Greenland – Exploring the Arctic

Greenland – Exploring the Arctic

The ice-country located far North between the Artic  and the Atlantic Oceans, Greenland has been voted as the world’s largest island. With a population of just 56,370 in 2013, it is the least populated country in the world. Being ruled by Denmark-Norway for centuries, Greenland has developed a rich culture in various towns across the Island. A list of towns and cities across Greenland, identify with its rich culture and history.



The capital city of Greenland, Nuuk is known as a place where the past, present and future meet in a Greenlandic way. Also known as the headland the city is one of the oldest town and the world’s smallest capital city with just 16000 inhabitants. The city has beautiful old buildings as well as renovated and roof-covered structures. The attractions include the National Museum that reflects the history of Greenland, a cultural center called Katuaq, the University of Greenland and the cathedral dating back to 1849i . Nuuk is also a center for high quality of art and craft work. There is an  airport located 4 km (2.5 mi) to the northeast of the town center, from where domestic and international flights ply. There are a number of shops in Nuuk and a 140 room Hotel Hans Edge. Around 72 buses and 2570 cars operate in Nuuk.




Ilulissat means iceberg in the local language. The town is filled with majestic icebergs produced from the glacier called Sermeq Kujalleq, spreading across 60km. Ilulissat Ice Fjord was included in the UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. Ilulissat sustains 4600 people and at least 3500 sled dogs. Dogsleds are important transport even in this modern town. Just few kilometers from Ilulissat is the beautiful valley of Sermermiut that displays stunning picturesque view of the nature.



Situated far north, Upernavik gives its visitors the feel of standing on the top of the world. The place has got unique wildlife and also has the world’s largest bird cliff called Apparsuit. The area is ideal for kayaking. The weather is stable and calm. Rowing through the large chunks of ice with an essence of serenity is altogether different experience Upernavik offers to the tourists. The best tourist attraction is over the Davis Strait. This area has been used by the locals for fishing. The site can only be reached by dog sledges during the winter when the sea is frozen. Upernavik has around 100 lakes that are perfect for kayaking. To get most of the spectacular scenery of the icebergs one can opt for sailing up to Upernavik Icefjord which also includes whale safari. Upernavik can be reached from Kangerlussuaq international airport via Ilulissat. Transport to and from settlements takes place via helicopter.




The town lies on the southern islands of Qeqertarsuaq island, on the western coast of Greenland. Quqertarsuaq literally means big island in the local anguage. The place has beautiful snow-covered cliffs, along with hot springs, lush green hillsides and valleys. It is also known by the word Disko. The sea-life is dominated by humpback whales and bowhead whales during spring time. With a mere population of 900, people here are friendly and display kindness and hospitality. Being in the land of midnight sun, the daylight from mid May to mid August a big opportunity for a vast number of activities during summer time.  The ferry links Qeqertarsuaq with Ilulissat during summer while the helicopters are an aid during winters.


The East Greenland

The part of the Greenland to the East was under the shadow quite some time when expeditions were carried out and the place was only open to scientists and other explorers. Now the place has been easily accessible to the tourist. The land offers a treat for the people seeking adventure. The nearest airport to the place is Kulusuk. As you get down the airport, the clean air and the serenity of the place takes you to yet another world. The place has a lot to offer once you set down to exploring the area.



Tasiilag is the capital of East Greenland. It offers enthusiast opportunities of skiing and dog sled trips of varied lengths. There is a little museum built inside the town’s old yet beautiful church which gives you an insight of the East Greenland’s culture including fine decorations and figures made out of teeth and bones. Continuing up the hill, you will come across Filatelia from where stamps are sent out to collectors all over the world, through daily tours. Further uphill you reach the Valley of Flowers. This place gives a feast to the eyes with its display of vast carpets of differently colored flowers over the sides of the mountains. At the end of the valley is a big lake. To get a whole view of the valley you may walk up-to the mountain ridge to the right of the lake. The way back is a gravel path that takes you back to the town.The town has a book café’ and sort of meeting place for the locals and the tourists where teas, coffees and ice-cream waffles are sold. Another main settlement of the district is Tinitegilaag. It offers a stunning scenic beauty with plenty of icebergs. The distances are met by sleds and snowmobiles. There are yet other places isolated places which can be reaches via helicopters. If you are lucky you can catch a glimpse of the whales and polar bears on the trip.

The city has a major airport, Tasiilag Heliport, facilitating both domestic and international flights. It is about 2 km from the center of Tasiilag. Another major airport is Kulusuk Airport located 24 km from Tasiilag. You will get a lot of hotels within 739km of Tasiilag like Hotel Budir and Hotel Keflavik.


Southern Greenland

southern greenland

Southern Greenland is known for its mountains lush beauty and abundant flowers. There are glaciers, ice-bergs in all shapes and colors and not to be missed the spectacular Northern Lights which can be seen at the end of month of August. The enormous sheets of ice cut off the boats from visiting the towns and settlements. The helicopters offer the best and only choice to reach from town to town. This reduces the time to reach various towns and one can have opportunity to experience towns, settlements, cultures, historical mountains, glaciers and icebergs all of them in one go.

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