Ice Kissing Canada

Ice Kissing Canada

niagra falls in winter, canada

Winters in Canada , when most of the parts are covered under ice it becomes a matter of survival for many. Winters in Canada is known for high windchills, heavy snowfalls, blizzards, freezing rain and extremely cold temperatures. Canada is a country in North America. It extends from the Atlantic to the pacific and northward into the Arctic ocean, the reason why winter is extreme here.

Winters in Canada are long and it is freezing cold in most of the places except for the BC coast, Calgary and southern Alberta. On other part, Vancouver and Banff gets loads of snow. Eastern Canada, including Toronto and montreal has a shorter winter. Here sub-zero temps and 20c(-4f) are not uncommon . Once or twice snowfalls of eight inches or more will likely hit in January and feburary.

For many people coming to Canada is a great adventure. The thought of coming   to Canada based on pictures of serene lakes in the rocky mountains, seascapes, light-houses of Nova scotia  and the pristine beauty of new fallen snow, but none of those pictures give an idea of the true impact of living in Canada. Winter figures largely in the Canada’s climate, cultural experience and mythology. Every aspect of life in Canada is affected by winter, whether by heavy rains on the west coast, isolation during the long arctic winter, raging blizzards across the prairies or huge snowfalls in eastern Canada. Winter is reflected in our art, literature, music, fashion, pastimes and attitudes.

Cana­dian win­ters are hard to describe if you have never expe­ri­enced truly cold weather. The cold isn’t humid: it doesn’t get to your bones lit­tle by lit­tle. But right when you step out, you feel the cold bit­ing you strong.Naturally, locals have come to cope with this fate in two different ways: fight or flight. While some tend to hibernate with the bears or fly south with the birds, there are others who live for these conditions. These winter warriors have taken an otherwise grueling experience and turned it into a fun filled season of big air, cross-country treks and fantastic winter  festivals .

Winter is the matter of survival in most of the parts. One needs to get properly dressed for the cold or else it can ruin a day. Dressing in layers is most important. Insulated boots, good winter hat and gloves, mitten, thermal undergarments, snoods or scarves are most needed to combat dreadful winter.


dressing for winters in canada


Snow during winter time affects the roads and other modes of transport. Driving during those time becomes very difficult.  Across such a large country, temperatures vary considerably, making it important to prepare while travelling.

roads in winter

Winter in Canada may be chilly, but it has plenty to offer both the adventure seeker and the city slicker. Cold winters are a reality in most parts of Canada , so Canadians embrace them and make them fun. Some of the more popular winter activities include downhill skiing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and ice skating. Quebec city ,also home to worlds biggest winter carnival, ‘the quebe winter carnival’ is famous as a ski destination.

Canada stages many festivals between the months of November and March. Winterlude in Ottawa,the quebec city are two of the most popular winter festivals in Canada. Summers are not the only time to celebrate. There are so many winter festivals that make Canada proud.

Winterlude , Ottawa is Canada’s capital city and doesn’t hold back when it comes to making the most of the chilly season. February is the month of celebration for all ages and interests. You get a chance to skate on the worlds largest rink, play in the continents biggest snow playground. Jazz, good food and hot drinks are always called for.


Ice wine Canada


Niagra ,icewine festival is famous for different type of winemaking experience. Every winter, when temperature drops to -8c , niagra winemakers gathers into the wineyard in the middle of the night to handpick the frozen grapes then press them into a thick , sugary syrup that will become that seasons ice wine. Igloofest, Montreal , where for four winter weekends and twelve nights total, from 6.30pm to midnight, head to Montreal’s old port to dance the night away with local and international DJ’s ,sip warming drinks at the bar ,buy gear at the igloo village or even get your photo taken to enter the one-piece snowsuit competition.

niagra falls in winter


World ski and snowboard festival in whistler is an awesome 10days for all music, sport and art festical lovers. Ski and snowboard competitions are the highlight. Festivals and events include dog parade, fashion show, film and photography showdowns, silent disco where attendees wear supplied headphones and choose between three DJ’s to dance the night away.

High lights festival in Montreal is an annual event that draws close to a million attendees. Its known for its gather arts, gastronomy, outdoor activities, themed meals, food tastings, music and dance, theatre shows and free cooking.

Frederiction frostival includes outdoor activities and cultural events for every age and interest. Whether it is high-speed winter sports or low key indoor pursuits, topping up with your beer and chocolate pairing completes it all

Carnival de Quebec festival is the winter carnival. It’s the most popular in Canada . No winter festival roundup would be complete without the mention of the largest of them all.

winter carnival

So even after  the dreadfull winter chills there are plenty of reasons to enjoy the ice-kissing winter of Canada.

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