Hotel la Montana Magica – Huilo, Chile

Hotel la Montana Magica – Huilo, Chile

Hotel la Montana Magica

Who would have thought that living inside mountain erupting water instead of lava, covered with lush greens of moss and vines on the outside with cozy interiors will be fun?  The Hobbit’s house from the famous LOTR series sounds to be of a similar nature; where the hobbit would love to reside in peace and harmony with the encompassing forest. Don’t be amused at the description, as this place really does exist. In the Huilo-Huilo biosphere which has been declared as world heritage in southern Chile, this lodge is kind of a rainforest themed restaurant and park, where you get to feel all the welcoming warmth and enthralling expeditions through the rainforests in the vicinity. The mountain like feature that greets you is an enchanting visual when you first see the place. Completely mind boggling and an attention seeker, the first impression of the place makes you feel as if you have entered a world of magic. The continuously flowing waters from its peak make it further brilliant a picture for your eyes to soak in. Whereas in winters, it looks like a humungous snow clad mountain with small protruding windows in all directions making it stand out from the natural snow clad mountains. With the perfectly suiting name, this place makes sure that your experience here is spectral in all aspects. The array of activities that they offer you at the hotel is truly an exciting one.  A bit tricky till you find the place out, the roads to the hotel are a bit of puzzle to be solved using your directional skills. But once you get there, there is no regrets or no frowns absolutely and the hotel promises you a frown- free trip till the end.

Inside the volcano

interiors of la Montana   interiors of La Montana Magica

The interiors of the place are equally mesmerizing as compared to the outside view. Built in quality wood, the place takes the liberty to ensure the comfort of its guests in all possible ways. The rooms here have uniqueness with regards to the view. Being a mountain, every room has its own charm of scenic view through the windows, a snug bed and the marvelous bath. The windows are covered in flowing water which give you a feeling of sitting inside a small waterfall, but completely dry and warm. The service here is decent enough to make its guests feel pleasant throughout the stay. The good housekeeping and proper maintenance are the positive points that add up to the list. Although the service can be improved to a better level with respect to sophistication and communication, it manages to do the needful for your stay. The food served inside the hotel is as compelling as the theme itself. The taste being the topmost priority, you can expect an absolute gorgeous variety of foods to pamper your taste buds. They not only satisfy your tummy with the amusing dishes that they serve, but they also treat your eyes with the way they present it. All in all, the hotel takes good care of your basic needs.

The spa and the hot water tubs are the best place where you can shed off all your frustrations and drown in a serene atmosphere of the woods. The spa services here are amazingly managed and you get a good refreshing treatment. If not the spa, you can always bask in the hot waters listening to the running waters from the top of the cascade. With the beautiful scene spread out in front of you, you tend to lose all your anxiety and feel the peace inside you.

Fun endeavors

Huilo Huilo falls

Besides the hotel premises, the vicinity is full of adventurous and romantic things that can be experienced. A fun way to spend your winters with the family is snow-boarding and skiing. The hotel provides you with the facility of doing so in its vicinity. Also, if you want to stay all warm and nice in the chilly winters, the provision of a thermal lake has been made for the perfect evenings for you. The hiking trails through the rain forest are also a joy ride that people enjoy a lot. With the dense foliage surrounding you and the wild feeling inside your heart you feel free and away from the world. Breathing in the fresh cool breeze makes you feel like a part of the forest. The visit to the nearby Huilo falls puts the cherry on your cake with the pure waters flowing from immense heights. The longest zip line in South America also makes it a wonderful experience to view the picturesque scenario of the canopy of the entire forest. The additional activities like kayaking and sailing in the beautiful blue waters is invigorating and gives you a good adrenaline rush. The waters also provide you with a good enough catch to amuse yourself by fishing in the crystal clear lakes. Mountain biking and horseback riding are also marvelous as you get a spectacular time being so close to the environment you might never find in your day to day life.

An entirely new experience of a volcano of water, with the architecture and human mind at its craziest peak, this place serves you a quirky encounter of your life. If you are lucky enough, you also get to see the smallest deer species known as pudu. As fascinating as its looks, the hotel gives you a good exposure of living amidst the nature with comfort at your one call.



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