Hidden Beach, Marieta Island, Mexico

Hidden Beach, Marieta Island, Mexico

We have all seen beaches- some beautiful and others even more beautiful! But it is a lesser known fact that there is a beach on this earth which is practically invisible to the eye, unless, the person knows where to get into it! It is a beach which anybody from outside cannot see but the people on the beach can see the world outside! It is no science fiction but the Hidden Beach of Marieta Islands in Mexico.

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Some creations are born out of destruction and Marieta Islands stand as silent witness and proof of this statement. Marieta Islands are located in Mexico, off its cost of Nayarit. The islands, a creation of volcanic activities thousands of years ago, are protected by the Mexican government in a bid to save its rich biodiversity which offers a site for fame and tourist attraction. It is rich in flora and fauna varieties and fishing or hunting is prohibited on the islands. These islands have not only seen yeas of volcanic lava, but also bear scars of explosive and military trainings in he early twentieth century by the Mexican government. Just like then, till date also, these islands remain uninhabited but are a popular tourist destination for what they have to offer to those who flock in large numbers to these islands.

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Due to the military training and explosions on the face of Marieta Islands, various rocks, caves and other formations sprung up  which are very fascinating to the eye. Jacques Cousteau was a scientist and researcher who in 1960s began a protest against the government for carrying out such activities on the islands that could harm the natural biodiversity there. Eventually the government of Mexico declared the Marieta Islands as a national park and strictly banned any form of poaching or hunting in the area. In 2005, the islands were re named as Parque Nacional Islas Marietas. The government also declared swimming, kayaking and sunbathing as the only legal human activity allowed or permitted by law on these islands.This has encouraged the thriving of a beautiful marine ecosystem on the islands. Various other conservation efforts have proved to be fruitful for the Islands which are quite well protected from any damage to their natural beauty.

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But what is most pleasing to the eye is something else on this island. It is a hidden beach which remains unobtrusive to anyone who would casually overlook it. Seems to be a place straight out of a fantasy land but it is in fact on the very Marieta Islands formed out of destructive explosions and having a history of volcanic activities! The Hidden Beach is called Playa Del Amor. Playa Del Amor means the Beach of Love. No wonder that such a wonderful destination would be popular among love birds!

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The Hidden Beach gets its name from the fact that the whole beach is hidden behind a very small hole (relatively). It is basically a structure of one of the islands of  Marieta Islands and is  located in the west of Puerto Vallarta at the mouth of Banderas Bay in Mexico. It is believed and claimed that the hole revealing the Hidden Beach was formed due to deliberate bombings in the early 1900s on this island by the Mexican Government.

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The Hidden Beach is actually not visible to the eye from the outside, and it is only accessible by way of a long water tunnel that links the beach to the Pacific Ocean. There is a space of approximately six feet above the water level, so the tourists can reach the hidden beach by swimming or kayaking! Thus, the visitors of this island have to swim through a small tunnel which opens up at the mouth of this wonderful and spectacular Hidden Beach. The whole beach is also surrounded by wildlife and natural varieties and species of flowers and plants. The Beach is also a home to the astonishing species of sea turtles, manta ray, wild dolphins, octopus, humpback whales as well as thousands of varieties of tropical fish that all add to the natural biodiversity of the area. About some thousands of birds are also found on this island of which one of the very rare but famous species Blue-footed Booby is also found on the Marieta Islands Hidden Beach.

Over the years the Hidden Beach, due to its surprising location, wonderful and picturesque scenic beauty as well as the perfect blend of the warm yellow sun, blue-green clear water and the rich biodiversity, has been increasing called the Paradise of Lovers. It looks no less than the heaven on this earth where the effectiveness of the wildlife and biodiversity conservation programs of the Government of Mexico have been implemented very effectively. Although these islands are frequently visited by the tourists through small boats or by swimming, even to this date these islands remain untouched by human habitation, thus preserving its pristine ecosystem!

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