Gift of the forest – Kodaikanal

Gift of the forest – Kodaikanal


Adorned in the beautiful thick greens, Kodaikanal proves true to all the possible meanings of its name. Depending on the pronunciation of the word in the Tamil language, it can mean either the end of forest, gift of the forest or the place to be visited in the summer. The cool green color is an apt treatment to your eyes during the superhot summers that this state faces. The forests are full of creepers and vines which further add to the color of the magnificent forests. Located in the Palani hills of Tamil Nadu, this hill station is popular as the Princess of Hill stations. The forests mostly have eucalyptus trees and shola trees while the entire hill slopes are covered in a green carpet of meadow. If you love fruits, then you are bound to be overjoyed visiting this place as it is known for the quality produce of fruits, especially pears and plums. And if chocolates are your weak point, then you better buckle up as the amounts, taste, quality and the rates of the chocolates available here are definitely going to melt you down. An array of varied combinations of homemade chocolates is what you can see here in the local markets. Also, there are cheese factories that sell different types of cheeses here. Another interesting thing to be seen here is the kurinji flower. A lilac-blue colored delicate beauty which covers the entire expanse in a shade of heavenly blue. Unfortunately, this occurs only in 12 years and the next one is due in the year 2018. Fascinatingly a calm yet refreshing place, the hill station has a crowd of couples and honeymooners on a frequent basis.

Kurinji bloom

Kodai Lake

Kodai lake

The prime attraction of the place, the Kodai Lake is a star shaped manmade lake constructed in 1863. With an easy access available, the tourist come in flocks to experience the serene and delightful atmosphere around the lake. The lake is surrounded with a dense forest. Facilities like a club house, boating service and other small required things have been made near the lake. The evenings here tend to be the best as the fog starts settling on the waters. Boating in this atmosphere really takes your experience to a higher level. If you do not want the boat ride, then even walking on the banks is an amazing feeling. The outfalls of this lake is known as the Silver cascade waterfalls and are equally amusing to spend time at.

Pillar Rocks

Pillar rocks

Previously infamous as the suicide point, this place has a steep fall of about 5000 feet and gives an exhilarating view of the encompassing greens. Approximately a few minutes away from the lake, this is another favorite spot of the picnickers. Amidst the tall green trees and the cool relaxing breeze, you find a perfect picnic spot to just laze around in the grass and chit chat with your dear ones. The Pillar rocks are nothing but 3 gigantic rocks which have been deteriorated on the sides due to the erosional properties of the wind and have formed deep valleys separating them from each other. These valleys are known as the Devil’s kitchen and are notorious as they give out a simple look of a small gutter and in reality are deep falls.

Coaker’s Walk

Coakers walk

An interesting place to be, the Coaker’s walk is an area developed especially as a walking track. Along the mountain slopes, in the lush green meadows, a one kilometer walking pathway was developed by Lt. Coalker. The walk has a picturesque view and a mystical atmosphere particularly during the sunset hours. An amazing vibe that reminds you of the movie ‘A Walk to Remember’ hits you when you realize that it truly is going to be one of the walks you are never going to forget. And of course, there is no need to suggest that you make sure and take at least one snap of the scenic pathway and cherish these pleasant moments.

Pambar Falls

Pambar falls

Falls always form a treasured part of any trip you plan. There can rarely be a no heard when it comes to visiting the falls. Flowing on the rigid stepped rocks, the river Pambar elegantly drops down from the heights and is glorious to see. Also known as the Grand Cascade, the Pambar falls are not far away from the Kodaikanal bus stand. A very joyous site to see, the meandering river has formed a small pool at its foot where people enjoy a refreshing dip inside these waters. These are the same falls where Liril, the famous soap company, had shot its advertisement and hence is also known as the Liril Falls. A steep path takes you to the top of these falls and is as exuberant as the view from the falls.

A true trip of lying in the nature’s lap, admiring its beauty and magnificence and soothing yourself in the balmy weather of the hill station, one can expect a tailor made expedition when you are in search of a break from the boredom of your routine. In the real sense, Kodaikanal is a gift from the nature to relieve yourself from all the burdens of those piled up files on your office table.

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