Gemeinde Bad Schandau, Saxony, Germany

Gemeinde Bad Schandau, Saxony, Germany

Saxony, a German state which lies to the extreme east of its country, is renowned for its complex history and many historical sights, drawn to the foreign tourist. The state of Saxony is situated between Czech Republic to the east and Poland to the south. Though it is one of the smaller German states, the cities of Dresden and Leipzig are major attractions. Near Dresden, lies the Saxon Switzerland national park, the only national park of Saxony and the only rock national park in the country. To the extreme eastern edge of the Saxon Switzerland national park, the small town of Bad Schandau can be found. It is situated in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, providing the perfect spot for hikers, climbers, and cycle tours. It is also 5 kilometers north from the Czech border and 33 kilometers from the city of Dresden.


Bad Schandau is popularly known as a spa town. Arrays of spa clinics welcome tourists looking out for a quality holiday to improve their health. This factor is further enhanced with the salubrious and beautiful scenery that the town provides.


Bad Schandau national park Centre

National Park Centre

Located in the center of the town, the Nation Park Centre provides you with answers to your questions on the peculiarities of the region. The Centre is filled with activities ranging from workshops and exhibitions to field trips. One can obtain information about the park’s flora and fauna and also learn about sandstone formations. They have 3 large exhibition floors that help you learn developmental history covering a span of 100 years. The Centre provides a good overview of Bad Schandau that in turn helps the tourist regarding the stay in the town.



personenaufzug bad schandau

The best view of Bad Schandau is offered by the Personenaufzug also known as the Bad Schandau Elevator. It is situated 10 kilometers away from the center of the town of Bad Schandau. The lift resembles the historic lift at Buergenstock in Switzerland, which stands tall at 152 m. The century old lift built in 1904, catapults you to a height of 52.26m, to give you a dominant view of Bad Schandau and the surrounding area. The structure is made of steel and is linked to a beautiful forest path and the Elbe Valley. At the top output, an outdoor enclosure housing lynxes can be found.


Johanniskirche – St John’s Church


The history of St. John’s church in Bad Schandau sates back to the 15th century. Though the Thirty Years War has done the church profound damage, the church has often been repaired through professional renovations. The church being an art treasure house attracts visitors from around the world. Art pieces worth seeing at the church are the renaissance altar in sandstone, which was originally made ​​for the Dresden Cross Church made by Dresden sculptor, Hans Walther, a precious carving named “Man of Sorrows ” and an organ from the 20th Century, which is the fifth organ in the marvelous history of St. John’s Church.


Pflanzengarten Bad Schandau


1902, witnessed the opening of the first regional botanical garden in Saxon Switzerland. The aim of this botanical garden was to preserve indigenous plants. The garden is opened daily in warmer months. The vegetable garden introduces the flora of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. In a massive area of 6100 m², 1500 species are found in the garden. In addition to this, one can also observe rare plants from Siberia, China and America. The plants of Rhododendrons and Azaleas are worth a see.


The Schrammsteine


After taking the lift, one can enjoy a stellar view of the Schrammsteine after following a path to the Ostrauer Scheibe. The Schrammsteine is a chaotic rock which is very popular among rock climbing fans. The primitive rocks are elongated and highly fissured. The rock group is divided into front Schrammsteine and rear Schrammsteine. The Schrammsteine comb is extremely popular among walkers due to its diverse and picturesque views of nature. The rocks, nevertheless, offer a challenge for all with its plethora of trails with various levels of difficulty.


Toskana Therme

toksana therme

A variety of spa treatments are offered at this thermal pool complex, which makes it a major highlight in Bad Schandau. This is an ideal spa for pampering and relaxation, it also provides you with an opportunity to de-stress with the help of high salt concentration in a saline pool. A specialty which attracts visitors is the ‘Liquid Sound Pool’ in which one can bathe in sea water in light and music. Massages, physiotherapy, thermal and cosmetic treatment are wellness programs that are available.


Kirnitzschtal tramway


Connecting Bad Schandau to Kirnitzsch valley is the historic and popular electrical tram. Since its inception in 1898, following a 7.4 km long stretch, the tram has helped attract tourists to reach their respective destinations. The tram has 8 stops and sites like the Schrammsteine, the monkey stones, cow sheds, mountains and other beautiful views can be seen from all stops. The whole journey in these old fashioned carriages takes approximately 25 minutes and gives you plenty of time to enjoy the natural beauty along the Elbe Sandstone Mountains and the Kirnitzsch Valley. The tram provides an excellent and cost effective way to start at hike spots, and thus is an integral part of tourism at Bad Schandau.

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