Georges Du Verdon – Deep, Picturesque, Beautiful River Canyon France

Georges Du Verdon – Deep, Picturesque, Beautiful River Canyon France

The Gorges the verdon is a river canyon  in south-eastern is considered as  one of most  beautiful in Europe. It is a twenty five km long and seven hundred meters deep. It was formed  by  Verdon river  and it was named by its  blue- green colour. It is a equivalent to grand canyon .Its wonderful    view is seen when travelling between Riviera and central province. The most incredible view is between the towns Castellane   and  Moustiers-Sainte-Marie where a crowd of tourists  can be seen. At the end The Verdon river joins an artificial lake of  Sainte-Croix-du-Verdon. Because of its beauty , the Gorge is popular with tourist ,travelling along its rim and by enjoying the river flow by boats .The limestone wall all around the river , attract many rock climbers . The total length of river is 40 km, including the 20-km reign of the canyon from the Pont de Soleis to the town of Aiguines. The most amazing experience is driving along N85, a lovely forested  roads . The Gorges du Verdon is continental Europe’s largest canyon with  vertical limestone cliffs with heights up to 600-700 meters. It can be easily accessible from Nice or Cannes by car and a drive through takes a couple of hours depending on how many stops one makes.   It contains steep slopes,  bath in fresh water (in summer), great views throughout the whole journey and a small dark cave to go through at the end of the hike.









During the Triassic period, this region   subsided and was covered by the sea, that deposited a thick layer of limestone. Many million years later, during the Jurassic period, this area was covered by a warm shallow sea in which various Corals grow. Due to large-scale geological activity, the limestone deposits during  Jurassic period fractured, creating relief with valleys and other beautiful parts which can be seen now. The Verdon canyon is mainly originated from this era. The river Verdon originated from col d’Allos hill in the Trois Eveches , and after travelling a distance of 175 kilometre it joins the river Durance near vinon-sur-verdon. The river passes through the lac de sainte-croix between Castellane and the Pont du galetas, formed by a Dam of the same name. Earlier the village les salles-sur-verdon in that area was evacuated to construct the dam before flooding the area in 1973.A modern and much better settlement was reconstructed higher up the valley called   Les Salles-sur-Verdon and it is known as the youngest village in France. The Verdon Gorge is narrow and quite deep, with a depth of 250-700 meters and width of 6-100 meters,It is 200-1500 meters wide from one side to other at summit. Five Dams are constructed on the Verdon river from Castellane and Gréoux-les-Bains. The names of dams are taken from the village over which it is built after flooding them like Lac de Castillon, which was constructed by flooding the village of the same name.








The Verdon is one of the most beautiful Canyon in Europe and an intense tourist spot during summer days. The river sparkling  turquoise  colour originated from the glacial source and minerals of the rock floor suspended in water give touching view. It is easily to reach on its right bank from the north (through route D952 from Castellane to Moustiers-Sainte-Marie), and to its left bank  when moved from south (through routes D71, D90 and D955 from Aiguines to Castellane).The southern route offer a great view of  Col d’Illoire, summits of Plein Voir, le Pavillon,  la cime de Barbin, le Mourre de Chanierm,  and the Saint-Croix reservoir. When the road passes through the  Tunnel du Fayet, which give the traveller a great view of architecture .The route D90 passes through a bridge spanning over Jabron river (a subpart of Verdon)  in the same way there are Museum and Tourist bureau . The famous hikes in Gorge are.. Le sentier de Martel, Le sentier de l’Imbut , Le sentier du Bastidon, Le belvédère de Rancoumas par le pont de Tusset.. The most among these, the Sentier Martel, was created  in 1928 by the Touring Club de France. It was named in honour of the explorer Édouard-Alfred Martel  in  1930. Martel was an employee of southeast electricity company and he had visited Verdon in 1905.He carried out massive geological survey of the Verdon river. On august 11 , he and his team started a exploration of Verdon river and near by place by boat and on foot. They discovered a narrow corridor and  Martel named it “Styx.”. When they arrived at Imbut ( “narrow” ), Martel wanted to stop the exploration, but his team members encouraged him to continue the work. Martel team reached canyon and discovered many passage and rock cliffs and after all work they reached at the Pas de Galetas and shared the exploration of their exploration. After that many expedition began with Martel and others which led to the discovery of many sites in Verdon.. All though Gorge verdon is one of most famous place one most visit .








It is an exotic natural beauty for people to visit. The experience is cherished for the lifetime.  It is a must visit for people who seek adventure and are looking forward to adventure.

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