chain of Toronto Islands together comprises North America’s largest community which is car free. This lack does not hinder the lifestyle of the islanders nor does it prove a deterrent for those who are willing to visit Algonquin. In fact it adds to the peacefulness and the picture post card quality of the island.

There are many recreational activities that one can indulge in while on the Algonquin Island. The island boasts of several neat and stunning beaches. The relatively less crowded beaches provide for a perfect romantic backdrop, and are a popular destination for couples on a date. The beaches are perfect for swimming or sunbathing. They provide stunning vistas, with endlessly stretching skies and clear blues of the sea. It provides for a break away from the noise and hum of cities. The silence and the natural settings hardly minutes away from Toronto’s busy life make it truly exceptional.

Scenic Algonquin Island

The island also provides a charming and dreamy wedding photography destination. The panoramic vistas on the island, the natural abundance, the wilderness, and the serenity make it a special place for a special occasion. And not merely in its splendor, the island is also equipped to deal with wedding preparations. From church, to catering, dresses, and decorations you can avail all these facilities within the island and it is bound to make any wedding much more unique and memorable.

During the Winters

Visiting Algonquin Island in any season is bound to leave you with worthwhile experiences. The beaches are perfect for summer swims and to simple laze around and cool off. You can take long walks through the islands and the lakeside views are amazing. Winter has its own advantage. The snow covered plants, and the pathways that have turned ivory make for dazzling surroundings. Ice skating during the winters when the Lake Ontario turns into a natural rink is an activity that adventure enthusiasts look forward to. Autumn brings with it its own charm. The leaves turning colors, the mellow shades, oranges and yellow peeking between the lush greenery make the island even more attractive.

Lush Vegetation, Algonquin island

It is very easy to reach the Algonquin Island through the ferry rides available from Toronto to the Centre Island. But if you want an authentic experience, then you must spend your time on the island, and experience an islander’s way of living. Several cottages are available on rent for travelers and several B&B facilities are also operative on the island.

B and B, Algonquin Island

To live in these cottages, with fire places, private porch, beautiful gardens, all come together to provide all who stay here with an unforgettable experience. To hear the birds cooing and the flowers blooming outside, to see the spectacular sunrise and sunsets, to eat around the fire place, or even open fires all these activities are bound to leave one with a sense of being in a paradise of sorts.


Just a few minutes’ walk from Algonquin Island is the neighboring Wards Island with its own natural abundance and beauty. Crossing the Algonquin Bridge takes you to the Rectory Café, a famous eating joint purported to have the ‘best lakeside patio’. The many cafes and local diners on the island, with their lake facing setting, delicious culinary offerings, and beautiful ambiance are capable in themselves of providing remarkable experiences to all the visitors.


Algonquin Island has an eclectic setting with beautiful flora, equally colorful fauna, the fairy tale cottages, lush wilderness, stunning beaches, spectacular views of Toronto and Lake Ontario, the experience of living like an islander and the perfect setting for a romantic outing. All these and more bring out the intrinsically romantic spirit of Algonquin Island, and make it an enchanted place.

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